Sunday, August 31, 2008

See you on the dark side of the moon.

'Lo readers.

Slept til 11. Woke up at 4 to turn the radio off and put the cat out. Woke up at alarm time because of the bloody radio again. Woke up at 9:30, swore a lot, and dug out clothes. Had a coffee, went to work, had an assistant who was having a trial. Got lots of free chips.

Got home, still tired, found myself on the myspace. So many photos of the same people. Some of them look photoshopped, no offence but you look the same in all of them.

Then watched a documentary about Dark Side of the Moon, certainly was in the right. Need to get ABC2, god damn. So much win.

Tomorrow, Monday. More screaming. Can't wait. Want to see Sam's reaction to everyone.

Apologies for the poor sentence structure. Bugger off.



Saturday, August 30, 2008

I just slept from 2:30pm to 9:30pm, still not recovered yet.

Good morning.

Bloody hell. I feel completely justified saying that. No sleep from 6:40 Friday til 2:30pm Saturday.

Anyway, this is a special edition post, let's start with Friday.

Woke up, went to school, went to history and did a quiz, then rave where we watched more of the stupid movie.

Then recess, the girls were whinging about each other's dresses. We jumped on the bus to go the gallery.

There was a man at the gallery whose jumper was going to eat you, and an ugly tryhard fashion model who smelt of cigarettes. Lots of religious art for Tom and I to laugh at, like a very cool one that flicked between Osama and Jesus.

Lunch was soccer, halfcourt, balanced-ish teams, awesome game. I stayed in defence and actually contributed. Lotsa balls over the fence, since we're used to fullcourt.

Then the english SAC. Bloody annoying. I forgot the names of the families, then hit the wall in the middle of the 4th paragraph. Got it done though, conclusion was slightly brief.

After school, went down the street, got caught in a roundabout, picked up some V for Hayden and Isaac with Ryan and Julian, then journeyed to the Candy Bar for supplies. Julian bought $11 of loose stuff. Then we saw Bernice, who had a few choice comments regarding her fellow party-goers. Aiden finally rocked up, we bought $10 of gummi bears, $10 of sherbet bombs, and $10 of snakes. Mrs Candybarlady almost fainted when she saw us both approach the counter, we were the people who had bought hundreds of sherbet bombs and redskins.

Sprinted home, showered, and managed to find Melissa's, with Beardman (he of the newly trimmed hair) muttering about being late.

Got there, loud, annoying music pumping. Hayden and Sam grabbed a footy, hunted down Isaac and Pat, who turned into Hellboy, and kicked it around til it got dark. The girls had dressed up. Lotsa little black dresses and heels which sunk into the grass. After becoming bored inside, we watched I Am Sam, til everyone else found us, then Aiden rocked up and we played backyard cricket in the dark. Only Aiden was any good, the rest of us were all rusty. Managed to get a couple of people out though.

A kissing game was started, which pissed us off while we tried to play table tennis and capture the jukebox. We managed to get Khe Sanh going, and maybe a minute worth of other tracks, like Black Dog. Fires were going though.

Didn't get up to much the rest of the night, just floating around talking to people. Eventually, some of us grabbed chairs, dragged them outside, and sat around the fire. The regulars were Aiden, Meg V, Annie, Pat, and I, and Hayden stuck around a fair bit, with occasional visits from Kelly, Emily, Meg, and Melissa. Fire was good, Aiden discovered how cool Meg's hair is (compared to our greasy messes), and played with it til they had to get up, and we talked crap for a few hours, til we had the great idea of flicking on the lights to wake up the people who were making out or sleeping inside. Hayden got pretty good at it. Sun crept up, Tori shouted at us, we laughed at her.

A lot of people were pissed with Hayden. They only got half an hour's sleep, rar rar rar. We didn't get any, and we were happy. From what we heard, Naomi and Sam (only funny because he has a girl in Bairnsdale, or something), Denny and Erin, and Isaac annoyed Isobelle, as usual. Meh.Pat decided to go watch cartoons, but there were no good cartoon on, and when Hannah Montana started, and Meg threatened to make us watch the OC, we withdrew outside. Annie did have a pack of cards. We played Warlords and Scumbags (clean name), for a while, good game. Aiden and Meg dominated. Then a couple of games of Cheat (clean name), then people started leaving.

Beardman arrived before 11, Sam and Pat came with us. After trying out mocha coffee (which Sam tried to improve with pepper), we went down the street. I finished off Katie's gift card, bought a new wallet, then we visited Leading Edge to look for hippy stuff for history. Badges were 4 for $4, so I picked up a few. Walked home, introduced them to Zero Punctuation, then they left. Pat fell asleep.Then I checked the news, tried to stay awake til 2:30, and crashed. Woke up a while ago, talked to Alison, remembered that photos were incoming, and I'm in some of them. Hell.

Tomorrow, working from 10 til 5. Meh. The money will be good, if I don't fall asleep.



Thursday, August 28, 2008

Head no werk good. Guh.

'Lo everyone.Spring is on it's way, but it's moodier than a teenager at the moment. Going to be cold this weekend.Need to work on getting the backup alarm going, I like listening to Triple J in the morning. Got some work done on the english essay plan though, and finished painting the terms. Bastards. Denny, Ryan and I listened to the Doctor trying to interview Pamela Anderson, then we raced to school. 4 and a half minutes to the gate, new record.

Chapel was boring, homeroom Tom and I put up a sign. You just lost the game, by the way. Most people were feverishly trying to work on the english thing.

Then english, which was supposed to be a preparation lesson, but since we were all failing so hard, Mrs Sawade didn't have enough time to see everyone. Bah.

Recess was slow. Julian has finished watching 2nd Gig, gets his approval. Must get Black Lagoon off him next week.

Then double science. The freshie-in-training is starting to ease into the position, he had a snappy suit on today. More stuff about alkenes and alkanes and alkynes, which confused people, then we got to burn kerosene, ethanol and a candle, to see which one was cleanest. Fun, sorta.

Lunch, Denny and I visited the troops at the other end of the quadrangle, then we got a ball. Half court for the hackeysackers, and the bastards put me in goals. Very clever, putting the short bloke there. Wasn't too bad a game, though I got two bad knocks to the head. Things were yellow and ringing for ten minutes.

History was more research. I got what I needed, then investigated whether I could access my Polish demotivator forum. I could. Hmm.

Then maths. Stuff about graphing. Course, I had the retard graphing paper, so I spent half of the thing measuring, before I could do the work.

Back home, worked on the english, discussed coffee with Isobelle (Nestle Mocha thingies for the win!), and talked to Melissa on her fancyshmancy new magic phone. Some people get all the luck. Speaking of which, I'm going to her party tomorrow, so no blog post. I probably won't get any sleep either, if the last one was anything to go by. Meh. Need to beat Pat to the esky, and keep an eye on people so I can laugh at them later. Should probably bring a pack of cards, too.

I decided to go to Games Night, got a game, wasn't too bad. Jock is a pretty cool guy, he converts every single greenskin and doesn't afraid of anything. Some brave youths threw grit at cars and rattled the windows, probably thinking we were easy targets. An ex-security guard, an Air Force bloke, a couple of solid oldies, and a handful of teenagers prepared to die defending the shop rushed out. I stayed inside and continued playing, I hadn't had a game in weeks, and I knew they wouldn't catch the bastards. They could be heard rattling other windows though. Jock gave me a lift back, he won by a kill point.

Then checked the news, McCain seems to want to stir up the Russians, probably easier to vote for the young pseudo-Socialist bloke instead of him, to avoid another conflict in the Middle East and another Cold War.

Tomorrow, bloody long day. Rave, then a trip to the art gallery with a group of hyperexcited teenage girls who can't wait for the day to end, then a bloody english SAC that I'm almost prepared for, then home for a shower, then into the Maelstrom. Bah.


