Friday, September 12, 2008

Debating sucks.

'Lo all.

Yep, definetely the flu. Sore joints, stuffed up sinuses, fatigue. Meh. Get to sleep in tomorrow.

Woke up on time for once, got the last bits of my history thing together, which looked rather good. Emptied my 'nids box for them.

Got to school, history first up. After getting sorted into groups, all of which contained a soldier and a journalist, at least, we were made to "share". I got Sian and Sally in my group. I quickly lost interest once Sian started going on about photographing hippy fashions, with a teastained picture of Tahlia and Lucy wearing rags. I doubt hippies would pose for a fashion magazine. Then she mentioned that her character was only in Vietnam for the culture, but wanted to see the fighting. Zoned right out. Sally, however, went in an interesting route, as the wife of a conscript. She had an original Beatles record. Very fancy, and damned valuable too. After Sian started talking to April, we finally got to look around at the other exhibits. One person had Jethro Tull's original Thick As a Brick album, in the full newspaper cover. Very cool. Some fascinating things, but we weren't given long to look at them.

Then rave. I was blasted for using a bit of creativity ("NO LYING! WHERE ARE THE PICTURES! RAR!"), then she put on Mean Girls. Brad seemed to like this film. The best bit is right at the start, where she explains about homeschooled kids ("Then on the third day gawd created the bolt-action .22, so man could hunt the dahnahsaws"), and the dramatisation of every non-popular kid's thoughts about the bastards. We played warlords and scumbags.

Recess was slow. I had to visit the library, fixed up my rave project, generic-ised it, and added a Google Images pic of Seaspray and the hospital I was born in.

Then double art. Sub let me go outside and chill in the sun, sketched out a couple more concepts, Sally dropped in and we discussed debating and work. The chemist's sounds terrible.

Lunch, catching up with Pat in the library, Sally and I sorted out his speech, which was pretty good. Then soccer. I fail at it.

Double english. Hell. After a debate which degenerated into Oliver dramatically insulting Dayne ("THEN DON'T DRINK IT!") and a rather pathetic effort by Will, we were up. As Pat pointed out, the other team was actually taking it seriously. Still, we did our best, though some of Pat's additions confused us. They won. Then 10 minutes free time for more card game.

About a block away from my house, Ryan and I noticed a shirtless (male) teenager run screaming out of our gate, chased by Fraser. Ah damn. I put the bike down, studied his little friends (the shirtless 12 year olds boys outnumbered the short shorts wearing 12 year old girls.), then didn't really do much. Finished going through George's music, picked up about 30 tracks from the near-600 he gave me. Most of it is still pretty good. Then watched Zero Punctuation, and did a few psychological personality tests with Ryan. I'm going to be banished to the 6th circle of hell, apparently, and I have high symptoms of Paranoid and Schizotypal personality disorders. Fraser was given a bike, which had electric blue pedals and rims. He took it to the toilet with him. No joke.

Tomorrow, sleep as long as possible, then band, then finally Tropic Thunder.

Hellboy - **1/2
Yeah, I watched it nearly a week ago. Visually, this movie is pretty good, but there are still seams between the practical and computer generated effects. The script can be very clunky at times, which I suppose is only a mild annoyance. I was more interested in all the non-fighting bits, I'm ashamed to admit. I mean, he likes cats! Come on! Also, the ending sucked. Dunno if I'll see the sequel.



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