Thursday, September 11, 2008


'Lo readers.

Hell. Didn't get enough sleep last night, and I think I've caught the flu that has been going around. Plus everything is still sore from yesterday. Should have taken a bloody day off, I suppose.

After sleeping through a few alarms, stumbled awake, read the paper and forgot my coffee. Damn. Then chapel, boring.

Extended homeroom, nothing special. Some of them were stressing over debates.

Then english. No full teams, so a head start on the holiday homework. I hope Claire is away tomorrow, or I am , or something.

Recess was surprisingly warm, which was a pleasant change. I was half asleep.

Then double science, which was genetics. A lot of stuffing around with videos, then a look at microscopes. Mendel, not Mendeleyev.

Lunch, I visited the library, finished the conscription notice, then half played soccer out in the sun. Still not functioning 100%.

Surprise history practice test next. I got all of it except for a thing on prime ministers, since I was away for that lesson. Sam argued over getting one tenth of a mark.

Maths next. Mr Cowling was in a good mood. I passed a problem solving assessment thing, didn't pass a test, meh. I understood the work, which ws basically substitution. Something was missing though. I miss her already.

After discussing the proles with Annie and Isobelle, went home, went back to school (damn forgetting things...), visited Safeway and the Bis, then finished my history thing. Wise Beard Man taught me how to teastain things, which worked pretty well.

Tomorrow, history presentations, rave, double art (where's me bloody earplugs), then double english, where I might be debating, unless Claire is missing again. C'mon Claire!



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