See you on the other side >.<

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Beach running.

'Lo readers.

Bloody cold all day today. Better get warmer soon.

Woke up, finished undercoating the termagants, attempted the english homework again. I really don't know what I'm doing for this one, to be honest. Any other book would be fine.

Get to school, maths first up. Sure, we didn't get it, but through sudden unexplained insights we got a few correct answers.

Then science, we watched a video and filled out a table. Slow.
Recess, as usual, was cold. Hayden scared people.

Next was psych. Mrs Moy gave us all personality disorders. I got paranoia. The case study was a typical tinfoil hat case, though I seemed to recognise some of the symptoms. Then we were told to think of ways someone with our disorder would act in a class, then write a script since we would be doing that on Monday. Poor Tori and Zack. It'll be weird for them when Emily starts being extra nice, Tiff starts being dependent, Carl gets aggresively anti-social, and Mrs Moy starts trying to be the centre of attention...

Art. Bloody hell. I got to go on a staple gun errand, which involved Hayden stapling his pants together (very near miss, I might add), and idly sketching crap in the book. Mrs Artteacherlady wants me to some sort of surrealist thing for our next project. The brief was something to do with you and society. I'm thinking bleak, 1984 (must find that book) society, with some splashes of colour to mindscrew you. Meh.

Ater a surprisingly brief house meeting, onto the buses for Seaspray. Aiden and Will were squabbling, (I actually had an enjoyable conversation, til Aiden drew attention to himself, and I got nowhere), and I withdrew for a bit. Bloody scary road, man. The warm up run was slightly exhausting, since for whatever reason I decided to keep up with Aiden, who went twice as fast as everyone else. The run itself was up the beach for a kilometre or two, past the surf club for us blokes, then doubling back, up the stairs, down the road for a couple of kilometres again, then back over the dunes to end up at the bloody surf club again. I managed to get in as the fourth senior bloke, not too bad considering there's about a dozen of us. Half of them went swimming, then we ordered chips and discussed the purchasing of magazine. Evan from year seven said he'd been able to buy anything he wanted, since he was so tall. Another reason for me to grow a beard, save me having to pull out ID. I grabbedmy $5 worth of chips, and the tribe ate them on the way home. Then the girls started comparing us to characters from the OC, so I zoned out and turned around.

Back home, drove down to the Bis and dropped off the tax file number, so I get paid next week, and checked when I'm working next, which is all day Sunday. Beardman was not happy, he thinks I'm not braking hard enough. I've only been driving for a month.

Back home, discussed Melissa's with Aiden over pseudo Guitar Hero, Japan with Lulu, and 40k with Gollywog. Seems I'm the only one in the group who pays attention to the news, he didn't know about the fresh stuff. Ah well. Might go tomorrow, can't remember if I've got anything on tomorrow night.

Speaking of which, tomorrow is going to be rather slow. English first up, we all need help for this bloody essay. Meh.


Anyway, the end.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Motifs and symbolism and blargh.

'Lo all.

First off, this is going to be a wordy blog, I'm kinda pissed off, mildly amused, and theres's good music in the background. You don't like it, I'll put a TL;DR down the bottom.

Bloody weather. Freezes you in the morning, roasts you at lunchtime, rains on you going home from school, windy after that. Fragging bull, I tell you. Bloody 4 seasons in a day. MAKE UP YOUR MIND!

This morning, I had a look at the thing for the english essay. It said you had to use at least three quotes from the text in each paragraph. I put the thing back in my bag, and went back to undercoating gaunts in a state of shock. Three bloody quotes. I suppose if you had some sort of purple-language filter, it'd be pretty easy to find the bastards. Ah well. Then Denny and Ryan rocked up, Denny flicked through my 'nids book. I should be getting bloody paid by GW, my 'nid advertising spiel was pretty good, especially about the flesh-eating-bug ammo.

Got to school, assembly as slow. Frau Jacka said our lives are based on storylines in fiction or something. Made me think, which was good, because the rest of the thing was painfully boring. Mine is one of those fantasy epics, but with lots of political intrigue, and, since I'm at high school, a shoujo. All teenagers are like that.

Then history, which was researching. I read about the Sunbury festival, and how Queen was booed off the stage for being poofta Poms in '75, then looked up Jimmy Page with his violin stick, to prove a point to Oliver.

Rave, as usual, was not fun. We had a sub, and had to watch some 1994 flick produced by Oprah about Hank Azaria learning about deaf from Reg Monck, or something. That's what it looked like. Every other sentence the old bloke said had some sort of life related fortune cookie statement. Interest was quickly lost.

Recess was pretty slow, I think we did something, but I honestly can't remember. That's par for the course as far as recess goes, we just don't really do much.

Psych. Reading a page on impulsive thoughts, there was a thing about holding a baby and thinking about kicking it. I showed Carl, and we showed Zack, and we all laughed. This mental illness thing is slower than I thought it'd be, and we start watching a movie Friday, when I conveniently have rave. Bastards. I caught up with Aiden and George, and we traded definitions. Spiderman and Donkey Punch for Angry Dragon. We lol'd.

Next was art. Bernice found a thing of chips, which sent a squeaky thing into her face. We all all laughed. I was bored since Mrs Artteacherlady had nicked off, and Tom discovered a new use for the hairdryer, which involved a small plastic bag. The man is a genius, I swear. The girls drew each other and abused each other for making them look fat.

Lunch. Aiden and I laughed at Bernice's thing of chips, then found a coffee machine. Aiden kept an eye out while I dug around the sugar. 'Course, get to the hot water, and there is one measly drop. Bastard kettle thing! Then we grabbed a soccer ball and got the rest. After a bit of kicking around, the girls rocked up, and we had a game. Brad, Hayden and I were outnumbered for the first half, while Nick and Goody had a video camera for some reason. Then they joined in, with OtherAiden, Isaac, Agnik, and Will. Good game.

Then science, which was revision. I got the work done quickly, and Mr Smith said I should do more work, since I'm ahead. Cameron read my psych sheets and got in trouble.

English. Finally. More taking notes, this time on motifs and symbolism in Romeo and bloody Juliet. She must have been pretty good, musta shot fireworks or something, if the bloody fop was willing to kill himself. All this talk on motifs and symbolism made me think, cos I was bored, of course. I think motifs in the blog includes occasional swearing, which is symbolic of the fact that, well, things can be bloody annoying; *snipping, because as much as I need to get stuff written down and off my chest, I don't want all you buggers reading about it; and starting with the weather, which is of course symbolic of the fact that I suck at introductions.

Rode home against the rain, which cheerfully decided to start spitting when the bell went, then got a surprise driving lesson. It wasn't too bad, this first one was just testing the waters, see what I'm up to. We went around the same few blocks a couple of dozen times, then I realised I wasn't braking (didn't seem necessary), but the car was slowing down. A quick headcheck revealed that the dude had his own brake pedal. Bastard! Sure, he's just looking after his business, but hell! After I noticed this, I kind of felt less responsible, since if he had the brakes, meh.

Back home, whinged about Melissa's with Alison, made more gaunts red, and downloaded some Rolling Stones. Paint it Black for the win. Then I watched some Zero Punctuation, and poured out a bit of soul to Lulu. The problems with doing this sort of thing, I find, is that people can be fickle bastards, and as much as I trust Lulu, she's pretty cool and not stupid, there's always a niggling doubt that you said too much and that the subject will hear of it. Blargh.

Anyway. Tomorrow, I'mma go to Seaspray with the entire running team to run around on sand dunes. If I survive the bloody bus trip up. Then we get "the best chips around", but we have to pay for them. See how things go.


Catchyas.TL;DR; slow day, made me think, she knows too much *shifty eyes*.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Monday. Blargh.

