Friday, September 26, 2008

Of Chinese mummies.

'Lo all.

Not much to report today.

Wasted time all morning, booted up Civ3, started Russia, got my arse kicked, but I hung on. Pat texted, said he wanted to stay over, then mentioned it was because he had a hot date. Wise Beard Man and I lol'd.

He dropped round, we wasted time, then ran down to the cinema. He met Tabby, we avoided Mr Iverson.

Movie review! Mummy 3: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor - ***
They replaced Rachel Weisz. For shame. Instead, Sigourney Weaver/Alyssa Milano crossbreed. Anyway, Sigourney, a Dexter lookalike, hot Chinese chick and Brendan Fraser trek around China in a bloodless crusade to kill mummies. Lots of shooting, no blood, because this is rated M. Lots of attempts at humour, slow plot, pointless side bits, a Club Obiwan ripoff (archaeologists love Shanghai nightclubs), and stupid mummy powers. The Jet Li/Michelle Yeoh fight was crap.

Anyway, movie was alright, Isobelle was annoyed at something, and was texting me through it. Tabby and Pat quickly said goodbye in front of her scary Grandma (who was my RE teacher in primary school, then we visited Hayden in McDonalds for icecream.

After some flash games and arranging movies for next week, here I am. Apologies for the lack of post last night, we spent most of the night trying to get the internet working.

Tomorrow, down the street with Pat, then I'll work some more on AoBR, then going out for dinner.



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