Monday, September 29, 2008

Fear and Loathing in Facebook.

'Lo readers.

First off, if I did it right, you might have been linked here from the RSS feed on Facebook. Time for introduction redux. This blog has been going since February, and since about April it's been posted on three different sites, one of which features some boring extra features. You're probably reading it on that one. All three are slightly different, one is more private, one has the archives, and one is bland, because I hate where it's posted. Anyhoo, it's rated PG, and it'll be boring sometimes. It's what an uninteresting teenager gets up to and some of his thoughts on the world. If this isn't for you, bugger off.

Anyway. Stumbled awake, Danielle had dropped off Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas for me. Yay. I then booted up the computer and started experimenting with Facebook.

God damn. This website is confusing. And it's so... hip? I dunno. The delightful little friend finding feature scared me, especially since she showed up twice in the top bit. I miss her. Though once I worked it out, I figured that some of these people were either friends of friends or had the same last name as me. It does have a thing where you can put in religious and political beliefs. Hell yes for Left Wing Capitalism and Harcore Anti-Creationism. Then I had to finish a buttload of psych homework that crept up on me after camp.

After voyaging down the street, made coffee and looted the dvd player.

Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas - ****
Wow. Trippy as all hell. A prototype Cap'n Jack basically stumbles around Las Vegas for an hour and a bit. Dr Gonzo is cool, and there were a few cameos. Must find the book now.

When it ended, it was 5pm. Gorram. I then cooked dinner, and by then I had a throbbing headache and a badly blocked up head. So I couldn't really go to band, and apparently I didn't miss much. The Australian Top Gear is different, but not bad. I still prefer the original.

Tomorrow, going to start work on the bike, probably waste more time.



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