Sunday, September 28, 2008


'Lo all.

God damn. I'm wasted.

Woke up, got a lift to work, started working. Triple J was playing live gigs. I heard Daft Punk Alive 2007 and Muse at Wembley playing Knights of Cydonia. Made the time pass quicker.

It rolled around to 4:30, and I got swamped. Everything was finished an hour later, full 7 hours worth of work.

Back home, cooked tea, then got a lift to the cinema, where Sam and Aiden said both girls had dropped out, so it was just us three. Lots of discussion about the footy.

Movie review time! Stepbrothers - ***1/2.
Very funny film, with a Seth Rogen cameo. Sometimes, it seemed very slow, and a lot of suspension of disbelief was required. Also, most of the time it was just us three laughing. Other than that, I want a treehouse like theirs.

Afterwards, walked down to Maccas, then walked back to my place, after saying hi to some stoners who were lying next to Danielle's old house. We then visited Horizon, and saw lots of hard waste piles starting up. Gotta start raiding soon. Then back to my shed, more discussion about the footy. Damned Collingwood supporters.

They left at the same times, then I watched Rove. Dexter finale coming up, woo!

Tomorrow, gotta actually get off my arse and do stuff, like psych homework. I've been asked about Facebook. Should I crosspost there?



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