Thursday, August 14, 2008

Gloomy, windy, and rainy.

'Lo all.

The weather at the moment is terrible. It barely hit 15 degrees today, was raining on and off, and there was a cold wind the whole time.

Woke up, no sleep, dishwasher hadn't worked, no one rocked up, so I was almost late, then I had a headwind all the way to school. Not the greatest morning.

Got to school, Ryan was wearing his full pimp outfit, then chapel. Vaguely about the Olympics, and instead of human rights abuses they went for the LOOK AT THE GOOD SPORTS WHO HELP LOSERS! thing. Pat was wearing a gorilla suit.

Extended homeroom. The girls were all whinging about Aiden and Bernice, we knew nothing, and figured it was their business. Ryan was downstairs paying for his slaves, two year 12 girls who were made to do his bidding. Then we visited the library and said hi, then back to the homeroom where Ryan had pulled out a list of degrading things for his slaves to do. When we rocked up, one was feeding him grapes, and the other was his footstool.

Then english, more Romeo and Juliet. Glad this bit is almost over. I worked out that all my worksheets for it had sketches somewhere. Boredboredbored.

Recess, still cold. Lulu, Wiffy and Meg were pulling Chris Riley around. We decided to follow the girls into the breezeway, which despite it's name was less windy.

Next was double science. More mixing acid with metal, then a bunch of balancing equations. Very meh.

Lunch. Cold. Wet. Windy. We went to the playground, but it was slippery. So, a game of soccer. The teams were pretty balanced, even if I suck, Sally stole my jumper, and Sam slipped over and fell on his arse pretty badly. Good game though, Pat was wearing his gorilla fur top. Then I bought cake. $2.60 for it. Bah.

History. More going over images. I've seen the dude getting shot moving, with little fountains of blood coming out of his temple. Then news of the next assessment. I'll set mine to Khe Sanh, for the lulz.

Finally maths. Some poor people had running training at lunch time, must have been worse than soccer. Then more trig. I asked a question, still got confusing answers. Isaac made a sum that was impossible, just to waste other people's time. Very clever.

Back home, homework. Still don't get some maths things, I'll ask tomorrow. Then msning around and checking the news. I agree with the reports, SM codex is going to be overpowered, GW better keep up with the creep. Guard codex should be good, in theory.

Since only about half the band rocked up, we sounded pretty bad. I managed to put in a magnificent wrong note, an A natural that came out of nowhere. Bastard. And we have to drive to Ballarat.

Tomorrow, double art, double english. Meh. I miss out on the psych assessment being handed out, thanks to bloody rave. I think I should try something. Probably won't work. Either way.



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