'Lo readers.

Gorram, I hate Mondays. Cold, then warm, then cold again today, too much stuff for one bloody day.

Woke up to Triple J since I'm sick of the iPod turning on, then deciding to go on pause instead of play. I love Marieke Hardy, she said nom nom nom, and her columns in the Green Guide are awesome.

Got a lift to school, then PE, which was indoor hockey. I don't mind this sport, you have to be really quick and have a fair bit of luck, or be good at hockey. Our team sucked, as usual, though we got two goals against the popularite's team. Dayne excelled himself, well done that man. Tom J seemed out for blood, the bastard. Much as I'd like to pummel him, I don't have the weight to do much.

Recess was cold, and involved standing around talking. As usual. Sun was out, which was a plus.

Psych, I got handed a sheet, then off to a music lesson where I was made to play scales and the same 5 notes for half an hour. I fail.

Then maths, we started work with a unit circle. Happy birthday to Aiden C and Derek, the girls wouldn't let them forget.

Lunch. Playground got kinda boring, since everyone just collapsed in the sun. I caught up with Pat, Aiden, Gavin, Sam and Julian, and threw their magnificent paper (cardboard, really) plane around. Then we decided to throw it at people at the playground, and eventually made a pile of tanbark 2 foot high and 4 foot around, which we considered an achievement. Most of the talk was about Melissa's party, and how most seemed to want to boycott it. I see where they're coming from, the person I want to see there didn't even get invited, and I don't really want to have to spend an evening with half of the people who did get invited. Pat challenged me to see who could raid the eskies first, and stack their backpacks with stolen cans. They won't need soft drink, some of them are conspiring to smuggle in alcohol anyway.

History. I did some research about the Vietnam war, for my Nasho character. The trick will be getting the references, since most of the stuff will be easy to find or write. Tom and Sam seemed to be railing against the (now) compulsory leadership camp, which is suprisingly expensive, for three days worth of being forced to bond with people you hate.

Finally art, I finished painting, got news of an excursion to the gallery (we don't actually miss any classtime, since it's during the art double), and wandered around since I didn't have enough time in the lesson to start the next bit. Tom had an entire tin of Milo to himself, the lucky bastard, and Shona painted her shoe. Melissa revealed that she had found her phone, and there was mysterious pictures on it. I related the story about the honeymooner's toothbrushes, which made them giggle.

Band. Slow. I can get almost all of Calling Cornwall pretty good now, and consistently hit the high Bs. After band, though, didn't see who I wanted to see, Oliver was starting to really worry me, but was flirting with Clare, possibly because * wasn't there. I laughed. Then my sometime correspondent ZombieMolly got me up to speed on the gossip, since Claire and I were clueless. Seems most of us single blokes were only invited to Melissa's so she could pick us up and make Leighton jealous, but since he isn't going, she's stuck with us. Sucka.

Back home, checked the news. Bloody GW is raising the prices on metal and books, which is going to suck, since some of the shiny new SMs looked pretty good. I finished Well Done Those Men, which is the memoirs of a Vietnam conscript from Swift's Creek. Very, very good book. Then I worked on my new 'nids, finished the termagants, and sprayed them, then started the hormagaunts. Also got a new deadlock on the door, which is good.

Social night at Sale City band, which was also good, since no work, and free food. We listened to the adjudicator's comments, which were suprisingly sparse, though mostly positive, and gorged outselves on cakes.
Back home, laughed at people on the myspace (fragging stupid website, outdated and overused), then marvelled at the Dreadnoughts on the forum. Can't wait to get mine next month.

Tomorrow, rave. Kekeke.



Sunday, August 24, 2008

Home again.

'Lo everyone.

Hell. Too much today.

Got up, tried to make coffee with a newfangled coffee machine (I'll stick to instant, if it's this much bloody trouble, tastes the same anyway), failed, then drove to Ballarat, where we spent 20 minutes rolling around what was left of Lake Wendouree to find the bloody Performing Arts centre.

Got there, got in, made the instrument shiny, then discovered that my little shiny red vest (bastard of a thing) was about 5 sizes too small now. Felt like an idiot, though Fraser discovered he had a ladies one. We wasted an hour dawdling around, I played Solitaire on my iPod, which shocked Liz, who had had the same sort of iPod for months and never realised.

Rehearsal time was half an hour, went too bloody quickly, then on stage, where I saw some familiar faces in the crowd. We were all nervous, but we got through everything. Big Spender made me laugh, when we got to it.

Afterwards, jumped a few rows to grab a seat, listened to a junior band, who were the only one in their section, then the results. Turned out we got second to bloody Booroondara, which was their second band, which was of course stacked with bloody A grade players. Bastards. Still, second.

Jumped in the car, I drove from Ballarat to Yarragon, with a couple of stops on the way. Wasn't too bad, Beardman wanted me to hang back, and I tried. Music was good though. Then Pizza Hut in Traralgon, all you can eat for the win.

Back home, checked the news, of which there was very little, and kept a cautiously hopeful eye on the msn. Patience is a virtue.

Tomorrow, more PE, which is good, and band. Bit of a downer, because the school band sucks. Then a social evening for the brass band, where we get to whinge about the adjudicator, the fat bastard.



Saturday, August 23, 2008


'Lo all.

Special edition from Buninyong, it'll be sketchy.

First off, Friday. Slow day, then PE in the weights room. I'm not a weight lifter, I'm a runner. Bah. Then I got to drive until we hit the outskirts of Melbourne, and arrived about 9. I burned some credit too, woo!

Today, also slow, woke up and started homework, then went to netball with the rest. Still slow. Buggerised around a couple more hours, watching the soccer, then band practice, and everyone was cheerful.

Right now I'm enjoying ripple cake while Wise Beard Man is at a Gentlemen's Night out at one of Peter's friend's houses. Basically bagging each other out about music while getting pissed, that's what I got told.

Tomorrow, kicking arse, then back home.



Thursday, August 21, 2008

Ties, Gaunts, and Mr Cowling, oh my!

'Lo all.

I had a terrible morning. Worse than average, though the average tends to be pretty bad. First, the alarm didn't go off. I got told we were out of bread, and I had to buy expensive lunch. Then, when I arrived at school, I realised I wasn't wearing a tie, since I couldn't find it, then got distracted. Bah.

Picked up a yellow slip, slept through chapel, did the rounds and handed out despatches during homeroom. Then english, which was about themes. Mrs Englishteacher seemed happy with what I did, which was take the bare minimum of notes.

Recess was cold. We discussed bowels voiding upon death, and the ways in which this could be exploited, such as using a corpse like a flamethrower (if you get my drift), and spreading diseases in a hospital. Kind of disgusting, very funny. All the drama kids were worried about monologing that afternoon.

Double history opened with a speech about how awesome the music was in the 60s, and she had a CD with Hendrix and Edwin Starr and Bob Dylan, but then it turned out someone had borrowed the CD, so no awesome music. Bugger. A discussion about conscription devolved into an argument about Google Streetview, which I found kind of funny. As an internet superhero, you tend to be ahead on this sort of thing. And the scavenger hunts...oh, the scavenger hunts...

Lunch, instead of following the horde for soccer as usual, I followed Denny and Julian, in their attempts at aeronautical engineering. They had a huge A2 plane again, this one an old science project, which was eventually reinforced with cardboard and many staples. Julian fixed up my jumper. During the testing phase, however, since we were throwing it off the balcony, the wind managed to blow it back, and onto a roof. Bastard.

Then psych. Mrs Moy said it was going to be a pure theory lesson, but Carl was going on about his car, and we all seemed to manage to get the work done. I got a C on my maths ERA (stupid maths, infiltrating the cool subjects...), so Mrs Moy let some of us copy it out again. Meh. Figured I had time, so I did.

