Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Tuesday. Again.

'Lo readers.

Not much to report today.

Got up, wasted time, booted up Civ3, played through until the French declared war on me and Windows buggered up the game, then lurked on msn. Wise Beard Man's mate Michael Martin dropped in. He's a pretty cool guy, he's trying to be a train driver.

Then swapping links about zombies with Aiden, discussing music with George, and finally getting an email from Lulu. They're in Singapore. That means they're on their way home. And of course, I'm going to Geelong tomorrow, til Saturday. Ah well.

Which does remind me, visiting rellies for a few nights, so probably no blog posts until I get back, which will be Saturday. Nyeh.


Anyway, the end.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Fear and Loathing in Facebook.

'Lo readers.

First off, if I did it right, you might have been linked here from the RSS feed on Facebook. Time for introduction redux. This blog has been going since February, and since about April it's been posted on three different sites, one of which features some boring extra features. You're probably reading it on that one. All three are slightly different, one is more private, one has the archives, and one is bland, because I hate where it's posted. Anyhoo, it's rated PG, and it'll be boring sometimes. It's what an uninteresting teenager gets up to and some of his thoughts on the world. If this isn't for you, bugger off.

Anyway. Stumbled awake, Danielle had dropped off Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas for me. Yay. I then booted up the computer and started experimenting with Facebook.

God damn. This website is confusing. And it's so... hip? I dunno. The delightful little friend finding feature scared me, especially since she showed up twice in the top bit. I miss her. Though once I worked it out, I figured that some of these people were either friends of friends or had the same last name as me. It does have a thing where you can put in religious and political beliefs. Hell yes for Left Wing Capitalism and Harcore Anti-Creationism. Then I had to finish a buttload of psych homework that crept up on me after camp.

After voyaging down the street, made coffee and looted the dvd player.

Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas - ****
Wow. Trippy as all hell. A prototype Cap'n Jack basically stumbles around Las Vegas for an hour and a bit. Dr Gonzo is cool, and there were a few cameos. Must find the book now.

When it ended, it was 5pm. Gorram. I then cooked dinner, and by then I had a throbbing headache and a badly blocked up head. So I couldn't really go to band, and apparently I didn't miss much. The Australian Top Gear is different, but not bad. I still prefer the original.

Tomorrow, going to start work on the bike, probably waste more time.



Sunday, September 28, 2008


'Lo all.

God damn. I'm wasted.

Woke up, got a lift to work, started working. Triple J was playing live gigs. I heard Daft Punk Alive 2007 and Muse at Wembley playing Knights of Cydonia. Made the time pass quicker.

It rolled around to 4:30, and I got swamped. Everything was finished an hour later, full 7 hours worth of work.

Back home, cooked tea, then got a lift to the cinema, where Sam and Aiden said both girls had dropped out, so it was just us three. Lots of discussion about the footy.

Movie review time! Stepbrothers - ***1/2.
Very funny film, with a Seth Rogen cameo. Sometimes, it seemed very slow, and a lot of suspension of disbelief was required. Also, most of the time it was just us three laughing. Other than that, I want a treehouse like theirs.

Afterwards, walked down to Maccas, then walked back to my place, after saying hi to some stoners who were lying next to Danielle's old house. We then visited Horizon, and saw lots of hard waste piles starting up. Gotta start raiding soon. Then back to my shed, more discussion about the footy. Damned Collingwood supporters.

They left at the same times, then I watched Rove. Dexter finale coming up, woo!

Tomorrow, gotta actually get off my arse and do stuff, like psych homework. I've been asked about Facebook. Should I crosspost there?



Saturday, September 27, 2008


'Lo readers.

Woke up, got beaten in pokeon stadium by Pat, then walked to the train station. On the way home, picked up some supplies and credit.

I then spent ages trying to figure out how to buy Guitar Hero off Bigpond. Bastard thing. Eventually I just started playing civ3 again, where I was trounced, but kept on playing.

Then we went to Harry and Marilyns, Julie dropped in with some of her kids. Meh. Food was good. Kids were screamy.

Drove home in the fog, then a doco about Powderfinger was on. Kickarse.

Tomorrow, work, then Stepbrothers with the horde. Should be fun.


Anyway, the end.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Of Chinese mummies.

'Lo all.

Not much to report today.

Wasted time all morning, booted up Civ3, started Russia, got my arse kicked, but I hung on. Pat texted, said he wanted to stay over, then mentioned it was because he had a hot date. Wise Beard Man and I lol'd.

He dropped round, we wasted time, then ran down to the cinema. He met Tabby, we avoided Mr Iverson.

Movie review! Mummy 3: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor - ***
They replaced Rachel Weisz. For shame. Instead, Sigourney Weaver/Alyssa Milano crossbreed. Anyway, Sigourney, a Dexter lookalike, hot Chinese chick and Brendan Fraser trek around China in a bloodless crusade to kill mummies. Lots of shooting, no blood, because this is rated M. Lots of attempts at humour, slow plot, pointless side bits, a Club Obiwan ripoff (archaeologists love Shanghai nightclubs), and stupid mummy powers. The Jet Li/Michelle Yeoh fight was crap.

Anyway, movie was alright, Isobelle was annoyed at something, and was texting me through it. Tabby and Pat quickly said goodbye in front of her scary Grandma (who was my RE teacher in primary school, then we visited Hayden in McDonalds for icecream.

After some flash games and arranging movies for next week, here I am. Apologies for the lack of post last night, we spent most of the night trying to get the internet working.

Tomorrow, down the street with Pat, then I'll work some more on AoBR, then going out for dinner.



Wednesday, September 24, 2008

It sets in.

'Lo all.

Sorry. This one is a real no content post. The whole boredom/loneliness/laziness bit sets in here. Usually it isn't til the second week. Interesting.

Went down the street this afternoon. I was heckled by another bored teenager, I said hi and he seemed unnerved. Interesting. I got funny looks from lots of other teenagers, probably because I'm not riding an expensive (little girl's) bmx bike or wearing brand name expensive clothes. This is proper non-conformism, pay attention.

Not much else to report. I cooked the carbonara tonight, does that count?

Of course, with my intense boredom, which will probably end once Wise Beard Man finds out, I've been thinking, which is of course dangerous. Firstly, this whole tell them how you feel thing is a Disneyfied idea that in reality would seem way too stalkery. Secondly, these holidays are dragging out, though this may be due to a receding download limit, less spraypaint, and two days since the last reply from any of the girls in Japan. I miss them, specially her. Thirdly, McCain scares me, because he is going to win, and then he'll have a heart attack, and then Sarah Palin will be president. Fourthly (my, this paragraph is getting long), Fraser is a dick. All image, no substance. I heard him and his friends talking, it was all little girl bikes. At least we vary our subjects. Fifthly, (bloody hell), Subject A is weirding me out, Subject B is still a god damn retard. Even if you're getting the exaggerated and better version, you complain. "Derp derp, nothing good is happening to me derp." Snap out of it, stop being a teenager, open your eyes. Enjoy him til he tells you about Bairnsdale lady, and if he already has, move on. I did. And you didn't have anyone like a Bairnsdale lady, you just had hatred. So nyeh.

