Friday, August 8, 2008

Return to Seaspray.

'Lo readers.

Ah. Days off. Got up at 11, got a letter at 1, went to Centrelink to deal with it, then drove out to Seaspray. Bit of a test of things, one of which was driving. Every corner looked overly familiar. Scared the hell out of me. Then we walked around the beach a bit, since Charlotte was with us, and drove back with a detour to the heliport. There are more gas stations, and more helicopters. Brought back some more memories.

Then home, downloaded some White Stripes tracks and got a new iPod case.

Then we went to the bandroom, and onto the bus for Yarram. Course, my bloody headphones died as soon as I got on. Bugger.

Trip wasn't too bad, I lost coverage halfway through, and I think that may have interrupted some signals. I hope that's the answer.

Performance wasn't too bad, we sounded pretty good. We visited the shops and got overpriced food. Then listening to the other bands. Eventually we came second, which wasn't too bad, though a bloody Yarram school band beat us.

On the way home, we discussed school and footy. Mossy is a pretty cool guy, he redoes year 12 and doesn't afraid of anything.

Back home, Olympics opening ceremony. Things about bloodthirsty communist overlords, or something, I'm not really paying attention.

Tomorrow, nothing, then Pineapple Express with the horde. Should be alright.



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