Just before homeroom, it started pouring. Note to never attempt friendly conversation with people if their BFFs (google it) are around, since they look at you funny. Bah. After chatting to Isobelle and Annie about Emily's injokes (more intricate than the internets, of course), I sprinted home through the rain, then drove to the Phoenix Centre, where I reserved a copy of AoBR, and picked up a gaunts box. I agree with the internet, for all it's fancy sprues, the bastard shouldn't have termagants and bloody hormagaunts in the same box. Just because we know the hormies will sell better if they seperated them.

Back home, talked to Alison about Melissa's party, she wants to join the line for Sam and Hayden, and we agreed to charge people for them. Then parent teacher interviews. I got strange text messages from a professional stalker, who Alison said was George. Might have been his Bairnsdale friend though, since I think we traded numbers, and my phone was dead at the time, or something. Either way.

Bloody hell. Apart from Meg, Hayden and Melissa, barely any friendly faces, and too much waiting around and going over time. Ms Henry was very pleased with me, Mr Cowling said I should go in at lunchtime, and to stop turning around and talking (not my fault they sit there and she's hot!), Ms Holdsworth tried to push art on me as a VCE subject again, Mrs Sawade confused me about english literature, which I put down for next year. I think I might have to swap it for regular english, and maybe use english language as my swap-into backup. Then Mrs Moy said I was doing fine, and Mr Smith said I was doing well, but should be taking chemistry. All through it Beardman related stories about his days in Uni, which made things a bit easier, since otherwise it would just be scary Mr Cowling going on and on about how much he hates loud children for 5 minutes.

Band. Scariest thing I've done all week was walk in late to that room. Every bloody head swivels, glares at you for interupting, and swivels back. We didn't sound too bad, better than the concert band, at least.

Tomorrow, PE, then off to Ballarat. Which means, my dear readers, there might not be a post Friday or Saturday nights. Figured I'd give you some warning. But you never know.


Anyway, the end.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

*Creative and witty blog title!*

'Lo readers.

I have come to the conclusion, as we pass the fateful point that is mid-week, that this is, in fact, one of 'those' weeks. You know the ones. Nothing interesting happens. You're in the direct middle of the term. No good experiences from the other week to jabber about, no holidays to look forward to. Assessments are being given out, people are settling down, and you feel a need for more. I dunno. Either way, apologies for the poor quality of titles lately.

After Ryan and I rushed to school, psych, where I got a C (that means average!) on a throwaway assessment on Multiple Sclerosis. This was partly due to my inability to find graphs about symptoms, and the fact that I lost the instruction sheet. Meh. Then we started mental illness early, after a bit more graph stuff, since we all suck at it.

Maths. I'm making progress. Both ways. I think I'll need a cheatsheet for the test though.

Then everyone (more than half of our year, at least), left for Pakenham, to lead a holy crusade against the savages from Beacon Hills, or something. I enjoyed my biscuits.

Next up was science, which was more chemical equation balancing. I got through it pretty quickly, helped Sally, and mused over Dexter wih Annie. She gave it away, and the answer disappointed me.

Then english. English on a GIS day is different, because since it is a small class, and there are no popularites, we tend to go nuts a bit. The long lunch. What was left of us sat around the table, til Ryan started a juice war with Isobelle, which escalated into her holding onto his hair like a vice, and all the sexual innuendo in the world couldn't help Ryan. He was eventually saved when Mrs Greenwood called him a girl, and made Isobelle let him go. Then Denny and Julian came to the rescue, with paper planes. One was a big A2 blue one. We chucked them around the quadrangle, then from the balcony. The teachers didn't mind, and it was pretty spectacular when they worked. Until, of course, Mrs Carteledge stopped us abruptly, with no good reason.

Aiden, George, and I trooped onto the buses to running training. With Beau and Loki, we discovered a track that seemed to go on for ages, and we all had goes at leading. Aiden and I went way too fast at the start, which pissed everyone else off by the end. It wasn't too bad a run though. Mrs Dyke said I should get running shorts, but then said she had spare pairs. She then mentioned everyone needed to get the new sports uniform by next year. Bastards. We're only there for two years. Mia Ross said she remembered Fraser ("He was a bit of a freak"), and we all agreed to go to Seaspray next week to get some experience in the sand, and hot chips afterwards. I don't like Seaspray.

After school, walked to the Centre with Jason, and we mused on work, since he was handing out resumes. Then I visited the Bis, where they told me to get a tax file number handed in, then they'll pay me next Wednesday. Bugger.

Back home, enjoyed a coffee and checked the news. Worryingly, Watchmen is under strife because of a greedy 20th Century Fox, and the Russia/Georgia conflict has faded, to be replaced with a talent show judge being threatened by a reject's family. Good news from the girl's soccer (two?), bad news from the guy's, and I ripped Jimmy Page and Robert Plant Unledded (NO JOHN PAUL JONES FOR YOU!), and Elephant, and nabbed some tracks from both. 12 minutes of Kashmir, yes please. Then I watched the new Pure Pwnage episode, and the parody of Zero Punctuation is excellent, since is so like a real episode, apart from the accent. Funny how they're attacking Nintendo as well. Plus 'nids in DOW2 (yay?) and Chicago GD pics, finally. Not very good ones, but still pics.

Tomorrow, doubles day, as Lulu put it. Chapel (lol), english, history, psych. Meh. Then band, while Wise Beard Man goes to the parent teacher interviews and gets reports from Mr Cowling about how much I suck at maths, and don't do enough work, and spend too much time talking and distracting others, and that I'm the Antichrist, a filthy communist, a filthy fascist, and am hiding child pornography, weapons of mass destruction and a couple of Tibetans in my shed. Or something.Crossposted.


Tuesday, August 19, 2008


'Lo readers.

Slow, boring day today. Highlights were few and far between.

Get to school cold, assembly was slow, then double maths. The work wasn't too bad once you got your head around it, and Mr Cowling wasn't too crabby.

Recess, nothing worth nothing that I can remember.

Then english, which was more media stuff. It was pretty easy, though it seems half the activities are just finding synonyms.

History. We picked who we wanted to be for the shoebox thing. Since my picks were taken early, I got a conscript. Thoughts of an expendable whiteshield going through my head, I decided on the 8 pieces of kit I'd need, and went to look for a book. I ended up reading the paper, then hanging with the horde for a minute, til Ms Henry rocked up and said we were too loud, then couldn't find any books since everyone else had taken the good ones. Ms Henry came to the rescue though, and gave me the memoirs of a conscript from Swifts Creek. Then she suggested I ring him up, and use him as one of my relics, to my chagrin.
Lunch was meh. We went to the playground, Hayden and Sam started the rape session, we figured there wasn't enough time to grab a soccer ball, and I was bored.

Art. I lightbox-ed the face, and started painting. The girls whinged about parties. I see where they are coming from.

Finally science, which was just a couple of quick acid-and-thing experiments.

After school, sprinted to Centrelink, dropped off a tax file number, then bought some supplies. I hunted for surplus military gear, figured I'd use a hat as a relic since it was cheap. Then I bought a notebook, which was tricky since all the military looking ones were either expensive or diaries.

Back home, checked the news, and discovered that the diving game was a bastardised version of Guitar Hero, so it hooked Meg and I. Ryan showed off his extreme pick up artistry. Very blunt.

Tomorrow, running. Meh.

Also, apologies for Sunday, I was exhausted and there was no internet when I got home. On the plus side, I worked six and a bit hours.


Anyway, the end.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Big Moon, slow band.

'Lo everyone.

It's cold, I'm exhausted, and I'm stressing over everything. Meh.

Woke up , Sam was happy with strange home brand cereal, Ryan dropped in and we shot the yellow ball gun (TM) at each other. Then school, first up was science. More chemistry. Something about an experiment.