I'll stop now. Sorry. Thinking makes baby jesus cry.

Tomorrow, more of the same. I need more spraypaint to finish AoBR, there's five half-undercoated termies sitting on my desk.


Anyway, the end.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

No Content Holiday Post!

'Lo readers.

Four things today.

Firstly, I stumbled awake at ten to one in the afternoon.

Secondly, finished the second chopper. I tried drybrushing the entire thing first, I think I prefer the other one.

Thirdly, had a driving lesson with Mr HAHA-I'M-BRAKING-FOR-YOU! I coughed and spluttered a lot, and we went around in circles.

Fourthly, met another Meg. She seems interesting.

Plus Janine dropped in, she and Beardman compared knees.

Tomorrow, probably more of the same.



Monday, September 22, 2008

Fraser's Yellow Bikechain.

'Lo everyone.

Aah. First proper week day of the holidays.

Woke up, it was surprisingly warm outside. Very overcast.

Skip through the boring bits. Highlights include finishing the first chopper, which looks pretty good, if I do say so myself, and read through a leaked document. My converted command is now illegal. Bastards! Also got an interesting article about Sarah Palin forwarded to me. Beware the smiley creationist, she thinks that being able to see the coast of Siberia from her house counts as good foreign policy!

Fraser walked in wearing a bike chain around his neck at one stage. Conversation went thus.
/alex/ updates at 10 says:
fraser walks in, wearing a bike chain
/alex/ updates at 10 says:
"why are you wearing a bike chain?"
/alex/ updates at 10 says:
"cos it looks cool"
/alex/ updates at 10 says:
"no it doesnt, its on the outside of your hoody, and its a bike chain"
/alex/ updates at 10 says:
"oh yeah?" *flicks it around, shows off a few BRIGHT YELLOW links*
/alex/ updates at 10 says:
"now it looks really silly. yellow?"
/alex/ updates at 10 says:
"shut your face, this is my bling!"
/alex/ updates at 10 says:
"but it looks stupid!"
/alex/ updates at 10 says:
/alex/ updates at 10 says:
"its a half yellow bike chain"
/alex/ updates at 10 says:
/alex/ updates at 10 says:
[Yoghi][Ryan][WeirdKid]__ :
Oh wow.
[Yoghi][Ryan][WeirdKid]__ :
I lol'd.

After a dinner where Charlotte did not shut up at all, even when being told to shut up, band. I got given the shiny new baritone. Very shiny. Then I stumbled through sightreading. Howard offered a very politcally incorrect joke about Persian markets and bombs. Gotta love the ancients.

Tomorrow, dunno. I miss someone, but they'll be busy all day. Might watch that damn Al Pacino movie then.


Anyway, the end.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Dishes. Do not want.

'Lo readers.

I shouldn't have gone to work today.

After stumbling around and having a large breakfast, got dropped off and said hi to Emily.

One hour in, and I was sick of it.

At about 3:30, once the chefs clocked off, the two assistants started helping me, and we managed to get everything done by 4:15. Walked home. God damn.

Then finished the first combat squad and kept an eye on the news. Sent lots of emails and had a lazy conversation with Isobelle.

Tomorrow, sleep in as long as possible, then try and get Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, or watch one of the Al Pacino movies that have been sitting on my desk for two weeks that I got from Oliver.



Saturday, September 20, 2008

Flu... AGAIN!

'Lo all.

Guess what! Two weeks of no-content holiday posts! Yay!

Woke up, half dead. Bloody flu again. Second time in two weeks. Tom was understanding, I made him leave before he got sick too.

After showering and feeding, Wise Beard Man decided to take me to the doctor's. We got there on time, and were told to come back in 20 minutes. So we drove around Sale, dropping books off and trying to find milk. We were then made to wait in the reception area for about an hour. When we finally saw the bloody doctor, he examined me for five minutes, then told me to drink lots of water and take painkillers.

Waste of bloody time.

Back home, wasted lots of time. Didn't really do much all day.

We visited the cemetery, and the girls are terrible. "Where did you get those flowers from?" "GRAVESTONE OVER THERE!" Bloody hell.

Home again, talked to Pat, Aiden, and Ryan, among others. Lots of emails from Japan. They all seem to be having so much fun, but no pictures of Godzilla yet. Saw someone who thought that nothing good would ever happen to them. Shame that ship has sailed. Selfish teenagers.

Right now I'm waiting for midnight so I can illegally download zoids episodes, among other things.

Tomorrow, work. Danielle said she'd bring round Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. Yay!



Friday, September 19, 2008

Last day of term. Yay!

'Lo all.

Hot damn. It was actually warm today. Scary.

Woke up, swore a lot at the dishes which had been neglected by the dishwasher, Ryan dropped in and interupted my study for maths.

Got to school, science up first. We switched classrooms then watched a video again.

Then maths. Big test. It was surprisingly easy. I probably got it all wrong, as usual. Wouldn't want to mess up my run of bad maths test scores.

Recess. Discussing the test, of course.

Next was psych, in the library. We talked about birth order and type C personalities. I'm a cross between type B and type C. Tiffany is going on a cruise and Carl gets to visit a 200m swimming pool. Lucky year 11 bastards.

Then art. I went to the library, looked up harlequin babies with Jake and Isobelle. James turn an event involving saving kittens into an abortion debate.

Lunch. Finally. Crappy game of soccer, Gavin miskicked and got Kelly in the face, resulting in scratch marks from the glasses.

Assembly was slow. I had to go on stage to get a ribbon for helping my squad come second in the cross country. I got told to pull up my tie by Ms Henry.

Then homeroom, I got my midterm report. A small note was added about doing more maths, and next term I think I will. It being exams and all.

Tom then got changed in a science room, and we went down the street with the rest. After picking up coke, we met Ryan and Julian. Ryan had just picked up W:AR, which had come with an ad for WoW stickytaped to it. Then we visited Coles, bought icecreams, caught up with Jake, Isobelle, and Emily, then burned time in the centre while waving at Sarah.

Next, I ran to the Bis. Turns out I had a shift yesterday. I got told not to worry about it. Working tomorrow though. Then ran to maccas, where we hung out, and met Jess's friend Bonnie. Us blokes walked back to school, Tom and I grabbed our stuff, and walked home. We then played flash games and listened to music while being berated by Meg, because we didn't visit her at work.

Tomorrow, after Tom leaves, sleep.


Anyway, the end.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

House Drama Festival.

'Lo readers.

One more day. Four more periods, then that's it. No school for two weeks. Tomorrow is going to be very long.

But first, today. After getting the first marine done (he looks very samey), went to school by myself and caught up with the troops. Everyone seems to stil be exhausted. I know I was.

First up was psych, I was given a buttload of work to do. Ah well. I finished the test with very few problems, and got a start on another maths thing.

