Monday, August 4, 2008

Playground finished, suprise dissections, and other unfeasible adventures.

'Lo everyone.

Ah. Karma has its benefits. Going to come back and kick me in the arse again soon though.

Woke up, caught up with Ryan, ate the last two sherbet bombs (which lasted almost a month), and got a lift to school.

First up (after all the bloody screaming; OH MY GOD I HAVEN'T SEEN YOU SINCE FRIDAY! Some are worse, since they had a sleepover. Christ) was science. We're starting chemistry, which I don't mind until it turns into maths.

Then a suprise dissection for psych, got another lambs brain. See a previous entry for that. The Carl showed me a clip of him and a friend shooting a possum and screaming, which was suprisingly hilarious.

Recess. I borrowed out Watchmen. Then hung around.

History Tom and I confused Sally about the Viet Cong's guerilla tactics. It's nice being able to have a thoughtful discussion about that sort of thing with someone who actually knows their stuff. We got an assessment, but since there's about 5 of us who haven't started due to being away on Friday, we aren't worried yet.

Art, more clay work and listening to the girls bitch. Apparently at one sleepover they all got drunk and went skinnydipping while urinating in strange places. I dunno.

Lunch. We shot goals, then went on the playground. It's small, but good. Once the initial universal popularity wears off, it's ours. The sequel to Twilight was released as well, so girls who could read were going nuts. What is Twilight, I hear you ask. I haven't read the books personally, nor do I plan to, but as I see it, basically it's wish fulfilment fantasy for every teenage girl, except the tall, brooding and handsome dude is an immortal vampire. Movie at the end of the year, the sheer amount of screaming fangirls may make it do better than Harry Potter. Tom, having read the first one, knew the main characters, so we ran around screaming that they died, and the girls all thought we were serious.

Maths. The work was easy, the order of the questions confusing, but I had a good time. I think a couple of other people did too. Mr Cowling eventually confiscated some of the damn Twilight books.

In english I finally lost the word game (and the game, natch), though it was to a pair. Granted Oliver was trying his hardest to help me, and the rest were all giggling about naughty words they could make.

Music lesson which involved me and Mr C talking for a couple of minutes, due to constant interruptions.More band. Wasn't too bad, we were in the hall. Have to play at Commemoration Day assembly tomorrow. Bah.

Back home, I started reading Watchmen, main character has a thing for raw beans from the can. I lol'd.

Then more band, which was slow. Fraser embarrassed himself when he found he was the only trombonist, and had one of the more essential bits to play. Then free cake.

Back home. I got a text from someone that amazed me. Woah, man, woah. Like a bloody seesaw sometimes though, I dunno what to think. Though one cent texts soon may help with the "RUNNING OUT OF CREDIT KTHXBAI" thing at the moment.

Skins final ep of the season. Ah, I love Skins. Nothing like a car chase wherethe protagonist has a coffin strapped to his roof and the owners are chasing after them. Shame the next series is about Effie and her friends (read: entirely different people), since there were so many loose ends.

Ah well. Tomorrow, assembly, and history in the library. Not fussed.



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