Then psych, which was actually maths in a clever disguise. Next week, mental illness.

Recess was cold. Didn't do much of note.

History was alright, we looked at the battle of Long Tan since it's Vietnam Veterans day (didn't you know?).

Then art. Sketched out a face, listened to the girls bitch about each other and Melissa's party. Everyone seems to have forebodings about that. I hope I have a shift that night, so I get an excuse to miss it. Then Annie reminisced about her first day.

Lunch. Finally. Lotta standing around in the cold, then we visited Aiden and Pat, and we went to the playground once the girls nicked off. Alison was trying to read the vampire book and not get sexually assaulted by Will, and we tried acrobatics on the flying fox. Then back to the lockers for a game of bottle brandy, which was good as long as you were quick and didn't get bogged down. Pat was also on the ceiling for a while, for whatever reason. I talked to people, which raised my hopes. Hope is the first step on the road to disappointment. Formulated a feverish plan, to be enacted after band.

Maths. Mr Cowling explained things pretty well for once, though I realised I had forgotten my parent teacher interviews sheet, and apparently Mr Cowling is nearly booked out. Hope I can get a spot. More trig, though Isaac and Agnik made their own interpretations of some answers.

Finally english. I was dead tired, and we had the option of watching the ancient version of Romeo and Juliet, but because we didn't shut up, more work. Meh.

Band. Slow. We sounded pretty terrible. Then we all gathered round people and discussed the deb while abusing each other. Will Ingram got nabbed early I see. Buggered up my plan from lunchtime, at least it isn't the other Will. Back to square one, I guess. I can't do anything this weekend, unless I consider Friday night, but Eagle point is so far away, it wouldn't be worth it. Next week, after Melissa's party?

Back home, checked some news. Not much to report.

Then more bloody band. We sounded kick arse, everyone was pumped for Ballarat on the weekend. The moon was huge on the way up, like scary huge. If you saw it, you'll know what I mean.

Tomorrow, double maths. Meh. I just don't know.



Saturday, August 16, 2008


'Lo all.

Cold today.

Didn't do much til Tom rang up around 1230, then I rode round to the Raglan pizza shop. It started raining once we moved.

Then back home, we laughed at rednecks who were worried about Russians, and about Russian threats to Poland. Funny how the US has decided to improve it's defences now, when there's more tension with Russia. 2010 watch it go to fire.

Next, we went down the street, where Tom bought juice, and we stole magazines from the thing behind the newsagents. I got a month old copy of a Rolling Stone wannabe. Then we visited the train station and laughed at people.

I walked home, before it rained, then finished Warriors of Ultramar, which is the high point of the series, and checked the news. Aiden and I traded music, links and opinions, Pat debated on what to wear to Melissa's, and Meg and I tried playing strange new games. Diving? On MY msn? Then I replaced some music I had lost, like Juicebox by the Strokes and Teardrop by Massive Attack, and found a track which featured Hendrix playing Star Spangled Banner, Purple Haze, then just jamming for another 10 minutes live from Woodstock. Pretty cool.Tomorrow, sleep, then Sam will drop in, then work. Meh.Crossposted.


Friday, August 15, 2008

Olympics from the couch in Retravision.

'Lo readers.

Ah. Friday. Sure, it's freezing cold, it's windy as hell, it rains sporadically, we have a month til holidays, weekends are starting to be booked out, it's a month til the boxes arrive, and I suck at soccer, but a good Friday is still good.

After roaring through the headwind on the way to school, which is starting to get bloody annoying, history. Ms Henry showed us a couple of suitcases full of real, authentic or coffee stained and faked relics from Vietnam. Our next project is to make our own suitcase, with the brief that we imagine we find it in a relative's house and it's full of stuff from the War. Hippy, soldier, either way. There were some good ones, one kid last year tried the Viet Cong route, and someone's grandmother actually was a hippy, so she had a copy of the communist manifesto and a suspicious looking pipe that Ms Henry wouldn't explain about, plus a Bob Dylan record. I got some good ideas, might do a chopper pilot or a draft dodger, with authentic prison rags and shiv.

Then rave, in the computer room. We had to write our "life journey". So. I typed up a few vague, undetailed answers, since I didn't really want to go into much detail, then had some fun. I created a future where we go to war against China, then I get killed by refugees in Kazakhstan. Then I went backwards, going through evolution. Then we had a better idea, and went through two dozen past lives that I eventually got reincarnated from. I went from postman in Canada in 1958, to a twinkle in Beardman's eyes when he died. Past lives included a pope, a French miller who had crushed hands, a child in Hiroshima, Franciscan monk, and (my favourite), a pirate who got press ganged into fighting on a Spanish galleon, who got killed by an English cannon when the Armada sailed in 1588. Rave was good for something. Then more forwards, I devised a future world where the polar cycles flipped, the wealthy lived on the moon, and we traded missiles with them, which eventually resulted in North America breaking apart at the San Andreas faultline. Scrapped ideas included being Sally and Gavin's child and Annie's uncle.

Recess, I was hungry, so I bought some overpriced food from the canteen.

Double art. Firstly, I finished the dragon (not dinosaur) itself, could use some more detail, but I don't mind. Apart from that, there was a female freshie, and the girls wondered about 9 and a half inches ("that's almost 30 centimetres!" "woah"). I tried freaking them out by mentioning footballs and other such things, then went to the other table. Tom said they were trying to discuss, but since none of them took history, and therefore didn't really understand communism, he was trying hard not to burst out and correct them. It also rained very heavily for about a minute, then stopped. Weird.

Lunch. We hit the playground for a while, then played soccer. A year 8 infiltrated us, caught us off guard, since we'd never seen him before, then stole the ball as soon as we passed it to him. Little bastard. Aiden chased him down. Towards the end of the game, he came back. Then we noticed another one was filming him. We figured he was waiting for the other one to steal the ball, and get our reactions. Turns out he was chucking a homemade firework made of matches at Hayden, which refused to light. Then he stole the ball, ran past the scoreboard, where he ditched it. We laughed, since he'd have to come back past us when the bell went. Pat decided we should go to Ms Henry, and Mr Smith reckoned the match box was probably stolen from the science labs.

English. Romeo and Juliet test. We had to do four tasks based on a passage in an hour. I reckon I got meh results for the first three, but the last one was translating it into modern english, and I think I did alright in it.

After school, sprinted home, grabbed my wallet and got changed, then battle the wind again and met Mewha at the clocktower. He followed me to the fancyshmancy fish and chips shop in the Centre, then ditched us. Us, was Sam, Caz, Hayden and Meg. We visited Maccas, got burgers, then visited people in IGA. Then we figured it was too cold outside, so we watched Ice Age, some swimming, and the gymnastics on the big screens from the couch in Retravision. Pretty fun. Then we saw Alison, who told us about Millsy tripping over himself and going headfirst into a wall. I saw a bunch of classmates from 545, which suprised me.

Back home, finished some homework, and checked the news. New Star Wars flick is apparently awful, so I'll stick to the plan and skip it. Tropic Thunder keeps on getting positive reviews, I told you it would asplode in August. Check the archives. Then Aiden and I discussed movies, the Olympics, footy, women, the White Stripes, and other such things. Zero Punctuation had an excellent new review up, and the new W:AR promo art looks good. Ryan has access to the beta, but the client is huge, and is downloading very slowly. I downloaded a bunch of White Stripes tracks.

Tomorrow, sleep as long as possible. Nothing else planned, unlike some people, who are going to Luna Park, among other things.



Thursday, August 14, 2008

Gloomy, windy, and rainy.

'Lo all.

The weather at the moment is terrible. It barely hit 15 degrees today, was raining on and off, and there was a cold wind the whole time.