Then maths itself. Revision. Meh.

Recess was slow, just talking about camp.

Then into the hall. We got seats up the back. First up was Blundell. Their play was about supermodels, and Emily was relishing her lead role. It wasn't too bad. Wingram embarrassed himself as Johno's boyfriend in tights.

Second was Dargo's effort. They went for the toybox route, with lots of pop culture figures, like Jake Joyce as Harry Potter. Some popularites got to be Bratz dolls. Charlotte Goss donned Joker-style makeup and stole Naomi and Adam's creepy performance from last year. They tried hard, but it wasn't fantastic.

Lunch. Soccer. I suck so hard at it. God damn. Forgetable game.

Then Tisdall, which opened with Agnik selling the whole thing. The poor bastards tried, they really did. There were elements of really good bits. Sam was particularly scary, as a classical music nerd with slick backed hair and a bad accent. Their only mistakes were having a 10 minute sequence with maybe one joke, that everyone got tired of, and going for the dating show route with a bad ending. Meh.

Finally Binks. Binks is the drama house, it's the only thing we win. We've won it 10 times in 14 years. Our play was a Western. Much apprehension, til we saw Oliver as Cletus, complete with accent. It was alright, though you could tell Craig had a hand in writing it. He had his own choir girls. We won the festival.

After discussing it with the actors, went home, finished science homework and got the maths out of the way for the psych homework, then caught up on the news. Grant Denyer broke his back, you heard it here second. I traded links with Aiden, discussed subjects A and B with Isobelle, talked to Rika, was hounded by Denny's stupidity virus, and was a timewaster for Melissa. I got emails from my three correspondents in Japan, poor things had to visit a miso soup factory today. Must have been so interesting.

Tomorrow, maths test, science, psych, art, assembly, home early.



Leadership Camp Washup.

'Lo everyone.


A lesson for wise teachers. Do not, under any circumstances, send the entire year level on camp together, ever again. It does not work, you can't control all of them, and they just end up getting pissed with each other, or pregnant.

I suppose we start with Monday. Packed my red backpack with a change of clothes, shorts, towel, and stuff I'd need, such as socks and playing cards. I also brough N64 games, since apparently people were bringing the gear. Drove to school, dumped my little backpack and sleeping bag in the huge piles of wheelie suitcases and massive sports bags. Honestly. You are going away for three bloody days. Two nights. How much crap do you need, seriously? Admittedly, some people brought some items that, while not essential, and possibly not even allowed, made the camp better.

After sitting around in the sun for about an hour, we scrambled onto the buses. Here's where the fun started. Almost all of the popularites, bless them, got onto one bus. The rest of us got onto the other one. I got the middle, and we played cards. Andrew and Hayden play it very differently to how we do, twice as competitively. Up the back, the usual shenanigans. Meh. Meg and Wiffy had a large jar of Nutella.

We got there, it was cold and damp. After a talking to in the fancy, shoes off upstairs thing, which was basically camp rules and what the camp is about, the rush to the cabins. They weren't too bad, 2 rooms, 4 beds per room, one big bathroom with the shower lightswitch outside the shower. iPod speakers were pulled out, fun time was had by all. After this, time off for lunch. Bloody hell. The sun came out, we decided to play gang up and explore. I was still weak from flu, so didn't do much. I got spat at by the popularites when I ran underneath them (fancy bit of symbolism there, am I right?), and we discovered a room that was underneath the verandah that had broken bunk beds in it.

Then we got called back for a "leadership seminar". We got made to mix with people ("Sort out in birth order without speaking!"), then write leader-ly characteristics on small pieces of paper. Meh. Next, we were given more paper and got told to write a letter to your homegroup teacher. I went under the verandah and wrote three paragraphs about American politics and moose-huntin' redneck women knowing the codes to end the world.

More free time. Meh. After this, put in homerooms and made to do activities in the rain. 10 Ripon got Initiative Games. They were all team building thinky type ones. We were encouraged to be the leader, but after making sure Meg and Scott wouldn't kill each other, we just let them lead. I find it easier, even when made to lead, to listen to the other points of view, because they tend to have better ideas than you do. After an hour and a half of wriggling around holding hands in the rain, we were set free.

Then back to fancy room for a talk about being a tightly knit year level. We all knew this was about the whole popularites vs. everyone else thing. Free time was then granted, and as suspected, we didn't mix. Not much to report. It was like a giant recess, we just stood around talking about nothing, since we weren't supposed to be in other people's cabins.
Dinner, which was chicken (we thought) and chips. I missed the cutlery. Afterwards, much wandering around in the cold. Then a trivia night, I was put on a table with Tabby, Claire and Kate, as well as my cabin. We kicked arse, and managed to win, but not beat the teachers. First time I've won a substantial prize for winning a trivia competition. After this, the fun really kicked in. We were given the option of either going to fancy room and talking about the deb, or going outside for a few hours til bed. I picked outside, since I didn't really want to spend an hour and a half listening to girls put me down for not wanting a deb. So, soccer in the dark, then into the strange room. Derek was picked up (literally), by Tom in an ancient pink dressing gown. Scary. The popularites booted up a massive soundsystem and subwoofer, then flicked on a strobe light. Wow. We wandered around, til Hayden's cabin stripped to the waist and started singing. Jess was dragged inside, she screamed a lot, and said it smelt bad.

The night wore on, people either coupled up or got bored. Of course, some people were accused of coupling up when the shouldn't have. I don't know if Jake did or not, but he has a girlfriend anyway. Word spread, everyone in the year level who was outside knew that Meg C wanted to beat up Molly J. About 70 kids running around in a huge group roaring like they were in a riot while going into cabins and looking for them, was one of the highlights of the camp. Only time we were united, like the teachers wanted, apart from mealtimes and boss around times.

Sleep. Then George and Tom woke me up an hour before we needed to be up for duty. Bah. Then we put out everyone's glasses and spreads, ate, and I got coffee. Thank the gods for Nestle sponsorship. First up for us was something about teamwork, which was inside. It was pouring outside. We spent the first ten minutes ranting about the popularites in front of Mrs Ripon, then slowly worked through a sheet extolling the virtues of being a good team. There were bits about identifying targets and bad cultures that I'm sure were just like surveys for the teachers to try and study our year level a bit more. After doing a half hearted bonding activity involving plastic bags, Scott and Meg walked off into the rain, and we chilled for half an hour.

More free time. Meh. Next was the leadership seminar with Ms Henry, which was informative. Just stuff about conflict resolution and managing demands. A guy with a video camera was orbiting, and wanted interviews with Sarah and Annie.

Lunch was wraps with chicken pieces. At lunchtime we hung out in Pat's cabin, swapping beds until we had to go. We had the rock wall next, which was the best activity bit. There were four different routes, all with their own challenges, and we all had a go. Meg C and I managed all four, including the one for tall people and the one for flexible people. Great fun.

