Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Of chucking stuff at flying fox riders.

'Lo everyone.

Very meh day today. Spat and was cloudy and sometimes there was sun, this is supposed to be bloody spring.

Got a lift to school today, dropped off the box, went to the locker to dig out the blazer, got a shock, was musing worriedly all the way back to the hall. Probably not the best way to start the day, but it got worse.

Then actually playing. We got launched into the first one, no one was expecting it, which wasn't too bad. Then Calling Cornwall. I didn't stuff up the start, though Michael needs some more practice, I think.

Double maths. Jenny and Ugly Bec stole our seats again, because of this Maddy girl that they don't like. New girl, only been with us for a couple of weeks. She seems fine to me, though she seems to have fallen in with the worst circle of hell (hint - there's two Sarahs) and is stick thin. Never had a conversation with her, but she's only been here a few weeks. Meh. We got a re-introduction to quadratics, since we all suck at them now, and they seem twice as complicated as before. Then a problem solving thing. I was confident on the first two, the last one seemed easy, but Sarah and Agnik's answers were different to mine. Damn.

Recess was slow. We probably got up to something, I can't remember.

English, in the computer rooms. Picked up the news, got a few arguments with Sally, discussed Advanced Wars with Pat all the way to history.

Of course, we're almost done with Vietnam now, which sucks, because we'll be starting the not-quite-as-interesting topic immigration. So, lotsa revision-y type things, which weren't too bad.

At lunchtime, we were supposed to go to an extra rehearsal, but since barely half the band could go, most of us decided not to. Instead, we went on the flying fox, and chucked the soccerball at the people on it. The trick was t swing and lift your legs up. We decided to try again with a tennis ball tomorrow, then a one sided game of soccer.

Art. We got to go to the magic old home ec room, which is now a graphics room. The girls were all shouting and bitching at each other. I thought it was pretty funny. Lotsa writing stuff out, then we had to shout out topics that relate to society for a folio, or something. I said 1984, which is what I'll be doing, ornithology, creationism, and palaeontology. Mrs Artteacherlady didn't write the last one up, I don't think she knows how to spell it. Very slow, boring lesson, with the only highlights being the girl's bitching at each other.

Finally science. We got to watch a video and do a revision sheet. Test coming up, shouldn't be too bad.

Got to drive home, then did some homework and wasted time. 1984 is a good book so far, one chapter in. Talked to Rika about music and athletics, and swapped links with Ryan, while downloading music. Garbage (the band), and the Cardigans sound very similar. Limewire almost gave me a virus ridden Deep Purple track, but the virus thingy stopped it. Good for nothing bastard, it's stopped three viruses and trojans since we got it, which was quite a while ago. Also found this, which made my day. http://www.tubearoo.com/player/FullScreen.aspx?file=http://www.tubearoo.com/videocodes/49604/data.xml&item=1&timestamp=0&id=49604 .

Tomorrow, more running at Seaspray. One week til the girls (and Cameron) go to Japan. School will be screamier and more boring without them all. Can't believe one of them hadn't heard of Godzilla...



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