Woke up, no sleep, dishwasher hadn't worked, no one rocked up, so I was almost late, then I had a headwind all the way to school. Not the greatest morning.

Got to school, Ryan was wearing his full pimp outfit, then chapel. Vaguely about the Olympics, and instead of human rights abuses they went for the LOOK AT THE GOOD SPORTS WHO HELP LOSERS! thing. Pat was wearing a gorilla suit.

Extended homeroom. The girls were all whinging about Aiden and Bernice, we knew nothing, and figured it was their business. Ryan was downstairs paying for his slaves, two year 12 girls who were made to do his bidding. Then we visited the library and said hi, then back to the homeroom where Ryan had pulled out a list of degrading things for his slaves to do. When we rocked up, one was feeding him grapes, and the other was his footstool.

Then english, more Romeo and Juliet. Glad this bit is almost over. I worked out that all my worksheets for it had sketches somewhere. Boredboredbored.

Recess, still cold. Lulu, Wiffy and Meg were pulling Chris Riley around. We decided to follow the girls into the breezeway, which despite it's name was less windy.

Next was double science. More mixing acid with metal, then a bunch of balancing equations. Very meh.

Lunch. Cold. Wet. Windy. We went to the playground, but it was slippery. So, a game of soccer. The teams were pretty balanced, even if I suck, Sally stole my jumper, and Sam slipped over and fell on his arse pretty badly. Good game though, Pat was wearing his gorilla fur top. Then I bought cake. $2.60 for it. Bah.

History. More going over images. I've seen the dude getting shot moving, with little fountains of blood coming out of his temple. Then news of the next assessment. I'll set mine to Khe Sanh, for the lulz.

Finally maths. Some poor people had running training at lunch time, must have been worse than soccer. Then more trig. I asked a question, still got confusing answers. Isaac made a sum that was impossible, just to waste other people's time. Very clever.

Back home, homework. Still don't get some maths things, I'll ask tomorrow. Then msning around and checking the news. I agree with the reports, SM codex is going to be overpowered, GW better keep up with the creep. Guard codex should be good, in theory.

Since only about half the band rocked up, we sounded pretty bad. I managed to put in a magnificent wrong note, an A natural that came out of nowhere. Bastard. And we have to drive to Ballarat.

Tomorrow, double art, double english. Meh. I miss out on the psych assessment being handed out, thanks to bloody rave. I think I should try something. Probably won't work. Either way.



Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Lo everyone.

It was cold all day today. Windy and rainy too. Stupid bloody weather. Soon it'll be spring though, which means hayfever and bloody summer uniforms.

Ryan and Denny dropped round, we discussed RMIT, then I said hi to Simon who rocked up when I was leaving.

First up was maths. More trig work. It almost makes sense. Isaac shared a story which involved a girl, her almost exboyfriend, a fake pregnancy, and a friend taking the blame. We all lol'd, as it was pretty clever. Best part was everyone believed it.

Then psych, we got some sheet about central tendencies and other maths crap. Then we got told about a project which involves comparing year 11's feet. Not til Friday though, and I tend to have RAVE then. I'll be behind again, thanks to bloody RAVE.

Recess. Still bloody cold.

Then science, with a freshie-in-training called Mr Vale. He tried his best. It was all bloody ionic compounds, which is another step closer to making chemistry maths.

Art was meh. I made a pair of legs for the notdinosaur, and Tom gave up on his sculpture. The girls were all discussing girly type things, and Tom and I tried so hard to not comment at all.

Lunch, finally. The day was starting to stretch out. We went to the playground, and the year 7's started chucking bark at us. Little bastards.

Then running. It was Aiden, George, Cherry and I, and we tried to take the same course as last week, which was pretty cool. I led for a bit, which was a bit of a challenge, and managed to arrive at the same time as Cherry again, since George dropped out halfway through and Aiden did his ankle coming up the hill. Then, instead of stretching in the rain, we went to the golf course and watched some gymnastics with the golf kids. Poor 10 year olds. Sam was sick, and offered to let me take his shift dishpigging. I accepted.

Back home, I checked the news. New pics of SMs, more detail from the book. I can't wait, even if I'm not buying anything. Sternguard look good though. Shopping list is WD for the free stuff, AoBR for the cheap stuff, WD again for the designer's notes, then SM codex. Plus some paint, the new washes look good, and I'd like to try them on the greenskins.

Then work. I saw Terina from band there, and she introduced me to people. Ames was alright, she was the head chef, Ness wouldn't shut up, and there was another chef for some of the time. The work was mindless and repetitive, which is a good distraction for a troubled mind. I was exhausted by the end though, seven kms around Longford then on your feet for four and a half hours isn't really all that fun. Though, at 6 I got to go for a bin run, which involved taking all the rubbish on a shopping trolley down a hill to the skips, then I got to make fish cakes.

Tomorrow is a casual day. I shall wear my usual, unoriginal clothes, because I'm too lazy to be creative this time. I wonder what Lulu is going to do with her slave.


Anyway, the end.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Hanging around on the monkey bars.

'Lo everyone.

Right now it's pouring. It's been cold all day. This does not bode well for tomorrow.

Got to school, assembly first up. Casual day Thursday, slave auction today. Then two dance troupes. You don't actually watch the dancers.

Then history, I got put in Tom's group, and we looked at the photo of Kim Phuoc, who was being burnt by the napalm. I learnt that it was a South Vietnamese bomber, and that year 7s are both unoriginal and illiterate.

Rave. Bah. Work done, Oliver raged against the mechanicus. Teacher put on the opening ceremony again, but there was the last quarter of the Melbourne/Geelong game, so we laughed at Gavin, the only Melbourne supporter in the room. He couldn't watch. Oliver eventually pushed too far, then we all got sent outside, and were made to play some sort of weird game of Knights and Cavliers. It's basically Simon Says, but with extra weirdness. Fearless Leader shouts words and you obey. Knights means jumping on a partner's back, Cavaliers means jump into their arms. Dayne and I screwed it up, of course. What scared me the most, though, was when the Rave teacher said "NAZI!" and half the class saluted. What the hell...

Recess, cold.

Next was psych, more work on normality. I get the feeling I'm going to hate statistical abnormalities.

Then art. Dragon is nearly done, since it is too big to stand on it's own, I'm going to do it in two halves, superglue them together, them make legs, superglue them to the body, and then make a base. It'll take time, but will work better.

Lunchtime. Everyone melted away, dashed a hope, and there was an auction in the quadrangle. Selling "slaves". If you won the auction, and a year 12 slave, you weren't allowed to make them do anything out of their comfort zone. The horde bought Chris Riley for Lulu, who was stunned. Then we went to the playground, and had endurance contests hanging by our knees from the monkey bars. Eventually it came down to Pat and Brad duking it out, with red eyes and purple skin. Brad won. Then King of the Hill, til the bell went.

Science wasn't too bad. Chemistry I don't mind, until it becomes maths and reading off tables. We got the tables today. I'm probably going to lose the valency one, I did last year. I got something right that made me wonder at my memory. I hadn't realised I was actually paying attention to Mrs Notclare last year.

English. I won the bloody word game thing, which I'm starting to dislike. Tomorrow, if we have english, I'm helping someone else or sitting out. More Romeo and Juliet. The plot is easy, the language is stupid.

I missed a golden opportunity that probably won't come back again, before homeroom, then I rushed home before it rained. Then wasted time doing not much, and talking to people. I used the last of my Ice Magic, and started the Ultramarines Omnibus, since I finished the Chanur series.

Tomorrow, running, and cold. Might be fun, it was last week. But that might have been because it was warm by the afternoon.



Monday, August 11, 2008


'Lo everyone.

Blah. I hate Mondays. Especially ones that freeze you solid for walking outside.