More bedswapping, til the owners got annoyed, then first aid training. Ms B ws tired looking, and when to practice for ourselves, Tom and Sally and I could't stop laughing. We all got dramatic deaths.

After this, food (this time spag bol), fancy deserts (choc mousse!), and then we were made to go to a "problem solving activity". I got James Gray, Millsy, Julian, Tabby, and Amelia. Wasn't too bad. We had to make two paper aeroplanes our of paper, sticks, and pencils. One had to fly the furtherest, the other one had to have artistic merit and long wings, and either had to be sold in an advertising campaign to a panel of judges. Julian and I made a smart little plane with Patducts, and eventually upgraded it. James took control and tried to get the rest of the group to make a Wright Brother's style plane. In the judging, we failed compared to Mr T and lots of bad singing. We failed at the flying, Julian got a good throw but not as good as others. We failed at the wing length, because we didn't think to take it to ridiculous levels, and we failed at the art, because it was all squiggles, all the time. Ah well.

Then we were made to watch a movie, this one called "Freedom Writers", not Freedom Riders, which was what it said on the timetable.

Freedom Writers - **1/2.
Predictable story, new teacher goes into bad school with a failing class and makes them love him/her, get to greater success and have trouble with authority. This was set in a highschool, and it was sort of funny. LA, early 90s, lots of racial tensions and gang warfare. All the highschool kids were seperated into gangs, which looked like the popularite/everyone else divide on our quadrangle. We lol'd. None of the major characters died, despite all the violence.

After listening to some intriguing music about gilding, bed. Next morning, packed everything up, ate my pancake, watched Aiden eat 10 bowls of Rice Bubbles, then watched everyone else pack. We started kicking around a ball, but the popularites joined in, and without saying anything bad about them, they made it less fun because they just took over.

We had the bushwalk next, which was hell. Tom and I volunteered to be leaders first. The two outdoor ed people were trying to be as difficult as possible. They started out by emptying Tom's waterbottle on his head. We got to a bridge, one refused to move and the other shouted. Then one lay down and screamed a lot. Tom and I kept on laughing. When we eventually rolled up the shorts, we found an expertly crafted rubber wound, with fake blood leaking out. We messed around with bandages til the responsible adults took pity on us and gave up. All the other leaders in the class only had to put up with them yelling at each other. What a gip. Because we wasted so much time, we missed out on jam donuts.

Next up, flying fox. It wasn't actually that fantastic, might have been because I didn't have enough weight to force myself to go faster. Eventually, we were all sunbaking. Meg was let go, and hung in the middle for a while. We ate lots of Nutella. Then hotdogs for lunch, and the little kids from B Camp were calling Jack a super hero because he was wearing his jumper like a cape.

Back onto the buses, played a couple of hands of warlords and scumbags, then a bus broke down about half an hour away from the camp. We all went outside, the Sale kids had to get on the broken one when it was fixed. Aiden and Meg watched Invader Zim and South Park, and we all just chilled. Back to school, 2 minutes after the bell, we all fumbled around for phones, couldn't find any that worked, and agreed to walk home. Aiden and I strolled along, talking about the camp. He was going to Wakely's.

Back home, Fraser was being surly, and I checked the news. So slow, though GDUK was on Sunday, so I caught up on the fresh stuff from that. New Greenskin stuff looks good. Buzz saw axes, man. Wise Beard Man eventually hobbled home on crutches, after surgery. Well done that man. I replied to a few emails from friends in Japan, Lulu is finding hot guys and apparently the traffic lights are scary. Course, one of the emails was sent to only a select few people, and one of those people was sucking face with another girl (he then called her fat, we all lol'd), so I don't know. What if she did? What if she wants to again? God damn.

Tomorrow, two periods of work, then house plays. Big meh from me.


Sorry that took so long.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Traralgon Eisteddfod.

'Lo all.

Hell. At least this bloody flu is going away.

Woke up, stumbled to Traralgon, wasted time, got my instrument looked at ("Did someone hit it with a hammer?"), performed, managed fourth (out of four), then got a group photo and got home.

Then slow day. Finished the first mob, read a political discussion on AICN, of all places (we're doomed, trust me), and chatted to Aiden about the footy.

Then we went out for dinner. We got put in a corner, the girl's didn't eat much, the food was too expensive, we had tto leave early, blargh. Then talked to Meg about hairdressing and tried completing EL BULLETIN DIABLO, but it was too big for myspace, and tried to pick who was who in a converstion with three Dennys.

Now, a note from our sponsors. I'm going on camp for LEADERSHIP and YEAR LEVEL BONDING and crap like that. Meh. Unfortunately, unless there is some kind of internet over there, no blog post til Wednesday night. If I survive.


Anyway, the end.

Saturday, September 13, 2008


'Lo readers.

Didn't do much today. Slept in, cleared up my music, nearly finished the first mob, then went to band. Still got the flu. It's not cool when your head is screaming that it's cold, but it's warm outside. Bah.

Then picked up Annie and went to the cinema. It was busy. Saw Cameron Lucas (lulz), Ms Evans, David, and a few other people. There was a good size crowd, too. Isobelle's exchange student didn't show. When we went to get our tickets ripped, there was no usher, so we decided to just walk in. Nobody minded.

I think that by following this movie for a couple of months, it kind of spoiled it for me a bit. For example, the excellent fake trailers at the start. Some people thought they were for actual movies. Plus Tom Cruise. God damn. Tom Cruise.

Movie review time!

Tropic Thunder - ****1/2.
Excellent movie. Maybe not as funny as Pineapple Express, but still very good. Robert Downey jr was almost believable as the dude trying to be a dude pretending to be another dude, though not really that believable as an Australian, especially towards the end. He does base it off Russel Crowe though. The rest of the cast, except Ben Stiller, was good too. Story was good, thing looked good, and the ending... Well, make sure you stick around for the credits.

Afterwards, we followed the wave (seriously) of teenagers to McDonalds. There was about 20 of them sitting on the steps outside. The fat channer I met at the Phoenix Centre saw me, and started rambling about the bunker in Sydney. I had no idea what he was going on about. Then Hayden clocked off, and we sat around feeding and discussing the movie and football, among other things. Then Sam said he was staying at Hayden's (to Hayden's surprise), so Meg and I walked off. Once she got home, I strolled home through the park. Fireworks going on somewhere, it was pretty cool.

Tomorrow, if I'm not dead, Traralgon Eisteddfod and Fraser's actual birthday. Damn. Forgot to buy him BMX Bandits.



Friday, September 12, 2008

Debating sucks.

'Lo all.

Yep, definetely the flu. Sore joints, stuffed up sinuses, fatigue. Meh. Get to sleep in tomorrow.

Woke up on time for once, got the last bits of my history thing together, which looked rather good. Emptied my 'nids box for them.

