Monday, August 18, 2008

Big Moon, slow band.

'Lo everyone.

It's cold, I'm exhausted, and I'm stressing over everything. Meh.

Woke up , Sam was happy with strange home brand cereal, Ryan dropped in and we shot the yellow ball gun (TM) at each other. Then school, first up was science. More chemistry. Something about an experiment.

Then psych, which was actually maths in a clever disguise. Next week, mental illness.

Recess was cold. Didn't do much of note.

History was alright, we looked at the battle of Long Tan since it's Vietnam Veterans day (didn't you know?).

Then art. Sketched out a face, listened to the girls bitch about each other and Melissa's party. Everyone seems to have forebodings about that. I hope I have a shift that night, so I get an excuse to miss it. Then Annie reminisced about her first day.

Lunch. Finally. Lotta standing around in the cold, then we visited Aiden and Pat, and we went to the playground once the girls nicked off. Alison was trying to read the vampire book and not get sexually assaulted by Will, and we tried acrobatics on the flying fox. Then back to the lockers for a game of bottle brandy, which was good as long as you were quick and didn't get bogged down. Pat was also on the ceiling for a while, for whatever reason. I talked to people, which raised my hopes. Hope is the first step on the road to disappointment. Formulated a feverish plan, to be enacted after band.

Maths. Mr Cowling explained things pretty well for once, though I realised I had forgotten my parent teacher interviews sheet, and apparently Mr Cowling is nearly booked out. Hope I can get a spot. More trig, though Isaac and Agnik made their own interpretations of some answers.

Finally english. I was dead tired, and we had the option of watching the ancient version of Romeo and Juliet, but because we didn't shut up, more work. Meh.

Band. Slow. We sounded pretty terrible. Then we all gathered round people and discussed the deb while abusing each other. Will Ingram got nabbed early I see. Buggered up my plan from lunchtime, at least it isn't the other Will. Back to square one, I guess. I can't do anything this weekend, unless I consider Friday night, but Eagle point is so far away, it wouldn't be worth it. Next week, after Melissa's party?

Back home, checked some news. Not much to report.

Then more bloody band. We sounded kick arse, everyone was pumped for Ballarat on the weekend. The moon was huge on the way up, like scary huge. If you saw it, you'll know what I mean.

Tomorrow, double maths. Meh. I just don't know.



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