Monday, September 8, 2008

Sandwich board-less.

'Lo readers.

Slow day today.

Woke up, got to school PE first up, in the weights room. Meh. Then a game of soccer in the basketball court, which was fun. Our team won, playing it daily helps, though Walshy and Jack almost dominated, since the other half of their team were fenceposts.

Recess was slow. The main topic of the day was the LHC. Kind of funny really. A lot of people were genuinely terrified. Does that make me a terrorist? Either way, Wednesday night will be fun.

Then psych, Mrs Moy let me keep the book, and a music lesson, where I was informed about scales.Maths. We had a sub, who set work we had already done, so Aiden and I turned around and talked to the girls. Very fun lesson.

Then lunch, after massing around a skateboard and flicking Aiden's new zippo lighter, Gavin, Aiden and I went to the playground where the girls were hanging around, and started a large pile of tanbark. When teachers rocked up, we withdrew to the library, where the rest were playing cards. I read a glowing article about John McCain (CREATIONISM FOR SOME, SMALL AMERICAN FLAGS FOR OTHERS) til a Meg sat on me. We then went back to the playground and made our pile of tanbark bigger, til the teachers busted us. So we went Godzilla on it.

Next was history, which was basically Ms Henry ranting about the lack of homework completed (I did it), then we got a citizenship test. I passed. Ryan, Australia's first prime minister was not Luke Skywalker, and they do not elect people based on rock paper scissors, though you get marks for trying.

Finally art. I kind of felt like throwning up everywhere and shutting up Tori, but was allowed to go to the graphics room and chill while researching artists. Meh.

After homeroom, got out of band, resisted spewing in my shed, and finished another two greenskins. I then checked the news, even V is worried about the LHC, though some fresh pics of the plastic DP have emerged.

Then band, Brother Peter is leaving, which means I'm now first, though I get his shiny new baritone. Damn. Back home, watched South Park. Fantastic episode.

Tomorrow, probably more worries about doomsday, and rave, where I get to see what mark I get for my reincarnation thingy.



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