Saturday, August 23, 2008


'Lo all.

Special edition from Buninyong, it'll be sketchy.

First off, Friday. Slow day, then PE in the weights room. I'm not a weight lifter, I'm a runner. Bah. Then I got to drive until we hit the outskirts of Melbourne, and arrived about 9. I burned some credit too, woo!

Today, also slow, woke up and started homework, then went to netball with the rest. Still slow. Buggerised around a couple more hours, watching the soccer, then band practice, and everyone was cheerful.

Right now I'm enjoying ripple cake while Wise Beard Man is at a Gentlemen's Night out at one of Peter's friend's houses. Basically bagging each other out about music while getting pissed, that's what I got told.

Tomorrow, kicking arse, then back home.



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