Friday, September 5, 2008

Gork? Almost.

'Lo readers.

Friday. Finally. Wasn't too cold today either. Things are looking up. Course, had to survive school first though.

After Denny spat (fresh picked) mandarin pips into my coffee mugs, rode to school, when I arrived Clare took pictures of our hands and feet, dunno why, and I was informed that the girls had their cervical cancer injections. Hmm. Really started to get worried about one of my good friends. What if he does? More to the point, what if she does? Hell.

So science class was very quiet for about half an hour. Brad and Tom were missing, so amusing excuses involving genitals, cancer and immmunizations were devised for them. We then got to listen to the introduction to A Short History of Nearly Everything (a good book, go read it and learn something), which the freshie seemed to worship. Then we got a video about evolution. They had to start by mentioning religion. Blargh. Can't stand creationists. Vote Obama, keep it out of schools. I also got 33 outta 42 on my chemistry test, so yay.

Then maths. Having managed half a period of study beforehand, I got the first three questions stuffed up ("Error? What am I doing wrong then?"), but the rest wasn't too bad. I say that now, then I'll get it back and I'll have stuffed one thing up, which will have stuffed everything else up. The last page was a killer. The first few questions were almost easy, then it just went bugnuts. Afterwards, the entire year 10 community who had done the test was ranting about it. Kind of funny, actually.

Psych was in the computer rooms again, Mrs Moy told us the thingy was supposed to be a powerpoint. So, I copied the work I had done, but thenw as told to include a graph. I spent half the period looking for a graph relating to Paranoid Personality Disorder, all them were borderline. Damn.

Then art, which as usual was pretty slow. Half the class went outside, which was good becuase it made the inside quiet. I sketched some stuff out, doesn't look too bad. Going for a 1984, dictatorship type theme for my folio thingamajig.

Lunch was gork. We went down to the hockey pitch and started a game, I went over the fence funny at one stage (I don't recommend going over splintery fences in shorts), and scratched the hell out of my leg. Game was pretty good til the teacher spoiled it. Then we moved to the footy pitch, surprisingly fun. I ninja'd, and got a lot of goals once we remembered how to pass. Millsy, being the awesome soccer player that he is, tried to do the same thing for the opposite team, and failed. His team devised a manouver called the fourskin, where basically the ball is carried in the middle of a ring of three or so players. Very clever.

PE wasn't too bad. Weights room, which was slow. I'm not a bloody weightlifter. Then dodgeball, I caught Jack commenting on how "gay" the class is. It's only because he's got barely any friends in it, I suppose. Finally, Last Man Out, and I survived to the final three twice, which was weird, and in the last game Walshy cornered me, chucked the ball, missed, and we all laughed. Sure, he won in the end, but it was hella fun.

After school, Mrs Moy gave me a psych textbook to look for personality disorder statistics, then I did some repair work. After that, kept an eye on the news, talked to all sorts of people, and watched a fantastic clip where a moon-sized meteor crashes into earth and destroys everything, set to The Great Gig in the Sky, by Pink Floyd. Excellent clip. I saw someone online, made my day. Down with room cleaning!

Tomorrow, picking up AoBR (YAY!), maybe seeing Tom, and probably working on english and history homework while watching an Al Pacino movie Oliver lent me, while drinking coffee and admiring my new troops.



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