Monday, August 11, 2008


'Lo everyone.

Blah. I hate Mondays. Especially ones that freeze you solid for walking outside.

After Denny dropped in, and the screaming once I got to school, PE. I did alright in the run, but probably only because Walshy wasn't taking it seriously and Pat was tying his shoe. Then volleyball. Our team really sucks at it, though we all had our moments. By the end we were all frustrated at each other, with good reason. Felt like killing Oliver, he seemed too happy to be on the winning team without having to do anything.

Recess. Cold.

Then psych, I got an A on my test, then we started a new topic, Abnormality, which should be interesting.
Maths, again, starting a new topic. Trigonometry. Bah. We didn't get it.

Next was lunch, finally. George led us to a unoccupied bench, which was then occupied by some year 11s. Then we searched for a soccer ball, couldn't find one, so we kicked shoes at each other for half an hour, which was fun. Even the girls joined in. Yeah, we were bored.

History was just looking at pictures, which wasn't too bad. I recognised most of them. Then a music lesson, where I tried chromatic scales.

Art was just more dragon work, mine looks like a dinosaur. Unintentional, I swear. Emily considered what happens to pictures people take of her and put on the internet.

Band. Slow. We didn't play Calling Cornwall, for once. I got talking afterwards, though I'm unsure about Oliver. Not sure about anything, really.

Back home, checked the news, not much else to report.

More band, slower. Then back home, 40 Year Old Virgin was on. Funny movie. Glad I'm not into historicals, man.

Tomorrow, Tuesday. Can't think of anything else.



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