Thursday, August 28, 2008

Head no werk good. Guh.

'Lo everyone.Spring is on it's way, but it's moodier than a teenager at the moment. Going to be cold this weekend.Need to work on getting the backup alarm going, I like listening to Triple J in the morning. Got some work done on the english essay plan though, and finished painting the terms. Bastards. Denny, Ryan and I listened to the Doctor trying to interview Pamela Anderson, then we raced to school. 4 and a half minutes to the gate, new record.

Chapel was boring, homeroom Tom and I put up a sign. You just lost the game, by the way. Most people were feverishly trying to work on the english thing.

Then english, which was supposed to be a preparation lesson, but since we were all failing so hard, Mrs Sawade didn't have enough time to see everyone. Bah.

Recess was slow. Julian has finished watching 2nd Gig, gets his approval. Must get Black Lagoon off him next week.

Then double science. The freshie-in-training is starting to ease into the position, he had a snappy suit on today. More stuff about alkenes and alkanes and alkynes, which confused people, then we got to burn kerosene, ethanol and a candle, to see which one was cleanest. Fun, sorta.

Lunch, Denny and I visited the troops at the other end of the quadrangle, then we got a ball. Half court for the hackeysackers, and the bastards put me in goals. Very clever, putting the short bloke there. Wasn't too bad a game, though I got two bad knocks to the head. Things were yellow and ringing for ten minutes.

History was more research. I got what I needed, then investigated whether I could access my Polish demotivator forum. I could. Hmm.

Then maths. Stuff about graphing. Course, I had the retard graphing paper, so I spent half of the thing measuring, before I could do the work.

Back home, worked on the english, discussed coffee with Isobelle (Nestle Mocha thingies for the win!), and talked to Melissa on her fancyshmancy new magic phone. Some people get all the luck. Speaking of which, I'm going to her party tomorrow, so no blog post. I probably won't get any sleep either, if the last one was anything to go by. Meh. Need to beat Pat to the esky, and keep an eye on people so I can laugh at them later. Should probably bring a pack of cards, too.

I decided to go to Games Night, got a game, wasn't too bad. Jock is a pretty cool guy, he converts every single greenskin and doesn't afraid of anything. Some brave youths threw grit at cars and rattled the windows, probably thinking we were easy targets. An ex-security guard, an Air Force bloke, a couple of solid oldies, and a handful of teenagers prepared to die defending the shop rushed out. I stayed inside and continued playing, I hadn't had a game in weeks, and I knew they wouldn't catch the bastards. They could be heard rattling other windows though. Jock gave me a lift back, he won by a kill point.

Then checked the news, McCain seems to want to stir up the Russians, probably easier to vote for the young pseudo-Socialist bloke instead of him, to avoid another conflict in the Middle East and another Cold War.

Tomorrow, bloody long day. Rave, then a trip to the art gallery with a group of hyperexcited teenage girls who can't wait for the day to end, then a bloody english SAC that I'm almost prepared for, then home for a shower, then into the Maelstrom. Bah.


See you on the other side >.<

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