Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Lo everyone.

It was cold all day today. Windy and rainy too. Stupid bloody weather. Soon it'll be spring though, which means hayfever and bloody summer uniforms.

Ryan and Denny dropped round, we discussed RMIT, then I said hi to Simon who rocked up when I was leaving.

First up was maths. More trig work. It almost makes sense. Isaac shared a story which involved a girl, her almost exboyfriend, a fake pregnancy, and a friend taking the blame. We all lol'd, as it was pretty clever. Best part was everyone believed it.

Then psych, we got some sheet about central tendencies and other maths crap. Then we got told about a project which involves comparing year 11's feet. Not til Friday though, and I tend to have RAVE then. I'll be behind again, thanks to bloody RAVE.

Recess. Still bloody cold.

Then science, with a freshie-in-training called Mr Vale. He tried his best. It was all bloody ionic compounds, which is another step closer to making chemistry maths.

Art was meh. I made a pair of legs for the notdinosaur, and Tom gave up on his sculpture. The girls were all discussing girly type things, and Tom and I tried so hard to not comment at all.

Lunch, finally. The day was starting to stretch out. We went to the playground, and the year 7's started chucking bark at us. Little bastards.

Then running. It was Aiden, George, Cherry and I, and we tried to take the same course as last week, which was pretty cool. I led for a bit, which was a bit of a challenge, and managed to arrive at the same time as Cherry again, since George dropped out halfway through and Aiden did his ankle coming up the hill. Then, instead of stretching in the rain, we went to the golf course and watched some gymnastics with the golf kids. Poor 10 year olds. Sam was sick, and offered to let me take his shift dishpigging. I accepted.

Back home, I checked the news. New pics of SMs, more detail from the book. I can't wait, even if I'm not buying anything. Sternguard look good though. Shopping list is WD for the free stuff, AoBR for the cheap stuff, WD again for the designer's notes, then SM codex. Plus some paint, the new washes look good, and I'd like to try them on the greenskins.

Then work. I saw Terina from band there, and she introduced me to people. Ames was alright, she was the head chef, Ness wouldn't shut up, and there was another chef for some of the time. The work was mindless and repetitive, which is a good distraction for a troubled mind. I was exhausted by the end though, seven kms around Longford then on your feet for four and a half hours isn't really all that fun. Though, at 6 I got to go for a bin run, which involved taking all the rubbish on a shopping trolley down a hill to the skips, then I got to make fish cakes.

Tomorrow is a casual day. I shall wear my usual, unoriginal clothes, because I'm too lazy to be creative this time. I wonder what Lulu is going to do with her slave.


Anyway, the end.

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