Wednesday, September 24, 2008

It sets in.

'Lo all.

Sorry. This one is a real no content post. The whole boredom/loneliness/laziness bit sets in here. Usually it isn't til the second week. Interesting.

Went down the street this afternoon. I was heckled by another bored teenager, I said hi and he seemed unnerved. Interesting. I got funny looks from lots of other teenagers, probably because I'm not riding an expensive (little girl's) bmx bike or wearing brand name expensive clothes. This is proper non-conformism, pay attention.

Not much else to report. I cooked the carbonara tonight, does that count?

Of course, with my intense boredom, which will probably end once Wise Beard Man finds out, I've been thinking, which is of course dangerous. Firstly, this whole tell them how you feel thing is a Disneyfied idea that in reality would seem way too stalkery. Secondly, these holidays are dragging out, though this may be due to a receding download limit, less spraypaint, and two days since the last reply from any of the girls in Japan. I miss them, specially her. Thirdly, McCain scares me, because he is going to win, and then he'll have a heart attack, and then Sarah Palin will be president. Fourthly (my, this paragraph is getting long), Fraser is a dick. All image, no substance. I heard him and his friends talking, it was all little girl bikes. At least we vary our subjects. Fifthly, (bloody hell), Subject A is weirding me out, Subject B is still a god damn retard. Even if you're getting the exaggerated and better version, you complain. "Derp derp, nothing good is happening to me derp." Snap out of it, stop being a teenager, open your eyes. Enjoy him til he tells you about Bairnsdale lady, and if he already has, move on. I did. And you didn't have anyone like a Bairnsdale lady, you just had hatred. So nyeh.

I'll stop now. Sorry. Thinking makes baby jesus cry.

Tomorrow, more of the same. I need more spraypaint to finish AoBR, there's five half-undercoated termies sitting on my desk.


Anyway, the end.

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