Got to school, history first up. After getting sorted into groups, all of which contained a soldier and a journalist, at least, we were made to "share". I got Sian and Sally in my group. I quickly lost interest once Sian started going on about photographing hippy fashions, with a teastained picture of Tahlia and Lucy wearing rags. I doubt hippies would pose for a fashion magazine. Then she mentioned that her character was only in Vietnam for the culture, but wanted to see the fighting. Zoned right out. Sally, however, went in an interesting route, as the wife of a conscript. She had an original Beatles record. Very fancy, and damned valuable too. After Sian started talking to April, we finally got to look around at the other exhibits. One person had Jethro Tull's original Thick As a Brick album, in the full newspaper cover. Very cool. Some fascinating things, but we weren't given long to look at them.

Then rave. I was blasted for using a bit of creativity ("NO LYING! WHERE ARE THE PICTURES! RAR!"), then she put on Mean Girls. Brad seemed to like this film. The best bit is right at the start, where she explains about homeschooled kids ("Then on the third day gawd created the bolt-action .22, so man could hunt the dahnahsaws"), and the dramatisation of every non-popular kid's thoughts about the bastards. We played warlords and scumbags.

Recess was slow. I had to visit the library, fixed up my rave project, generic-ised it, and added a Google Images pic of Seaspray and the hospital I was born in.

Then double art. Sub let me go outside and chill in the sun, sketched out a couple more concepts, Sally dropped in and we discussed debating and work. The chemist's sounds terrible.

Lunch, catching up with Pat in the library, Sally and I sorted out his speech, which was pretty good. Then soccer. I fail at it.

Double english. Hell. After a debate which degenerated into Oliver dramatically insulting Dayne ("THEN DON'T DRINK IT!") and a rather pathetic effort by Will, we were up. As Pat pointed out, the other team was actually taking it seriously. Still, we did our best, though some of Pat's additions confused us. They won. Then 10 minutes free time for more card game.

About a block away from my house, Ryan and I noticed a shirtless (male) teenager run screaming out of our gate, chased by Fraser. Ah damn. I put the bike down, studied his little friends (the shirtless 12 year olds boys outnumbered the short shorts wearing 12 year old girls.), then didn't really do much. Finished going through George's music, picked up about 30 tracks from the near-600 he gave me. Most of it is still pretty good. Then watched Zero Punctuation, and did a few psychological personality tests with Ryan. I'm going to be banished to the 6th circle of hell, apparently, and I have high symptoms of Paranoid and Schizotypal personality disorders. Fraser was given a bike, which had electric blue pedals and rims. He took it to the toilet with him. No joke.

Tomorrow, sleep as long as possible, then band, then finally Tropic Thunder.

Hellboy - **1/2
Yeah, I watched it nearly a week ago. Visually, this movie is pretty good, but there are still seams between the practical and computer generated effects. The script can be very clunky at times, which I suppose is only a mild annoyance. I was more interested in all the non-fighting bits, I'm ashamed to admit. I mean, he likes cats! Come on! Also, the ending sucked. Dunno if I'll see the sequel.



Thursday, September 11, 2008


'Lo readers.

Hell. Didn't get enough sleep last night, and I think I've caught the flu that has been going around. Plus everything is still sore from yesterday. Should have taken a bloody day off, I suppose.

After sleeping through a few alarms, stumbled awake, read the paper and forgot my coffee. Damn. Then chapel, boring.

Extended homeroom, nothing special. Some of them were stressing over debates.

Then english. No full teams, so a head start on the holiday homework. I hope Claire is away tomorrow, or I am , or something.

Recess was surprisingly warm, which was a pleasant change. I was half asleep.

Then double science, which was genetics. A lot of stuffing around with videos, then a look at microscopes. Mendel, not Mendeleyev.

Lunch, I visited the library, finished the conscription notice, then half played soccer out in the sun. Still not functioning 100%.

Surprise history practice test next. I got all of it except for a thing on prime ministers, since I was away for that lesson. Sam argued over getting one tenth of a mark.

Maths next. Mr Cowling was in a good mood. I passed a problem solving assessment thing, didn't pass a test, meh. I understood the work, which ws basically substitution. Something was missing though. I miss her already.

After discussing the proles with Annie and Isobelle, went home, went back to school (damn forgetting things...), visited Safeway and the Bis, then finished my history thing. Wise Beard Man taught me how to teastain things, which worked pretty well.

Tomorrow, history presentations, rave, double art (where's me bloody earplugs), then double english, where I might be debating, unless Claire is missing again. C'mon Claire!



Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Warlords and Scumbags.

'Lo readers.

Yeah, it's the tame version of the name. I keep this blog family friendly. Sue me. Suits the content anyway.

So, George and I managed to get to the bus on time, and get pretty good seats. Didn't take long, then we pulled out a worn pack of cards I found on a shelf. We were still engrossed in warlords and scumbags when we got to Phillip Island. Trip was surprisingly quick, and we had a good number join in.

When we got there, we explored a bit. The senior blokes had a look at their extended course, since we are manly men who have to do extra. Just before the home stretch, a hilly section which was all loose sand, and before that, a sand cliff almost two metres high that we'd have to jump over, and next to that, a steep, forbidding dune that we all jumped down, and tried to scrabble back up. I found an SD card in the sand, and kept it. A lot of the other blokes were optimistic about the content.

After a bit more time wasting, and laughing at all the metros from the other schools, our race was up. Damn. I got a good spot with the others at the hard sand end.

When the gun went off, five of the six Grammar men roared forwards. I was in fifth most of the way up to the first tricky bit, behind Goody, Johno, and Aiden, who was kicking arse, of course. I wonder how demoralizing it would be to start a tricky race with most of a single team screaming ahead of you. Eventually Goody and Johno dropped back, and stayed near Pat.

About a kilometre or so of hard sand, then a sprint across soft sand to hit a never ending staircase, which slowed us down. After that, a relatively long section which wound through sand dunes and over a hill. I overtook a fair few people going over it, which was cool. Down the bottom of the hill, they were burning off, so a nice big fire about two metres from the track. Reminded me of a track from a racing game I have on the N64, beach beach beach, then through a forest and past a fire.

After that, near a k and a half of flat beach running. The scenery was nice enough, but it got dead boring, especially since you were waiting to jump up the cliff and sprint along the loose sand. I managed to keep up, get over the cliff with no difficulty, and stay right behind a guy, though there was someone pretty close to me the other way.

Once we struggled through the last hill, we emerged to a car park full of screaming fans. As we leant into the last turn, I decided to overtake the bloke in front of me, and put on a sprint. Amazing how, even for only 10 seconds, you can zone everything out (and at the time, that was a fair bit), and run faster than you can remember running to beat someone in an ultimately pointless race. Still. I got tenth. Pat got eighth. George got fourteenth. Aiden, the bastard, managed second again. Well done that man. Johno and Goody came in together, I don't think they were paying much attention.

