Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Happy Hitchcock.

'Lo all.

Title from George, upon seeing the Alfred Hitchcock box in the family room. He's staying over tonight, as tomorrow we go to Phillip Island to defend Grammar's honour in a contest of running up and down sand dunes.

Woke up, got another greenskin basecoated, got some more history homework done, then sprinted to school as my mates decided to bypass my place.

Then assembly, which was slow. Gavin got a silver Duke of Edinborough award. Well done that man. Pat was going on about his beyblade.

Next was history, which wasn't too bad. We were made to start on a timeline. Slow.

Then rave. More silly death movie. Slept a bit.

Recess, I dashed to the library, finished the psych assignment and emailed it away.

Then psych, revision on mental illness and abnormality, but we started slightly differently. Mrs Moy's plan of having each of us portray a different mental illness. She cracked onto Carl, who was throwing pencils at me, and I shouted about pearls, while Emily whinged about windows. Tori and Georgia were freaked out.

Then art, in the library. Bored. Tom and I tried to look at the mechanical spider.

Lunch was basically us making a huge pile of bark in the playground, then kicking a footy at people riding the flying fox, til a year 7 girl stole it. Isaac put up a gentle fight. Then marker's up, and the year 7 girls were still pissing us off. Eventually, we gave up, and a Meg sat on me.

Next was science, which started with a video about the LHC. I lol'd. Poor trendy scientist having to explain that there was a tiny chance of the world ending. Then some evolution stuff.

English was media stuff, which was easy.

Then George and I went down the street, met Bernice, Melissa and Jess, and wandered around as I shopped for history stuff. Then we had chips. The magpies are tame enough to eat from your hand, which is pretty cool. Back home, music and Smash Bros. We figured out how the record player worked, and listened to a slightly out of tune Aqualung. Very cool. Right now we're trading musics, which is taking a while.

Tomorrow, getting up early, enduring a bus ride, then running around in circles. Meh.



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