Monday, August 25, 2008

Monday. Blargh.

'Lo readers.

Gorram, I hate Mondays. Cold, then warm, then cold again today, too much stuff for one bloody day.

Woke up to Triple J since I'm sick of the iPod turning on, then deciding to go on pause instead of play. I love Marieke Hardy, she said nom nom nom, and her columns in the Green Guide are awesome.

Got a lift to school, then PE, which was indoor hockey. I don't mind this sport, you have to be really quick and have a fair bit of luck, or be good at hockey. Our team sucked, as usual, though we got two goals against the popularite's team. Dayne excelled himself, well done that man. Tom J seemed out for blood, the bastard. Much as I'd like to pummel him, I don't have the weight to do much.

Recess was cold, and involved standing around talking. As usual. Sun was out, which was a plus.

Psych, I got handed a sheet, then off to a music lesson where I was made to play scales and the same 5 notes for half an hour. I fail.

Then maths, we started work with a unit circle. Happy birthday to Aiden C and Derek, the girls wouldn't let them forget.

Lunch. Playground got kinda boring, since everyone just collapsed in the sun. I caught up with Pat, Aiden, Gavin, Sam and Julian, and threw their magnificent paper (cardboard, really) plane around. Then we decided to throw it at people at the playground, and eventually made a pile of tanbark 2 foot high and 4 foot around, which we considered an achievement. Most of the talk was about Melissa's party, and how most seemed to want to boycott it. I see where they're coming from, the person I want to see there didn't even get invited, and I don't really want to have to spend an evening with half of the people who did get invited. Pat challenged me to see who could raid the eskies first, and stack their backpacks with stolen cans. They won't need soft drink, some of them are conspiring to smuggle in alcohol anyway.

History. I did some research about the Vietnam war, for my Nasho character. The trick will be getting the references, since most of the stuff will be easy to find or write. Tom and Sam seemed to be railing against the (now) compulsory leadership camp, which is suprisingly expensive, for three days worth of being forced to bond with people you hate.

Finally art, I finished painting, got news of an excursion to the gallery (we don't actually miss any classtime, since it's during the art double), and wandered around since I didn't have enough time in the lesson to start the next bit. Tom had an entire tin of Milo to himself, the lucky bastard, and Shona painted her shoe. Melissa revealed that she had found her phone, and there was mysterious pictures on it. I related the story about the honeymooner's toothbrushes, which made them giggle.

Band. Slow. I can get almost all of Calling Cornwall pretty good now, and consistently hit the high Bs. After band, though, didn't see who I wanted to see, Oliver was starting to really worry me, but was flirting with Clare, possibly because * wasn't there. I laughed. Then my sometime correspondent ZombieMolly got me up to speed on the gossip, since Claire and I were clueless. Seems most of us single blokes were only invited to Melissa's so she could pick us up and make Leighton jealous, but since he isn't going, she's stuck with us. Sucka.

Back home, checked the news. Bloody GW is raising the prices on metal and books, which is going to suck, since some of the shiny new SMs looked pretty good. I finished Well Done Those Men, which is the memoirs of a Vietnam conscript from Swift's Creek. Very, very good book. Then I worked on my new 'nids, finished the termagants, and sprayed them, then started the hormagaunts. Also got a new deadlock on the door, which is good.

Social night at Sale City band, which was also good, since no work, and free food. We listened to the adjudicator's comments, which were suprisingly sparse, though mostly positive, and gorged outselves on cakes.
Back home, laughed at people on the myspace (fragging stupid website, outdated and overused), then marvelled at the Dreadnoughts on the forum. Can't wait to get mine next month.

Tomorrow, rave. Kekeke.



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