Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Hanging around on the monkey bars.

'Lo everyone.

Right now it's pouring. It's been cold all day. This does not bode well for tomorrow.

Got to school, assembly first up. Casual day Thursday, slave auction today. Then two dance troupes. You don't actually watch the dancers.

Then history, I got put in Tom's group, and we looked at the photo of Kim Phuoc, who was being burnt by the napalm. I learnt that it was a South Vietnamese bomber, and that year 7s are both unoriginal and illiterate.

Rave. Bah. Work done, Oliver raged against the mechanicus. Teacher put on the opening ceremony again, but there was the last quarter of the Melbourne/Geelong game, so we laughed at Gavin, the only Melbourne supporter in the room. He couldn't watch. Oliver eventually pushed too far, then we all got sent outside, and were made to play some sort of weird game of Knights and Cavliers. It's basically Simon Says, but with extra weirdness. Fearless Leader shouts words and you obey. Knights means jumping on a partner's back, Cavaliers means jump into their arms. Dayne and I screwed it up, of course. What scared me the most, though, was when the Rave teacher said "NAZI!" and half the class saluted. What the hell...

Recess, cold.

Next was psych, more work on normality. I get the feeling I'm going to hate statistical abnormalities.

Then art. Dragon is nearly done, since it is too big to stand on it's own, I'm going to do it in two halves, superglue them together, them make legs, superglue them to the body, and then make a base. It'll take time, but will work better.

Lunchtime. Everyone melted away, dashed a hope, and there was an auction in the quadrangle. Selling "slaves". If you won the auction, and a year 12 slave, you weren't allowed to make them do anything out of their comfort zone. The horde bought Chris Riley for Lulu, who was stunned. Then we went to the playground, and had endurance contests hanging by our knees from the monkey bars. Eventually it came down to Pat and Brad duking it out, with red eyes and purple skin. Brad won. Then King of the Hill, til the bell went.

Science wasn't too bad. Chemistry I don't mind, until it becomes maths and reading off tables. We got the tables today. I'm probably going to lose the valency one, I did last year. I got something right that made me wonder at my memory. I hadn't realised I was actually paying attention to Mrs Notclare last year.

English. I won the bloody word game thing, which I'm starting to dislike. Tomorrow, if we have english, I'm helping someone else or sitting out. More Romeo and Juliet. The plot is easy, the language is stupid.

I missed a golden opportunity that probably won't come back again, before homeroom, then I rushed home before it rained. Then wasted time doing not much, and talking to people. I used the last of my Ice Magic, and started the Ultramarines Omnibus, since I finished the Chanur series.

Tomorrow, running, and cold. Might be fun, it was last week. But that might have been because it was warm by the afternoon.



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