Sunday, August 24, 2008

Home again.

'Lo everyone.

Hell. Too much today.

Got up, tried to make coffee with a newfangled coffee machine (I'll stick to instant, if it's this much bloody trouble, tastes the same anyway), failed, then drove to Ballarat, where we spent 20 minutes rolling around what was left of Lake Wendouree to find the bloody Performing Arts centre.

Got there, got in, made the instrument shiny, then discovered that my little shiny red vest (bastard of a thing) was about 5 sizes too small now. Felt like an idiot, though Fraser discovered he had a ladies one. We wasted an hour dawdling around, I played Solitaire on my iPod, which shocked Liz, who had had the same sort of iPod for months and never realised.

Rehearsal time was half an hour, went too bloody quickly, then on stage, where I saw some familiar faces in the crowd. We were all nervous, but we got through everything. Big Spender made me laugh, when we got to it.

Afterwards, jumped a few rows to grab a seat, listened to a junior band, who were the only one in their section, then the results. Turned out we got second to bloody Booroondara, which was their second band, which was of course stacked with bloody A grade players. Bastards. Still, second.

Jumped in the car, I drove from Ballarat to Yarragon, with a couple of stops on the way. Wasn't too bad, Beardman wanted me to hang back, and I tried. Music was good though. Then Pizza Hut in Traralgon, all you can eat for the win.

Back home, checked the news, of which there was very little, and kept a cautiously hopeful eye on the msn. Patience is a virtue.

Tomorrow, more PE, which is good, and band. Bit of a downer, because the school band sucks. Then a social evening for the brass band, where we get to whinge about the adjudicator, the fat bastard.



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