Friday, September 19, 2008

Last day of term. Yay!

'Lo all.

Hot damn. It was actually warm today. Scary.

Woke up, swore a lot at the dishes which had been neglected by the dishwasher, Ryan dropped in and interupted my study for maths.

Got to school, science up first. We switched classrooms then watched a video again.

Then maths. Big test. It was surprisingly easy. I probably got it all wrong, as usual. Wouldn't want to mess up my run of bad maths test scores.

Recess. Discussing the test, of course.

Next was psych, in the library. We talked about birth order and type C personalities. I'm a cross between type B and type C. Tiffany is going on a cruise and Carl gets to visit a 200m swimming pool. Lucky year 11 bastards.

Then art. I went to the library, looked up harlequin babies with Jake and Isobelle. James turn an event involving saving kittens into an abortion debate.

Lunch. Finally. Crappy game of soccer, Gavin miskicked and got Kelly in the face, resulting in scratch marks from the glasses.

Assembly was slow. I had to go on stage to get a ribbon for helping my squad come second in the cross country. I got told to pull up my tie by Ms Henry.

Then homeroom, I got my midterm report. A small note was added about doing more maths, and next term I think I will. It being exams and all.

Tom then got changed in a science room, and we went down the street with the rest. After picking up coke, we met Ryan and Julian. Ryan had just picked up W:AR, which had come with an ad for WoW stickytaped to it. Then we visited Coles, bought icecreams, caught up with Jake, Isobelle, and Emily, then burned time in the centre while waving at Sarah.

Next, I ran to the Bis. Turns out I had a shift yesterday. I got told not to worry about it. Working tomorrow though. Then ran to maccas, where we hung out, and met Jess's friend Bonnie. Us blokes walked back to school, Tom and I grabbed our stuff, and walked home. We then played flash games and listened to music while being berated by Meg, because we didn't visit her at work.

Tomorrow, after Tom leaves, sleep.


Anyway, the end.

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