After Denny dropped in, and the screaming once I got to school, PE. I did alright in the run, but probably only because Walshy wasn't taking it seriously and Pat was tying his shoe. Then volleyball. Our team really sucks at it, though we all had our moments. By the end we were all frustrated at each other, with good reason. Felt like killing Oliver, he seemed too happy to be on the winning team without having to do anything.

Recess. Cold.

Then psych, I got an A on my test, then we started a new topic, Abnormality, which should be interesting.
Maths, again, starting a new topic. Trigonometry. Bah. We didn't get it.

Next was lunch, finally. George led us to a unoccupied bench, which was then occupied by some year 11s. Then we searched for a soccer ball, couldn't find one, so we kicked shoes at each other for half an hour, which was fun. Even the girls joined in. Yeah, we were bored.

History was just looking at pictures, which wasn't too bad. I recognised most of them. Then a music lesson, where I tried chromatic scales.

Art was just more dragon work, mine looks like a dinosaur. Unintentional, I swear. Emily considered what happens to pictures people take of her and put on the internet.

Band. Slow. We didn't play Calling Cornwall, for once. I got talking afterwards, though I'm unsure about Oliver. Not sure about anything, really.

Back home, checked the news, not much else to report.

More band, slower. Then back home, 40 Year Old Virgin was on. Funny movie. Glad I'm not into historicals, man.

Tomorrow, Tuesday. Can't think of anything else.



Sunday, August 10, 2008

RMIT Open Day.

'Lo readers.

Again, I got up early on the weekend. Not. Cool. At. All.

On the plus side, I got to drive to Traralgon, which was pretty cool. We tried to catch a train there, but it looked too full. So off we went, and we ended up at Pakenham, where a poster stated that there was line work a dozen stations ahead, which meant we had to take a bus. Stopping at Dandenong was awful, since everyone on the train had to get off, and 90% of them wanted the express bus. We got seats though.

Then another train at Oakleigh, with the footy hordes. Meh.

RMIT itself was busy. Lots and lots of people. We picked up maps, and found the journalism bit, where I said hi to Bernice, who was as surprised as I was. The seminar thingy wasn't too bad, people left in between each speaker, which must have been bad for the person on stage. Journalism-lady seemed cool, though she warned about long hours, no holidays, and constant pressure, though there was the chance of doing completely awesome things.

We then rushed through a couple of buildings, where hundreds of other people were doing the same thing. Beardman and I grabbed some food from Hungry Jack's, which was the start of the unhealthy binge. We found the psychology display, and there was a presentation in 10 minutes, so we visited the little Apple store, and they let me have a go at Guitar Hero. I tried Knights of Cydonia and massacred it. Then I got three free iTunes songs.

Psych presentation wasn't too bad, looks bloody expensive. Then I saw Ryan with his sister. So he survived.

Beardman and I visited Minotaur. I couldn't find Watchmen, or GitS, but I did find a small BL section. The Bearded One lost himself in the scifi novels section. Then we grabbed more food from McDonalds. More unhealthy food.

The train didn't leave for half an hour, so we got coffee from a place called Chocolate Buddha, while Chinese gymnasts performed on the telly. Poor 15 year olds. Coffee was good though.

Back on the train, then back on the crowded bus, then on the train again, then the fun started. I rolled out of Pakenham, grabbed some petrol, and had a go at driving on the freeway. Fun. Very fun. Then it started pouring rain. Absolutely pissing down. Wise Beard Man might have been worried, I dunno. I thought it was fun. I drove all the way to Traralgon, where we got KFC (yet more unhealthy food), then back to Sale where we picked up the rest. Fraser seems to have done as he was told.

Back home, caught up with people. Had an eerily similar conversation with someone, but I won't mention who to keep them both guessing. Dunno why it's so damn interesting. But Meg's right. Then I read xkcd.

Tomorrow, PE. Meh.


Anyway, the end.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Pineapple Express.

'Lo readers.Not much to report today.

Got up, checked the news, it seems Russia has invaded Georgia over some seperatists. Cue confused rednecks wondering when the Soviet bastards would rock up in Atlanta.

Then worked on history homework, and tried multiple washes over metallics, which worked meh, so far.Danielle dropped around, and after a quick dinner of home made chicken nuggets (better than maccas ones), she dropped me off at the cinema. I met the others, who ended up being Isaac, Hayden, Pat, Annie, and Isobelle. We visited Subway, then they ate it in the Mcdonalds playground, then we visited Safeway and bought V, then saw Jess and Jason. When we returned to the cinema, Pat and I wasted our change on the Skill Tester, and we ended up getting a relatively good haul. Still would have been cheaper buying it from the shops, as Annie pointed out.

Pineapple Express - ****1/2
Very, very funny, and surprisingly violent, which made it better. Subplots went no where, and characters seemed immortal, but hell, it was a fun movie. I agree with Aint it Cool that eventually Apatow is going to run out of taboos, he's already done unplanned pregnancy, teenage drinking, virginity, and his next one is about pornography.

After the movie, we hung around, then visited Safeway again for some cheetos. I ran home, then noticed I'd missed people, and they'd added people I'd only heard about. I raaaged. I really need to move quickly, otherwise it'll be too late.

Tomorrow, getting up early to go to the RMIT open day. I don't think it'll be too bad. The main problems will be catching the train and missing people again.



Friday, August 8, 2008

Return to Seaspray.

'Lo readers.

Ah. Days off. Got up at 11, got a letter at 1, went to Centrelink to deal with it, then drove out to Seaspray. Bit of a test of things, one of which was driving. Every corner looked overly familiar. Scared the hell out of me. Then we walked around the beach a bit, since Charlotte was with us, and drove back with a detour to the heliport. There are more gas stations, and more helicopters. Brought back some more memories.

Then home, downloaded some White Stripes tracks and got a new iPod case.

Then we went to the bandroom, and onto the bus for Yarram. Course, my bloody headphones died as soon as I got on. Bugger.

Trip wasn't too bad, I lost coverage halfway through, and I think that may have interrupted some signals. I hope that's the answer.

Performance wasn't too bad, we sounded pretty good. We visited the shops and got overpriced food. Then listening to the other bands. Eventually we came second, which wasn't too bad, though a bloody Yarram school band beat us.

On the way home, we discussed school and footy. Mossy is a pretty cool guy, he redoes year 12 and doesn't afraid of anything.

Back home, Olympics opening ceremony. Things about bloodthirsty communist overlords, or something, I'm not really paying attention.

Tomorrow, nothing, then Pineapple Express with the horde. Should be alright.



Thursday, August 7, 2008

Doomsday prophet.

'Lo all.

Interesting, found another website with a ton of doomsday theories, which add to my own musings. For the record, I'm predicting nuclear war between the US and Israel vs Iran in 2010, because it's just waiting to happen, Mayan calendar resetting in December 2012, though that might not be world ending, just poles going nuts...which will probably be world ending, given our reliance on satellites these days, and just for the lulz, CERN's Hadron (don't misspell it) Collider accidently causing a little black hole that kills us all instantly. Either way, should be fun. Global warming is too slow.

Denny rocked up this morning, seems he has been busy. Good on him. Then chapel, a brief look at Hiroshima, since the Japanese girls were there, and it was Peace day yesterday. Mrs Jacka seemed grumpy.

Homeroom. We put up some fresh pictures on the wall, and I aired my thoughts about how the world ends. Scared a couple of people, which was fun. Then Tom started calling Emily Fantapants. Emily is a redhead. Think about it.

Then english, which was more Romeo and Juliet. I won the word of the day thingy, and chucked the chocolate at Oliver.

Recess was meh. I should have got out more.

Next we had a visit from a ponytailed, PTSD-riddled, right wing Vietnam veteran, who still had some good stories. He had a fair few relics with him, and picked on the French guy, Kelly and Tom and Amanda the cadets.

