Tuesday, August 19, 2008


'Lo readers.

Slow, boring day today. Highlights were few and far between.

Get to school cold, assembly was slow, then double maths. The work wasn't too bad once you got your head around it, and Mr Cowling wasn't too crabby.

Recess, nothing worth nothing that I can remember.

Then english, which was more media stuff. It was pretty easy, though it seems half the activities are just finding synonyms.

History. We picked who we wanted to be for the shoebox thing. Since my picks were taken early, I got a conscript. Thoughts of an expendable whiteshield going through my head, I decided on the 8 pieces of kit I'd need, and went to look for a book. I ended up reading the paper, then hanging with the horde for a minute, til Ms Henry rocked up and said we were too loud, then couldn't find any books since everyone else had taken the good ones. Ms Henry came to the rescue though, and gave me the memoirs of a conscript from Swifts Creek. Then she suggested I ring him up, and use him as one of my relics, to my chagrin.
Lunch was meh. We went to the playground, Hayden and Sam started the rape session, we figured there wasn't enough time to grab a soccer ball, and I was bored.

Art. I lightbox-ed the face, and started painting. The girls whinged about parties. I see where they are coming from.

Finally science, which was just a couple of quick acid-and-thing experiments.

After school, sprinted to Centrelink, dropped off a tax file number, then bought some supplies. I hunted for surplus military gear, figured I'd use a hat as a relic since it was cheap. Then I bought a notebook, which was tricky since all the military looking ones were either expensive or diaries.

Back home, checked the news, and discovered that the diving game was a bastardised version of Guitar Hero, so it hooked Meg and I. Ryan showed off his extreme pick up artistry. Very blunt.

Tomorrow, running. Meh.

Also, apologies for Sunday, I was exhausted and there was no internet when I got home. On the plus side, I worked six and a bit hours.


Anyway, the end.

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