After that, we got sent out onto the course to encourage the others and film them. It wasn't too bad, we cheered on the people we knew, discussed getting the decent one's numbers (Pat blew this out of the water, he told one, and I quote, to "eat lightning and crap thunder". She slowed down, turned around, and said, "what?" in a vaguely threatening tone, before sprinting off. Highlights of the afternoon included watching a ute roll over the dunes going in the opposite direction to the runners, which was pretty funny, and getting people to swear on camera. I hope they edit the audio.

After a long, boring presentation ceremony (Grammar won, of course), we got back on the buses and went home. Our bus had the whole crowd, which was alright, except for the shouty ones, and then we started playing cards, which didn't go well. You can't play warlords and scumbags with 5 cards each, really. We played a few games of Cheat when the girls splintered and started watching movies on each other's iPods. Then we stopped at Leongatha, got fast food (contradiction there? Two busloads of athletes stopping to buy McDonalds and KFC?), then we said bye to the Bairnsdale people, who had to swap buses. Poor bastards.

The rest of the trip home was quiet, which was fantastic. Aiden introduced me to an excellent two player cardgame, and Meg and Jess were disgusted by the horse in Jackass. Past Traralgon we discussed debating, which mildy annoyed Meg, and made plans to see Tropic Thunder (FINALLY!) on Saturday. The LHC, bless it's soul, was brought up. Turns out it was first flicked on when we were in Rosedale, though I don't know when they actually started testing it.

Back home, exhausted, but checked the news, printed out some resources for debating tomorrow, and began going through George's music. Some excellent stuff in there.

Tomorrow, school. A lot of people will be relieved (and hopefully indignated) that they are still alive. Unless we all die overnight. Hmm.



Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Happy Hitchcock.

'Lo all.

Title from George, upon seeing the Alfred Hitchcock box in the family room. He's staying over tonight, as tomorrow we go to Phillip Island to defend Grammar's honour in a contest of running up and down sand dunes.

Woke up, got another greenskin basecoated, got some more history homework done, then sprinted to school as my mates decided to bypass my place.

Then assembly, which was slow. Gavin got a silver Duke of Edinborough award. Well done that man. Pat was going on about his beyblade.

Next was history, which wasn't too bad. We were made to start on a timeline. Slow.

Then rave. More silly death movie. Slept a bit.

Recess, I dashed to the library, finished the psych assignment and emailed it away.

Then psych, revision on mental illness and abnormality, but we started slightly differently. Mrs Moy's plan of having each of us portray a different mental illness. She cracked onto Carl, who was throwing pencils at me, and I shouted about pearls, while Emily whinged about windows. Tori and Georgia were freaked out.

Then art, in the library. Bored. Tom and I tried to look at the mechanical spider.

Lunch was basically us making a huge pile of bark in the playground, then kicking a footy at people riding the flying fox, til a year 7 girl stole it. Isaac put up a gentle fight. Then marker's up, and the year 7 girls were still pissing us off. Eventually, we gave up, and a Meg sat on me.

Next was science, which started with a video about the LHC. I lol'd. Poor trendy scientist having to explain that there was a tiny chance of the world ending. Then some evolution stuff.

English was media stuff, which was easy.

Then George and I went down the street, met Bernice, Melissa and Jess, and wandered around as I shopped for history stuff. Then we had chips. The magpies are tame enough to eat from your hand, which is pretty cool. Back home, music and Smash Bros. We figured out how the record player worked, and listened to a slightly out of tune Aqualung. Very cool. Right now we're trading musics, which is taking a while.

Tomorrow, getting up early, enduring a bus ride, then running around in circles. Meh.



Monday, September 8, 2008

Sandwich board-less.

'Lo readers.

Slow day today.

Woke up, got to school PE first up, in the weights room. Meh. Then a game of soccer in the basketball court, which was fun. Our team won, playing it daily helps, though Walshy and Jack almost dominated, since the other half of their team were fenceposts.

Recess was slow. The main topic of the day was the LHC. Kind of funny really. A lot of people were genuinely terrified. Does that make me a terrorist? Either way, Wednesday night will be fun.

Then psych, Mrs Moy let me keep the book, and a music lesson, where I was informed about scales.Maths. We had a sub, who set work we had already done, so Aiden and I turned around and talked to the girls. Very fun lesson.

Then lunch, after massing around a skateboard and flicking Aiden's new zippo lighter, Gavin, Aiden and I went to the playground where the girls were hanging around, and started a large pile of tanbark. When teachers rocked up, we withdrew to the library, where the rest were playing cards. I read a glowing article about John McCain (CREATIONISM FOR SOME, SMALL AMERICAN FLAGS FOR OTHERS) til a Meg sat on me. We then went back to the playground and made our pile of tanbark bigger, til the teachers busted us. So we went Godzilla on it.

Next was history, which was basically Ms Henry ranting about the lack of homework completed (I did it), then we got a citizenship test. I passed. Ryan, Australia's first prime minister was not Luke Skywalker, and they do not elect people based on rock paper scissors, though you get marks for trying.

Finally art. I kind of felt like throwning up everywhere and shutting up Tori, but was allowed to go to the graphics room and chill while researching artists. Meh.

After homeroom, got out of band, resisted spewing in my shed, and finished another two greenskins. I then checked the news, even V is worried about the LHC, though some fresh pics of the plastic DP have emerged.

Then band, Brother Peter is leaving, which means I'm now first, though I get his shiny new baritone. Damn. Back home, watched South Park. Fantastic episode.

Tomorrow, probably more worries about doomsday, and rave, where I get to see what mark I get for my reincarnation thingy.



Sunday, September 7, 2008

First plate.

'Lo everyone.

Happy Father's day to all the fathers, that means you Denny.

Woke up, made coffee for Wise Beard Man, he seemed slightly dazed, especially when Emerald tried to put the cat on his toast. I offered to mow the lawns for free, since due to my buggered ankle and my brother's stupidity, I couldn't get him anything. Then I showered, and put some basecoats on a greenskin. Figure I'll go one mob at a time.

Work was slow. I got there, and a reasonable pile of dishes had been left for me. Slowly got through them all, and broke my first plate. First one in 4 shifts, I'm doing alright. Sam dropped in, his Dad's getting better, and Ness announced she was leaving. She scares me. Jen said she'd be working for a few hours, and would mop and sweep the floors, so she let me leave an hour early. Beardman and I then drove through rural West Sale, which was interesting.

Back home, checked the news, not much is happening, though the Sun had an article about the LHC. Can't wait for this beastie. Wednesday night, Swiss/French border, be there! If the world ends, I'm not particularly fussed, as long as they keep my 40k stuff. We had another huge 9/b/ conversation, very fun. Just like old times, right down to not letting anyone escape, and Aiden trolling. Eventually, they all left at once though.

Tomorrow, PE, band, band, meh. Get to have my maths test back, see how badly I've failed this time.


Anyway, the end.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Buggered ankles and Dreads.

'Lo all.

Short post today.

