Monday, September 1, 2008

Monday. Rawr.

'Lo readers.

Mondays and extreme sleeplessness don't mix, man.

Woke up, went back to sleep through the piddly alarm, then was woken up again at 7:30. Then drove to school. Woo.

Course, lotsa screaming. Science we were all chattering too much, got to watch Two Men in a Tinnie, which the freshie seemed too enthusiastic about.

Then psych. I informed the year 11s that emos are allergic to sport, since the resident fat year 9 one was pretending to play netball outside. They lol'd. Then we got a sub, and had to watch A Beautiful Mind. Russel Crowe reminded me way too much of Millsy.

Recess, more screaming. Girls were boasting about who they picked up (more how often they picked up Hayden and Sam), and we were all shellshocked. Too much noise too early in the morning. Revenge for waking up the concubines, I suppose.

Then a music lesson, had to play with Tim Stokoe. Can't stand that kid. Mr C and I then had a discussion about unlocked wireless internet, Mr C was scared. Played Calling Cornwall almost perfectly til we got to the bad bit, then spent 20 minutes going over the same two bars.

Art. People were going on about Sam and how awesome he is. I wanted to laugh so much, but if I did, they'd just think I was being mean and snarky. Let her be happy. Personally, I will laugh. I got to go to the library, eventually found 1984 in the bloody textbook hire. So I borrowed it out.

Lunch was boring, since everyone nicked off. Brad, Gavin, Meg and I were too lazy to do anything. Eventually we went over to hang with Aiden, a silent Pat, and Millsy, who were trying to sync their phones to play Rick Astley. Then we all sat in the middle of the girl's big circle, till they got pissed and split up. Thought it was kind of funny, hope he doesn't mind me commenting on this, but Meg is following Aiden around a lot, which is fine, but funny because Bernice says she hates her. Circles within circles, man.

Maths. Grr. There is a strict seating plan. Agnik and Isaac , then Aiden and I, then the girls. Jenny and Ugly Bec are in the next row. Today they stole our seats. RAAGE! On the plus side, we got to draw squiggly lines with calculators.

Finally english, sorted out teams and topics for debating. Sally, Pat and I are up against Amelia, Claire and Lucy, and debating whaling. We want the ban lifted. Meh, I hate debating. Hate public speaking.

Then band, in the hall. Assembly performance, no pressure on the poor soloists... Afterwards, Aiden and I devised a scheme to get coffee from the chapel, but we were sprung. Oliver is thinking the same thing I am, and it's scaring me. What if he's more serious about it than I am? She lives closer to Paynesville anyway. Always happens though. Moment I even think of taking an interest in a girl, my good mates rock up and do everything better. *sigh*. I suppose I'll stay mildy optimistic about this, not hopeful, but optimistic. Anyway. Then drove home, checked the news, did some homework, sprayed some gaunts.

Band was slow. We were trying out fresh pieces, and managed to waste 20 minutes talking about Ballarat-ness. Wendouree actually means go away.

Tomorrow, assembly, then double maths. Blargh. Hopefully I'll get some sleep.


Anyway, the end.

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