Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Who watches the Watchmen?

'Lo all.

Just finished reading Watchmen. Very, very good. It's not a superhero book, it's a crime drama. More so than Batman. Looking forward to seeing in in the cinema in March, even if no one else is.

Got up, Denny and Ryan rocked up, then I got a lift to school due to band.

Maths wasn't too bad. I suprise myself and others at insights quickly lost. World war three had occured the night before.

I saw Lulu, Aiden, Mills, Jake and Georgia sneak out of their room, so I followed them. 10 minutes early, but hell, more time to warm up.

We got to the music room, no one there, so big percussion solo using everything that was there.

Our performance wasn't too bad, we played some things that I'd never seen before but the rest of the band was sick of. Bah.

Service was slow, nothing to report, except all the kindergarten (yes, kindergarten) kids bowing their heads and clasping their hands in prayer. They start 'em young. The girls thought it was cute, personally I thought it was almost depressing.

Then recess. No one was sure when it was supposed to end, so we took a guess.

Teacher was late to english, and we had a sub anyway. We got a pretty easy task on media analysis, which I don't mind, but when you understand it, people think you are there to answer all of their questions. Meh.

History was slow, we just listened to the French exchange student explain about how the French lost their Indochinese colonies. Tom and I were muttering about socialist governments, while Isobelle tried to read her vampire book. Apparently there is a vampire baby that eats its way out.

After we got cupcakes (Commemoration Day is only good because it's also Cake Day, with free delicious cake), we hit the playground and were 8 year olds again, then almost Gork, despite Millsy whinging because it wasn't soccer. Gavin tried kicking over everyone's heads, and I went for it, and went straight into a puddle, in my socks. Bah.

Art was slow. I fixed up the claycutter with Meg, Tom and Isobelle, then slowly worked on the dragon. The main structure is done, just need to lengthen the tail, attach another leg, stop it breaking in the middle everytime someone looks at it funny, make a base, and detail. It's nothing compared to Will or Erin's though. Show off talented bastards with their nice things.Science was fun. We got to go around in circles doing small experiments, mostly involving some kind of acid, and half of them had magnesium something or other.

Back home, I printed out a resume, and rode down to meet Sam. We saw some boardos, and after filling out a form at the Biz (which was bugnuts insane, personality traits. Sam and I agreed to lie to get the right answers, so I get the job), then we met Mewha and bought Aiden's present. Mewha has been having a good time, he descirbed in detail the events of a party he went to in front of the confused shopkeeper. Then Sam stole Finky's sour strips.

Back home, I finished reading Watchmen, and puzzled over the internet spasming. Bastard. So, if you thought I was lurking and I didn't pop up for an hour or three, my apologies.Tomorrow, cold then running. Meh.


Anyway, the end.

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