Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Beach running.

'Lo readers.

Bloody cold all day today. Better get warmer soon.

Woke up, finished undercoating the termagants, attempted the english homework again. I really don't know what I'm doing for this one, to be honest. Any other book would be fine.

Get to school, maths first up. Sure, we didn't get it, but through sudden unexplained insights we got a few correct answers.

Then science, we watched a video and filled out a table. Slow.
Recess, as usual, was cold. Hayden scared people.

Next was psych. Mrs Moy gave us all personality disorders. I got paranoia. The case study was a typical tinfoil hat case, though I seemed to recognise some of the symptoms. Then we were told to think of ways someone with our disorder would act in a class, then write a script since we would be doing that on Monday. Poor Tori and Zack. It'll be weird for them when Emily starts being extra nice, Tiff starts being dependent, Carl gets aggresively anti-social, and Mrs Moy starts trying to be the centre of attention...

Art. Bloody hell. I got to go on a staple gun errand, which involved Hayden stapling his pants together (very near miss, I might add), and idly sketching crap in the book. Mrs Artteacherlady wants me to some sort of surrealist thing for our next project. The brief was something to do with you and society. I'm thinking bleak, 1984 (must find that book) society, with some splashes of colour to mindscrew you. Meh.

Ater a surprisingly brief house meeting, onto the buses for Seaspray. Aiden and Will were squabbling, (I actually had an enjoyable conversation, til Aiden drew attention to himself, and I got nowhere), and I withdrew for a bit. Bloody scary road, man. The warm up run was slightly exhausting, since for whatever reason I decided to keep up with Aiden, who went twice as fast as everyone else. The run itself was up the beach for a kilometre or two, past the surf club for us blokes, then doubling back, up the stairs, down the road for a couple of kilometres again, then back over the dunes to end up at the bloody surf club again. I managed to get in as the fourth senior bloke, not too bad considering there's about a dozen of us. Half of them went swimming, then we ordered chips and discussed the purchasing of magazine. Evan from year seven said he'd been able to buy anything he wanted, since he was so tall. Another reason for me to grow a beard, save me having to pull out ID. I grabbedmy $5 worth of chips, and the tribe ate them on the way home. Then the girls started comparing us to characters from the OC, so I zoned out and turned around.

Back home, drove down to the Bis and dropped off the tax file number, so I get paid next week, and checked when I'm working next, which is all day Sunday. Beardman was not happy, he thinks I'm not braking hard enough. I've only been driving for a month.

Back home, discussed Melissa's with Aiden over pseudo Guitar Hero, Japan with Lulu, and 40k with Gollywog. Seems I'm the only one in the group who pays attention to the news, he didn't know about the fresh stuff. Ah well. Might go tomorrow, can't remember if I've got anything on tomorrow night.

Speaking of which, tomorrow is going to be rather slow. English first up, we all need help for this bloody essay. Meh.


Anyway, the end.

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