Friday, August 15, 2008

Olympics from the couch in Retravision.

'Lo readers.

Ah. Friday. Sure, it's freezing cold, it's windy as hell, it rains sporadically, we have a month til holidays, weekends are starting to be booked out, it's a month til the boxes arrive, and I suck at soccer, but a good Friday is still good.

After roaring through the headwind on the way to school, which is starting to get bloody annoying, history. Ms Henry showed us a couple of suitcases full of real, authentic or coffee stained and faked relics from Vietnam. Our next project is to make our own suitcase, with the brief that we imagine we find it in a relative's house and it's full of stuff from the War. Hippy, soldier, either way. There were some good ones, one kid last year tried the Viet Cong route, and someone's grandmother actually was a hippy, so she had a copy of the communist manifesto and a suspicious looking pipe that Ms Henry wouldn't explain about, plus a Bob Dylan record. I got some good ideas, might do a chopper pilot or a draft dodger, with authentic prison rags and shiv.

Then rave, in the computer room. We had to write our "life journey". So. I typed up a few vague, undetailed answers, since I didn't really want to go into much detail, then had some fun. I created a future where we go to war against China, then I get killed by refugees in Kazakhstan. Then I went backwards, going through evolution. Then we had a better idea, and went through two dozen past lives that I eventually got reincarnated from. I went from postman in Canada in 1958, to a twinkle in Beardman's eyes when he died. Past lives included a pope, a French miller who had crushed hands, a child in Hiroshima, Franciscan monk, and (my favourite), a pirate who got press ganged into fighting on a Spanish galleon, who got killed by an English cannon when the Armada sailed in 1588. Rave was good for something. Then more forwards, I devised a future world where the polar cycles flipped, the wealthy lived on the moon, and we traded missiles with them, which eventually resulted in North America breaking apart at the San Andreas faultline. Scrapped ideas included being Sally and Gavin's child and Annie's uncle.

Recess, I was hungry, so I bought some overpriced food from the canteen.

Double art. Firstly, I finished the dragon (not dinosaur) itself, could use some more detail, but I don't mind. Apart from that, there was a female freshie, and the girls wondered about 9 and a half inches ("that's almost 30 centimetres!" "woah"). I tried freaking them out by mentioning footballs and other such things, then went to the other table. Tom said they were trying to discuss, but since none of them took history, and therefore didn't really understand communism, he was trying hard not to burst out and correct them. It also rained very heavily for about a minute, then stopped. Weird.

Lunch. We hit the playground for a while, then played soccer. A year 8 infiltrated us, caught us off guard, since we'd never seen him before, then stole the ball as soon as we passed it to him. Little bastard. Aiden chased him down. Towards the end of the game, he came back. Then we noticed another one was filming him. We figured he was waiting for the other one to steal the ball, and get our reactions. Turns out he was chucking a homemade firework made of matches at Hayden, which refused to light. Then he stole the ball, ran past the scoreboard, where he ditched it. We laughed, since he'd have to come back past us when the bell went. Pat decided we should go to Ms Henry, and Mr Smith reckoned the match box was probably stolen from the science labs.

English. Romeo and Juliet test. We had to do four tasks based on a passage in an hour. I reckon I got meh results for the first three, but the last one was translating it into modern english, and I think I did alright in it.

After school, sprinted home, grabbed my wallet and got changed, then battle the wind again and met Mewha at the clocktower. He followed me to the fancyshmancy fish and chips shop in the Centre, then ditched us. Us, was Sam, Caz, Hayden and Meg. We visited Maccas, got burgers, then visited people in IGA. Then we figured it was too cold outside, so we watched Ice Age, some swimming, and the gymnastics on the big screens from the couch in Retravision. Pretty fun. Then we saw Alison, who told us about Millsy tripping over himself and going headfirst into a wall. I saw a bunch of classmates from 545, which suprised me.

Back home, finished some homework, and checked the news. New Star Wars flick is apparently awful, so I'll stick to the plan and skip it. Tropic Thunder keeps on getting positive reviews, I told you it would asplode in August. Check the archives. Then Aiden and I discussed movies, the Olympics, footy, women, the White Stripes, and other such things. Zero Punctuation had an excellent new review up, and the new W:AR promo art looks good. Ryan has access to the beta, but the client is huge, and is downloading very slowly. I downloaded a bunch of White Stripes tracks.

Tomorrow, sleep as long as possible. Nothing else planned, unlike some people, who are going to Luna Park, among other things.



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