Friday, August 1, 2008

Running Man: The Adventures of GGS04.

'Lo all.

And yeah, the whole day I had that song, Go by Pearl Jam and The Beginning is the End is the Beginning by Smashing Pumpkins in my bloody head.

Anyhoo. Managed to not sleep through my alarms, enjoy my coffee, and get a good seat on the bus with the others, all before 7am. Not cool, but meh.

Bustrip up was slow, we watched American Dad and since Craig Battams missed the first train, we were waiting for him in Packenham. So, we all went to Target, and activated a shelving unit full of talking Spidermen that danced and made noises. And we didn't get kicked out.

We got to the bloody place, the track looked alright. Big windy downhill section, though I noticed it was all bitumen. I got labelled in big permanent marker GGS04 on my arm. Reminded me of another, more evil thing, which involved numbers on arms. However, running up and down hills is not having extra special showers.

After buggerising around and warming up, Aiden, Pat, Hayden, Sam, and Loki (pronounced like Lachie, awesome spelling though) and I were herded into a tiny little square with 30 or 40 other kids. Blow by blow account time.

At the starter's gun, I got nudged, unbalanced, and couldn't get traction on the slippery grass. Fantastic fun.

Then up the first hill. Glad we got it out of the way first, went for like a kilometre. I kept up with the leaders, though I was slowly falling back.

First intersection. A Grammar guy was there with a video camera. Oh hell. Then a bonus kilometre to a gate, where you got a texta mark and high fives from passing team mates, and back to the bloody intersection. All because us manly men who are older than the year 8's have to do two extra bloody kilometres.

Down a steep, windy hill, lots of fun. I felt my body rebelling, and by the time I got to the bottom, I heard it say "Screw you, I'm out of here". Another Grammar guy with a video camera at the bottom. Bastard.

Then through a section of bush with a bunch of hills, just going on autopilot, since the closest dude was about 10m in front, and I couldn't see anyone behind me. Last corner I almost stumbled, but then I saw Pat crossing the line, so woot.

Turns out Aiden came second, which was awesome, Pat got like 11th, Loki came in after me, and Sam and Hayden almost arrived together, though Sam had to pay for his own dinner, since Hayden beat him in the end. I got 15th, after 6km's, out of I'd be guessing anywhere between 30 and 40 much fitter blokes.Mrs Dyke told us to go out and cheer on the rest of the runners, so after grabbing some nourishing sour bears ("they aren't sour worms, damn"), we headed out two km's and urged on the rest. Some of them seemed happy for the support (Jess even took some of the sour bears), others were concentrating so hard they didn't hear Hayden commenting on their arse.

Then we went back to the others, since all the girls had come in. Meg had beaten Tonilee, which was pretty cool. Much sharing of snakes and struggling for blankets against the wind and Pat, then the presentation thing. We won the damn carnival, so that was pretty cool.

Bus trip back home. Some chick flick was put on, I caught the start, then Sam put his head in the way. I listened to my iPod, but every know and then I'd pause it but keep the earphone in. Amazing what you can pick up, which included Pat telling Aiden something about me I'm going to have to kill them both for. With what's been bandied about at the moment, as soon as I'm sure, I'll bloody tell you! Sam and I got KFC, and back on the bus, things quietened down, though after Traralgon we discussed zombie films while Jess and Meg watched the start of 28 Weeks Later. Pat added more misgivings to my little wheelbarrow full of them. I believe I shall need a new one soon, the wheels are starting to fall off. (and how's that for a metaphor, natch).

Arrive in Sale, freezing cold, wind blowing worse than at the top of the bloody hill in Keilor, and pouring near horizontal rain. I checked the news (Watchmen looks sweet), caught up with what I missed at school (almost nothing, according to Annie), and showered. Beardman and I watched a Zero Punctuation review. I dunno.

Tomorrow, I aim to sleep as long as possible and do as little as possible after that, though part of me wants to keep an eye on the msn, just in case.



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