Went down the street in the morning, on the way home the chain fell off my bike, which sprained my ankle somehow. Then I limped to the Phoenix Centre, raging apoc battle going on, picked up my AoBR box.
When I got home, opened it up. Fantastic. So much stuff on the sprues. Spent the day assembling it, reading 1984, and chatting to Meg about superheroes, since she was watching Superman. I thought Tom was going to rock up, but he didn't.

After slicing, filing, and gluing my fingers off, went onto the internet, kept an eye on things. The koptas are huge, and there's three of them. I still can't believe I own a dread.

Tomorrow, Father's Day (story about that tomorrow, so no spoilers), and work. Meh.



Friday, September 5, 2008

Gork? Almost.

'Lo readers.

Friday. Finally. Wasn't too cold today either. Things are looking up. Course, had to survive school first though.

After Denny spat (fresh picked) mandarin pips into my coffee mugs, rode to school, when I arrived Clare took pictures of our hands and feet, dunno why, and I was informed that the girls had their cervical cancer injections. Hmm. Really started to get worried about one of my good friends. What if he does? More to the point, what if she does? Hell.

So science class was very quiet for about half an hour. Brad and Tom were missing, so amusing excuses involving genitals, cancer and immmunizations were devised for them. We then got to listen to the introduction to A Short History of Nearly Everything (a good book, go read it and learn something), which the freshie seemed to worship. Then we got a video about evolution. They had to start by mentioning religion. Blargh. Can't stand creationists. Vote Obama, keep it out of schools. I also got 33 outta 42 on my chemistry test, so yay.

Then maths. Having managed half a period of study beforehand, I got the first three questions stuffed up ("Error? What am I doing wrong then?"), but the rest wasn't too bad. I say that now, then I'll get it back and I'll have stuffed one thing up, which will have stuffed everything else up. The last page was a killer. The first few questions were almost easy, then it just went bugnuts. Afterwards, the entire year 10 community who had done the test was ranting about it. Kind of funny, actually.

Psych was in the computer rooms again, Mrs Moy told us the thingy was supposed to be a powerpoint. So, I copied the work I had done, but thenw as told to include a graph. I spent half the period looking for a graph relating to Paranoid Personality Disorder, all them were borderline. Damn.

Then art, which as usual was pretty slow. Half the class went outside, which was good becuase it made the inside quiet. I sketched some stuff out, doesn't look too bad. Going for a 1984, dictatorship type theme for my folio thingamajig.

Lunch was gork. We went down to the hockey pitch and started a game, I went over the fence funny at one stage (I don't recommend going over splintery fences in shorts), and scratched the hell out of my leg. Game was pretty good til the teacher spoiled it. Then we moved to the footy pitch, surprisingly fun. I ninja'd, and got a lot of goals once we remembered how to pass. Millsy, being the awesome soccer player that he is, tried to do the same thing for the opposite team, and failed. His team devised a manouver called the fourskin, where basically the ball is carried in the middle of a ring of three or so players. Very clever.

PE wasn't too bad. Weights room, which was slow. I'm not a bloody weightlifter. Then dodgeball, I caught Jack commenting on how "gay" the class is. It's only because he's got barely any friends in it, I suppose. Finally, Last Man Out, and I survived to the final three twice, which was weird, and in the last game Walshy cornered me, chucked the ball, missed, and we all laughed. Sure, he won in the end, but it was hella fun.

After school, Mrs Moy gave me a psych textbook to look for personality disorder statistics, then I did some repair work. After that, kept an eye on the news, talked to all sorts of people, and watched a fantastic clip where a moon-sized meteor crashes into earth and destroys everything, set to The Great Gig in the Sky, by Pink Floyd. Excellent clip. I saw someone online, made my day. Down with room cleaning!

Tomorrow, picking up AoBR (YAY!), maybe seeing Tom, and probably working on english and history homework while watching an Al Pacino movie Oliver lent me, while drinking coffee and admiring my new troops.



Thursday, September 4, 2008

Traralgon Eisteddfod mk1.

'Lo readers.

Bloody hell. Very meh day today. Plus all the doubles. Blah.

Denny and Ryan rocked up, were impressed with all the AoBR ads, then got to school in time for chapel. Mr Clapper showed us a holiday slideshow of him going over stick bridges on the Kokoda trail. Extended homeroom, we had to organise cabins for camp. Tom, Aiden and I got together, but realised we needed someone else. We also visted the library, and printed out some demotivators.

English, more demotivator surfing, and a start on my speech.

Recess. Lots of standing around in circles and laughing at each other.

Double history. We had to put our names on a line, on whether we agree that Australia is a xenophobic nation. Cue a period and a half of interesting discussion about racism and attitudes. Lots of attention paid to Sian, since she comes from England. Ryan and I, since we have old families we can trace back a fair way, were singled out for being 'more Australian' than the others. Meh.

Then lunch. Bored, then soccer. Very balanced game, kind of fun too. And gorram, I stuff up spectacularly.

Double psych. We all went to the computer rooms, which were all occupied, then we decided to go to the library. After hanging out and discussing dreams (*shudder*), we got sprung and made to go to the computer rooms. We were given an assignment, no other information, and shoved in with the spare computers with Tom, Meg and Pat's Health and Human class. I wasted half the lesson, then when Tiffany finished I decided to get the answers down. I'll elaborate on them when I know it's due. Of note, for whatever reason, every computer in the school shut down. Luckily, I saved, though the entire class(es) moaned and whinged behind me.

Sprinted halfway home, got told to not worry about picking up the girls, then went home and painted a company standard. Looks pretty good, too. After some noodles, got a ride with Pat, where we discussed AoBR, then went to Traralgon with Aiden and Dayne. Funny trip. Traralgon was all rushing around, til just before we went on, where we wasted 10 minutes being lulled into a false sense of relaxation. First piece was meh, second piece I managed to hit the high B, unlike Michael, last piece we did the solo at the start really well, then it went bad because the percussionists suck. Turns out we got third. Then to Maccas. Trip home was talking about Wii games, and watching Pome Brio.

Tomorrow, I think I might have a maths test, according to Aiden. Crap. Didn't bring my maths book home. Ah well, if I do, revision at lunchtime. It'll be fresh in my mind then.


Anyway, the end.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Beach running redux.

'Lo all.

Enough cold. It's spring now. Bah.

Denny and I rode to school, then psych, which was more Russel Crowe as a shizophrenic. I'm sure I've seen this plot before.

Then maths. Jenny and co. have stolen our bloody seats again, more rushing through algebra, still a bit off. I'm getting the right answers, according to the back of the book, but I'm not sure how I'm getting them.

Recess, as usual, was slow.

English was on the computers. We have our arguments, just gotta get some detailed details and write the actual speeches. We looked up demotivators and Worth1000 shoops.

Then the science test, which I was mildly surprised about. I thought it was next week. Not too tricky, managed to get everything.

