Saturday, September 20, 2008

Flu... AGAIN!

'Lo all.

Guess what! Two weeks of no-content holiday posts! Yay!

Woke up, half dead. Bloody flu again. Second time in two weeks. Tom was understanding, I made him leave before he got sick too.

After showering and feeding, Wise Beard Man decided to take me to the doctor's. We got there on time, and were told to come back in 20 minutes. So we drove around Sale, dropping books off and trying to find milk. We were then made to wait in the reception area for about an hour. When we finally saw the bloody doctor, he examined me for five minutes, then told me to drink lots of water and take painkillers.

Waste of bloody time.

Back home, wasted lots of time. Didn't really do much all day.

We visited the cemetery, and the girls are terrible. "Where did you get those flowers from?" "GRAVESTONE OVER THERE!" Bloody hell.

Home again, talked to Pat, Aiden, and Ryan, among others. Lots of emails from Japan. They all seem to be having so much fun, but no pictures of Godzilla yet. Saw someone who thought that nothing good would ever happen to them. Shame that ship has sailed. Selfish teenagers.

Right now I'm waiting for midnight so I can illegally download zoids episodes, among other things.

Tomorrow, work. Danielle said she'd bring round Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. Yay!



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