Saturday, August 30, 2008

I just slept from 2:30pm to 9:30pm, still not recovered yet.

Good morning.

Bloody hell. I feel completely justified saying that. No sleep from 6:40 Friday til 2:30pm Saturday.

Anyway, this is a special edition post, let's start with Friday.

Woke up, went to school, went to history and did a quiz, then rave where we watched more of the stupid movie.

Then recess, the girls were whinging about each other's dresses. We jumped on the bus to go the gallery.

There was a man at the gallery whose jumper was going to eat you, and an ugly tryhard fashion model who smelt of cigarettes. Lots of religious art for Tom and I to laugh at, like a very cool one that flicked between Osama and Jesus.

Lunch was soccer, halfcourt, balanced-ish teams, awesome game. I stayed in defence and actually contributed. Lotsa balls over the fence, since we're used to fullcourt.

Then the english SAC. Bloody annoying. I forgot the names of the families, then hit the wall in the middle of the 4th paragraph. Got it done though, conclusion was slightly brief.

After school, went down the street, got caught in a roundabout, picked up some V for Hayden and Isaac with Ryan and Julian, then journeyed to the Candy Bar for supplies. Julian bought $11 of loose stuff. Then we saw Bernice, who had a few choice comments regarding her fellow party-goers. Aiden finally rocked up, we bought $10 of gummi bears, $10 of sherbet bombs, and $10 of snakes. Mrs Candybarlady almost fainted when she saw us both approach the counter, we were the people who had bought hundreds of sherbet bombs and redskins.

Sprinted home, showered, and managed to find Melissa's, with Beardman (he of the newly trimmed hair) muttering about being late.

Got there, loud, annoying music pumping. Hayden and Sam grabbed a footy, hunted down Isaac and Pat, who turned into Hellboy, and kicked it around til it got dark. The girls had dressed up. Lotsa little black dresses and heels which sunk into the grass. After becoming bored inside, we watched I Am Sam, til everyone else found us, then Aiden rocked up and we played backyard cricket in the dark. Only Aiden was any good, the rest of us were all rusty. Managed to get a couple of people out though.

A kissing game was started, which pissed us off while we tried to play table tennis and capture the jukebox. We managed to get Khe Sanh going, and maybe a minute worth of other tracks, like Black Dog. Fires were going though.

Didn't get up to much the rest of the night, just floating around talking to people. Eventually, some of us grabbed chairs, dragged them outside, and sat around the fire. The regulars were Aiden, Meg V, Annie, Pat, and I, and Hayden stuck around a fair bit, with occasional visits from Kelly, Emily, Meg, and Melissa. Fire was good, Aiden discovered how cool Meg's hair is (compared to our greasy messes), and played with it til they had to get up, and we talked crap for a few hours, til we had the great idea of flicking on the lights to wake up the people who were making out or sleeping inside. Hayden got pretty good at it. Sun crept up, Tori shouted at us, we laughed at her.

A lot of people were pissed with Hayden. They only got half an hour's sleep, rar rar rar. We didn't get any, and we were happy. From what we heard, Naomi and Sam (only funny because he has a girl in Bairnsdale, or something), Denny and Erin, and Isaac annoyed Isobelle, as usual. Meh.Pat decided to go watch cartoons, but there were no good cartoon on, and when Hannah Montana started, and Meg threatened to make us watch the OC, we withdrew outside. Annie did have a pack of cards. We played Warlords and Scumbags (clean name), for a while, good game. Aiden and Meg dominated. Then a couple of games of Cheat (clean name), then people started leaving.

Beardman arrived before 11, Sam and Pat came with us. After trying out mocha coffee (which Sam tried to improve with pepper), we went down the street. I finished off Katie's gift card, bought a new wallet, then we visited Leading Edge to look for hippy stuff for history. Badges were 4 for $4, so I picked up a few. Walked home, introduced them to Zero Punctuation, then they left. Pat fell asleep.Then I checked the news, tried to stay awake til 2:30, and crashed. Woke up a while ago, talked to Alison, remembered that photos were incoming, and I'm in some of them. Hell.

Tomorrow, working from 10 til 5. Meh. The money will be good, if I don't fall asleep.



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