Sunday, September 7, 2008

First plate.

'Lo everyone.

Happy Father's day to all the fathers, that means you Denny.

Woke up, made coffee for Wise Beard Man, he seemed slightly dazed, especially when Emerald tried to put the cat on his toast. I offered to mow the lawns for free, since due to my buggered ankle and my brother's stupidity, I couldn't get him anything. Then I showered, and put some basecoats on a greenskin. Figure I'll go one mob at a time.

Work was slow. I got there, and a reasonable pile of dishes had been left for me. Slowly got through them all, and broke my first plate. First one in 4 shifts, I'm doing alright. Sam dropped in, his Dad's getting better, and Ness announced she was leaving. She scares me. Jen said she'd be working for a few hours, and would mop and sweep the floors, so she let me leave an hour early. Beardman and I then drove through rural West Sale, which was interesting.

Back home, checked the news, not much is happening, though the Sun had an article about the LHC. Can't wait for this beastie. Wednesday night, Swiss/French border, be there! If the world ends, I'm not particularly fussed, as long as they keep my 40k stuff. We had another huge 9/b/ conversation, very fun. Just like old times, right down to not letting anyone escape, and Aiden trolling. Eventually, they all left at once though.

Tomorrow, PE, band, band, meh. Get to have my maths test back, see how badly I've failed this time.


Anyway, the end.

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