Sunday, August 10, 2008

RMIT Open Day.

'Lo readers.

Again, I got up early on the weekend. Not. Cool. At. All.

On the plus side, I got to drive to Traralgon, which was pretty cool. We tried to catch a train there, but it looked too full. So off we went, and we ended up at Pakenham, where a poster stated that there was line work a dozen stations ahead, which meant we had to take a bus. Stopping at Dandenong was awful, since everyone on the train had to get off, and 90% of them wanted the express bus. We got seats though.

Then another train at Oakleigh, with the footy hordes. Meh.

RMIT itself was busy. Lots and lots of people. We picked up maps, and found the journalism bit, where I said hi to Bernice, who was as surprised as I was. The seminar thingy wasn't too bad, people left in between each speaker, which must have been bad for the person on stage. Journalism-lady seemed cool, though she warned about long hours, no holidays, and constant pressure, though there was the chance of doing completely awesome things.

We then rushed through a couple of buildings, where hundreds of other people were doing the same thing. Beardman and I grabbed some food from Hungry Jack's, which was the start of the unhealthy binge. We found the psychology display, and there was a presentation in 10 minutes, so we visited the little Apple store, and they let me have a go at Guitar Hero. I tried Knights of Cydonia and massacred it. Then I got three free iTunes songs.

Psych presentation wasn't too bad, looks bloody expensive. Then I saw Ryan with his sister. So he survived.

Beardman and I visited Minotaur. I couldn't find Watchmen, or GitS, but I did find a small BL section. The Bearded One lost himself in the scifi novels section. Then we grabbed more food from McDonalds. More unhealthy food.

The train didn't leave for half an hour, so we got coffee from a place called Chocolate Buddha, while Chinese gymnasts performed on the telly. Poor 15 year olds. Coffee was good though.

Back on the train, then back on the crowded bus, then on the train again, then the fun started. I rolled out of Pakenham, grabbed some petrol, and had a go at driving on the freeway. Fun. Very fun. Then it started pouring rain. Absolutely pissing down. Wise Beard Man might have been worried, I dunno. I thought it was fun. I drove all the way to Traralgon, where we got KFC (yet more unhealthy food), then back to Sale where we picked up the rest. Fraser seems to have done as he was told.

Back home, caught up with people. Had an eerily similar conversation with someone, but I won't mention who to keep them both guessing. Dunno why it's so damn interesting. But Meg's right. Then I read xkcd.

Tomorrow, PE. Meh.


Anyway, the end.

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