Wednesday, September 17, 2008

House Drama Festival.

'Lo readers.

One more day. Four more periods, then that's it. No school for two weeks. Tomorrow is going to be very long.

But first, today. After getting the first marine done (he looks very samey), went to school by myself and caught up with the troops. Everyone seems to stil be exhausted. I know I was.

First up was psych, I was given a buttload of work to do. Ah well. I finished the test with very few problems, and got a start on another maths thing.

Then maths itself. Revision. Meh.

Recess was slow, just talking about camp.

Then into the hall. We got seats up the back. First up was Blundell. Their play was about supermodels, and Emily was relishing her lead role. It wasn't too bad. Wingram embarrassed himself as Johno's boyfriend in tights.

Second was Dargo's effort. They went for the toybox route, with lots of pop culture figures, like Jake Joyce as Harry Potter. Some popularites got to be Bratz dolls. Charlotte Goss donned Joker-style makeup and stole Naomi and Adam's creepy performance from last year. They tried hard, but it wasn't fantastic.

Lunch. Soccer. I suck so hard at it. God damn. Forgetable game.

Then Tisdall, which opened with Agnik selling the whole thing. The poor bastards tried, they really did. There were elements of really good bits. Sam was particularly scary, as a classical music nerd with slick backed hair and a bad accent. Their only mistakes were having a 10 minute sequence with maybe one joke, that everyone got tired of, and going for the dating show route with a bad ending. Meh.

Finally Binks. Binks is the drama house, it's the only thing we win. We've won it 10 times in 14 years. Our play was a Western. Much apprehension, til we saw Oliver as Cletus, complete with accent. It was alright, though you could tell Craig had a hand in writing it. He had his own choir girls. We won the festival.

After discussing it with the actors, went home, finished science homework and got the maths out of the way for the psych homework, then caught up on the news. Grant Denyer broke his back, you heard it here second. I traded links with Aiden, discussed subjects A and B with Isobelle, talked to Rika, was hounded by Denny's stupidity virus, and was a timewaster for Melissa. I got emails from my three correspondents in Japan, poor things had to visit a miso soup factory today. Must have been so interesting.

Tomorrow, maths test, science, psych, art, assembly, home early.



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