Saturday, August 9, 2008

Pineapple Express.

'Lo readers.Not much to report today.

Got up, checked the news, it seems Russia has invaded Georgia over some seperatists. Cue confused rednecks wondering when the Soviet bastards would rock up in Atlanta.

Then worked on history homework, and tried multiple washes over metallics, which worked meh, so far.Danielle dropped around, and after a quick dinner of home made chicken nuggets (better than maccas ones), she dropped me off at the cinema. I met the others, who ended up being Isaac, Hayden, Pat, Annie, and Isobelle. We visited Subway, then they ate it in the Mcdonalds playground, then we visited Safeway and bought V, then saw Jess and Jason. When we returned to the cinema, Pat and I wasted our change on the Skill Tester, and we ended up getting a relatively good haul. Still would have been cheaper buying it from the shops, as Annie pointed out.

Pineapple Express - ****1/2
Very, very funny, and surprisingly violent, which made it better. Subplots went no where, and characters seemed immortal, but hell, it was a fun movie. I agree with Aint it Cool that eventually Apatow is going to run out of taboos, he's already done unplanned pregnancy, teenage drinking, virginity, and his next one is about pornography.

After the movie, we hung around, then visited Safeway again for some cheetos. I ran home, then noticed I'd missed people, and they'd added people I'd only heard about. I raaaged. I really need to move quickly, otherwise it'll be too late.

Tomorrow, getting up early to go to the RMIT open day. I don't think it'll be too bad. The main problems will be catching the train and missing people again.



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