Saturday, September 6, 2008

Buggered ankles and Dreads.

'Lo all.

Short post today.

Went down the street in the morning, on the way home the chain fell off my bike, which sprained my ankle somehow. Then I limped to the Phoenix Centre, raging apoc battle going on, picked up my AoBR box.
When I got home, opened it up. Fantastic. So much stuff on the sprues. Spent the day assembling it, reading 1984, and chatting to Meg about superheroes, since she was watching Superman. I thought Tom was going to rock up, but he didn't.

After slicing, filing, and gluing my fingers off, went onto the internet, kept an eye on things. The koptas are huge, and there's three of them. I still can't believe I own a dread.

Tomorrow, Father's Day (story about that tomorrow, so no spoilers), and work. Meh.



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