After house meetings, onto the buses, chucked things out the window with Johno. Interesting character, that one. The warm up was Jordan taking us round the dunes, because he misheard the instructions, so another big warm up. Damn. Run itself wasn't too bad, got my feet wet too many times. Afterwards, Pat, Aiden and Will jumped in, then Jess and Meg went. We got chips, ate them on the grass, then back onto the buses. Johno ranted about Jason, and Meg noticed my eyes. She wanted them, which scared me slightly. At least it took my mind off other things. One of which was going on behind me, which I tried to ignore as much as I could.

After school, sprinted to the bank, then past Brad to the Phoenix centre, picked up a WD and some paint (new washes ftw), then back home for homework and undercoating. At present, I need to write a letter, buy a hat, find some photos, fix a call up notice and find a pill bottle for history, and write a debate for english. Meh. I have a weekend.

Decided to make my new termie a standard bearer, so much clipping and glueing, then discovered a way to make the metal look kind of rusty on the greenskin. Can't wait for the big box on Saturday.

Tomorrow, meh. Got the eisteddfod that night, going in Pat's car with Aiden and Dayne. Should be fun.



Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Of chucking stuff at flying fox riders.

'Lo everyone.

Very meh day today. Spat and was cloudy and sometimes there was sun, this is supposed to be bloody spring.

Got a lift to school today, dropped off the box, went to the locker to dig out the blazer, got a shock, was musing worriedly all the way back to the hall. Probably not the best way to start the day, but it got worse.

Then actually playing. We got launched into the first one, no one was expecting it, which wasn't too bad. Then Calling Cornwall. I didn't stuff up the start, though Michael needs some more practice, I think.

Double maths. Jenny and Ugly Bec stole our seats again, because of this Maddy girl that they don't like. New girl, only been with us for a couple of weeks. She seems fine to me, though she seems to have fallen in with the worst circle of hell (hint - there's two Sarahs) and is stick thin. Never had a conversation with her, but she's only been here a few weeks. Meh. We got a re-introduction to quadratics, since we all suck at them now, and they seem twice as complicated as before. Then a problem solving thing. I was confident on the first two, the last one seemed easy, but Sarah and Agnik's answers were different to mine. Damn.

Recess was slow. We probably got up to something, I can't remember.

English, in the computer rooms. Picked up the news, got a few arguments with Sally, discussed Advanced Wars with Pat all the way to history.

Of course, we're almost done with Vietnam now, which sucks, because we'll be starting the not-quite-as-interesting topic immigration. So, lotsa revision-y type things, which weren't too bad.

At lunchtime, we were supposed to go to an extra rehearsal, but since barely half the band could go, most of us decided not to. Instead, we went on the flying fox, and chucked the soccerball at the people on it. The trick was t swing and lift your legs up. We decided to try again with a tennis ball tomorrow, then a one sided game of soccer.

Art. We got to go to the magic old home ec room, which is now a graphics room. The girls were all shouting and bitching at each other. I thought it was pretty funny. Lotsa writing stuff out, then we had to shout out topics that relate to society for a folio, or something. I said 1984, which is what I'll be doing, ornithology, creationism, and palaeontology. Mrs Artteacherlady didn't write the last one up, I don't think she knows how to spell it. Very slow, boring lesson, with the only highlights being the girl's bitching at each other.

Finally science. We got to watch a video and do a revision sheet. Test coming up, shouldn't be too bad.

Got to drive home, then did some homework and wasted time. 1984 is a good book so far, one chapter in. Talked to Rika about music and athletics, and swapped links with Ryan, while downloading music. Garbage (the band), and the Cardigans sound very similar. Limewire almost gave me a virus ridden Deep Purple track, but the virus thingy stopped it. Good for nothing bastard, it's stopped three viruses and trojans since we got it, which was quite a while ago. Also found this, which made my day. http://www.tubearoo.com/player/FullScreen.aspx?file=http://www.tubearoo.com/videocodes/49604/data.xml&item=1&timestamp=0&id=49604 .

Tomorrow, more running at Seaspray. One week til the girls (and Cameron) go to Japan. School will be screamier and more boring without them all. Can't believe one of them hadn't heard of Godzilla...



Monday, September 1, 2008

Monday. Rawr.

'Lo readers.

Mondays and extreme sleeplessness don't mix, man.

Woke up, went back to sleep through the piddly alarm, then was woken up again at 7:30. Then drove to school. Woo.

Course, lotsa screaming. Science we were all chattering too much, got to watch Two Men in a Tinnie, which the freshie seemed too enthusiastic about.

Then psych. I informed the year 11s that emos are allergic to sport, since the resident fat year 9 one was pretending to play netball outside. They lol'd. Then we got a sub, and had to watch A Beautiful Mind. Russel Crowe reminded me way too much of Millsy.

Recess, more screaming. Girls were boasting about who they picked up (more how often they picked up Hayden and Sam), and we were all shellshocked. Too much noise too early in the morning. Revenge for waking up the concubines, I suppose.

Then a music lesson, had to play with Tim Stokoe. Can't stand that kid. Mr C and I then had a discussion about unlocked wireless internet, Mr C was scared. Played Calling Cornwall almost perfectly til we got to the bad bit, then spent 20 minutes going over the same two bars.

Art. People were going on about Sam and how awesome he is. I wanted to laugh so much, but if I did, they'd just think I was being mean and snarky. Let her be happy. Personally, I will laugh. I got to go to the library, eventually found 1984 in the bloody textbook hire. So I borrowed it out.

Lunch was boring, since everyone nicked off. Brad, Gavin, Meg and I were too lazy to do anything. Eventually we went over to hang with Aiden, a silent Pat, and Millsy, who were trying to sync their phones to play Rick Astley. Then we all sat in the middle of the girl's big circle, till they got pissed and split up. Thought it was kind of funny, hope he doesn't mind me commenting on this, but Meg is following Aiden around a lot, which is fine, but funny because Bernice says she hates her. Circles within circles, man.

Maths. Grr. There is a strict seating plan. Agnik and Isaac , then Aiden and I, then the girls. Jenny and Ugly Bec are in the next row. Today they stole our seats. RAAGE! On the plus side, we got to draw squiggly lines with calculators.

Finally english, sorted out teams and topics for debating. Sally, Pat and I are up against Amelia, Claire and Lucy, and debating whaling. We want the ban lifted. Meh, I hate debating. Hate public speaking.

Then band, in the hall. Assembly performance, no pressure on the poor soloists... Afterwards, Aiden and I devised a scheme to get coffee from the chapel, but we were sprung. Oliver is thinking the same thing I am, and it's scaring me. What if he's more serious about it than I am? She lives closer to Paynesville anyway. Always happens though. Moment I even think of taking an interest in a girl, my good mates rock up and do everything better. *sigh*. I suppose I'll stay mildy optimistic about this, not hopeful, but optimistic. Anyway. Then drove home, checked the news, did some homework, sprayed some gaunts.

Band was slow. We were trying out fresh pieces, and managed to waste 20 minutes talking about Ballarat-ness. Wendouree actually means go away.

Tomorrow, assembly, then double maths. Blargh. Hopefully I'll get some sleep.


Anyway, the end.