Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Beach running redux.

'Lo all.

Enough cold. It's spring now. Bah.

Denny and I rode to school, then psych, which was more Russel Crowe as a shizophrenic. I'm sure I've seen this plot before.

Then maths. Jenny and co. have stolen our bloody seats again, more rushing through algebra, still a bit off. I'm getting the right answers, according to the back of the book, but I'm not sure how I'm getting them.

Recess, as usual, was slow.

English was on the computers. We have our arguments, just gotta get some detailed details and write the actual speeches. We looked up demotivators and Worth1000 shoops.

Then the science test, which I was mildly surprised about. I thought it was next week. Not too tricky, managed to get everything.

After house meetings, onto the buses, chucked things out the window with Johno. Interesting character, that one. The warm up was Jordan taking us round the dunes, because he misheard the instructions, so another big warm up. Damn. Run itself wasn't too bad, got my feet wet too many times. Afterwards, Pat, Aiden and Will jumped in, then Jess and Meg went. We got chips, ate them on the grass, then back onto the buses. Johno ranted about Jason, and Meg noticed my eyes. She wanted them, which scared me slightly. At least it took my mind off other things. One of which was going on behind me, which I tried to ignore as much as I could.

After school, sprinted to the bank, then past Brad to the Phoenix centre, picked up a WD and some paint (new washes ftw), then back home for homework and undercoating. At present, I need to write a letter, buy a hat, find some photos, fix a call up notice and find a pill bottle for history, and write a debate for english. Meh. I have a weekend.

Decided to make my new termie a standard bearer, so much clipping and glueing, then discovered a way to make the metal look kind of rusty on the greenskin. Can't wait for the big box on Saturday.

Tomorrow, meh. Got the eisteddfod that night, going in Pat's car with Aiden and Dayne. Should be fun.



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