Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Of fairy floss and RAM.

'Lo readers.

It got suprisingly warm today. After the bloody fog froze us. Bah.

Got to school, gave Aiden his present, dropped off Watchmen with him getting mobbed. First up was psych, once I found the classroom, some basic revision. I got most of it, and eventually people were stealing my answers.

Then maths. I think I'm understanding this algebra, but only this one. Bloody annoying though.

Recess. People started nicking off. Melissa handed out invitations, and I got one. We looked at it dubiously til Tom graffitied it. Then we lol'd. I'm reserving my misgivings. She's advertising it as a big sleepover.

Then english. More Romeo and Juliet stuff. Nothing to report.

Science, with a sub. I got the work done and let it be copied.

Lunch was slow. We got free fairy floss after waiting for almost half an hour in line, with year 8s pushing in line as they please. Then a christian hip hop group started performing, and the older Mawley Mills bloke started dancing. Then we visited the girls, who were getting ready for soccer. Then nothing to do, so Dayne and I played cards with George and Hayden.

Running wasn't too bad, just 4 of us out there today. I kept up with Cherry, as Beau had had 3 things of fairy floss, an iced coffee, and a pie, and wasn't really up to it. We passed a cleared section, which looked desolate, and an abandoned car. George dropped out three quarters through after an admirable effort, and I sprinted in with Cherry. Mrs Dyke was really, really suprised. More than just a forgetable face, natch.

Turns out everyone else had won their games against the foreigners. We visited the soccer pitch where people were flipping around, then went past the footy team and other assorted popularites. They kicked their football at Tom. We looked at each other, picked up the ball, walked to the lockers, and tried chucking it on the roof, but it bounced off, and two of crashed into the lockers trying to get it back. Lucky the beans didn't spill. I dunno what provoked them, we didn't do anything. I noticed something else too, which means I need to move soon. Starting to get worried. Plus there's Japan. Hell.

After school I picked up the new WD, then did some homework and read it. When I went back inside the house for coffee, a morbidly obese man was discussing the TV, whose colours had turned green, my computer was ripped open and Fraser had a headband on. I dunno if he was going for practicality, which it failed at, or looking cool, which he failed harder at. He was frustrated at his bike. Meh.

After upgrading my RAM (lol), checked the news and lurked. Just then I saw something very, very, very strange. I'm misinterpreting things.

Tomorrow, double everything. Meh. I've got some fresh demotivators to put up.



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