Lunch we hit the playground, then tried shooting goals throught he spiderweb. Aiden was under attack from a mob of bark throwing year 7s. Then we played almost-soccer and Urban Rodeo, which devolved into a rape fest. I remembered I had a psych test next, so left early and got some revision done.

Then psych itself, which was more revision, then the test, which was suprisingly easy, then talking to Carl about movies.

Back home, Denny wondered about what to do for an hour, then went home, after deciding to play games on his expensive ps3 and getting an early night, since Erin was coming to visit in the morning.

Then mucking around on the interbutt, and with bloody mobile phones. Eventually my optus sim card died, and my new telstra magic one cent text one has a funny number. Hopefully soon it'll have my old number, save me having to piss everyone off.

Finally some counselling, and catching up with people. Isobelle needs to rage a bit, and Pat has a phone. Nobody will know what hit them. I noticed that while mogulus has Full Metal Jacket and 66 episodes of Pokemon, it has no Daria. Bah.

Tomorrow, sleep, then Yarram eisteddfod, where we are going to kick some arse. Bastard school bands. Hopefully my phone is working, and Annie's prediction is right.

And don't say I didn't warn you.


Anyway, the end.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Of fairy floss and RAM.

'Lo readers.

It got suprisingly warm today. After the bloody fog froze us. Bah.

Got to school, gave Aiden his present, dropped off Watchmen with him getting mobbed. First up was psych, once I found the classroom, some basic revision. I got most of it, and eventually people were stealing my answers.

Then maths. I think I'm understanding this algebra, but only this one. Bloody annoying though.

Recess. People started nicking off. Melissa handed out invitations, and I got one. We looked at it dubiously til Tom graffitied it. Then we lol'd. I'm reserving my misgivings. She's advertising it as a big sleepover.

Then english. More Romeo and Juliet stuff. Nothing to report.

Science, with a sub. I got the work done and let it be copied.

Lunch was slow. We got free fairy floss after waiting for almost half an hour in line, with year 8s pushing in line as they please. Then a christian hip hop group started performing, and the older Mawley Mills bloke started dancing. Then we visited the girls, who were getting ready for soccer. Then nothing to do, so Dayne and I played cards with George and Hayden.

Running wasn't too bad, just 4 of us out there today. I kept up with Cherry, as Beau had had 3 things of fairy floss, an iced coffee, and a pie, and wasn't really up to it. We passed a cleared section, which looked desolate, and an abandoned car. George dropped out three quarters through after an admirable effort, and I sprinted in with Cherry. Mrs Dyke was really, really suprised. More than just a forgetable face, natch.

Turns out everyone else had won their games against the foreigners. We visited the soccer pitch where people were flipping around, then went past the footy team and other assorted popularites. They kicked their football at Tom. We looked at each other, picked up the ball, walked to the lockers, and tried chucking it on the roof, but it bounced off, and two of crashed into the lockers trying to get it back. Lucky the beans didn't spill. I dunno what provoked them, we didn't do anything. I noticed something else too, which means I need to move soon. Starting to get worried. Plus there's Japan. Hell.

After school I picked up the new WD, then did some homework and read it. When I went back inside the house for coffee, a morbidly obese man was discussing the TV, whose colours had turned green, my computer was ripped open and Fraser had a headband on. I dunno if he was going for practicality, which it failed at, or looking cool, which he failed harder at. He was frustrated at his bike. Meh.

After upgrading my RAM (lol), checked the news and lurked. Just then I saw something very, very, very strange. I'm misinterpreting things.

Tomorrow, double everything. Meh. I've got some fresh demotivators to put up.



Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Who watches the Watchmen?

'Lo all.

Just finished reading Watchmen. Very, very good. It's not a superhero book, it's a crime drama. More so than Batman. Looking forward to seeing in in the cinema in March, even if no one else is.

Got up, Denny and Ryan rocked up, then I got a lift to school due to band.

Maths wasn't too bad. I suprise myself and others at insights quickly lost. World war three had occured the night before.

I saw Lulu, Aiden, Mills, Jake and Georgia sneak out of their room, so I followed them. 10 minutes early, but hell, more time to warm up.

We got to the music room, no one there, so big percussion solo using everything that was there.

Our performance wasn't too bad, we played some things that I'd never seen before but the rest of the band was sick of. Bah.

Service was slow, nothing to report, except all the kindergarten (yes, kindergarten) kids bowing their heads and clasping their hands in prayer. They start 'em young. The girls thought it was cute, personally I thought it was almost depressing.

Then recess. No one was sure when it was supposed to end, so we took a guess.

Teacher was late to english, and we had a sub anyway. We got a pretty easy task on media analysis, which I don't mind, but when you understand it, people think you are there to answer all of their questions. Meh.

History was slow, we just listened to the French exchange student explain about how the French lost their Indochinese colonies. Tom and I were muttering about socialist governments, while Isobelle tried to read her vampire book. Apparently there is a vampire baby that eats its way out.

After we got cupcakes (Commemoration Day is only good because it's also Cake Day, with free delicious cake), we hit the playground and were 8 year olds again, then almost Gork, despite Millsy whinging because it wasn't soccer. Gavin tried kicking over everyone's heads, and I went for it, and went straight into a puddle, in my socks. Bah.

Art was slow. I fixed up the claycutter with Meg, Tom and Isobelle, then slowly worked on the dragon. The main structure is done, just need to lengthen the tail, attach another leg, stop it breaking in the middle everytime someone looks at it funny, make a base, and detail. It's nothing compared to Will or Erin's though. Show off talented bastards with their nice things.Science was fun. We got to go around in circles doing small experiments, mostly involving some kind of acid, and half of them had magnesium something or other.

Back home, I printed out a resume, and rode down to meet Sam. We saw some boardos, and after filling out a form at the Biz (which was bugnuts insane, personality traits. Sam and I agreed to lie to get the right answers, so I get the job), then we met Mewha and bought Aiden's present. Mewha has been having a good time, he descirbed in detail the events of a party he went to in front of the confused shopkeeper. Then Sam stole Finky's sour strips.

Back home, I finished reading Watchmen, and puzzled over the internet spasming. Bastard. So, if you thought I was lurking and I didn't pop up for an hour or three, my apologies.Tomorrow, cold then running. Meh.


Anyway, the end.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Playground finished, suprise dissections, and other unfeasible adventures.

'Lo everyone.

Ah. Karma has its benefits. Going to come back and kick me in the arse again soon though.

Woke up, caught up with Ryan, ate the last two sherbet bombs (which lasted almost a month), and got a lift to school.

First up (after all the bloody screaming; OH MY GOD I HAVEN'T SEEN YOU SINCE FRIDAY! Some are worse, since they had a sleepover. Christ) was science. We're starting chemistry, which I don't mind until it turns into maths.

Then a suprise dissection for psych, got another lambs brain. See a previous entry for that. The Carl showed me a clip of him and a friend shooting a possum and screaming, which was suprisingly hilarious.

Recess. I borrowed out Watchmen. Then hung around.

History Tom and I confused Sally about the Viet Cong's guerilla tactics. It's nice being able to have a thoughtful discussion about that sort of thing with someone who actually knows their stuff. We got an assessment, but since there's about 5 of us who haven't started due to being away on Friday, we aren't worried yet.

Art, more clay work and listening to the girls bitch. Apparently at one sleepover they all got drunk and went skinnydipping while urinating in strange places. I dunno.

Lunch. We shot goals, then went on the playground. It's small, but good. Once the initial universal popularity wears off, it's ours. The sequel to Twilight was released as well, so girls who could read were going nuts. What is Twilight, I hear you ask. I haven't read the books personally, nor do I plan to, but as I see it, basically it's wish fulfilment fantasy for every teenage girl, except the tall, brooding and handsome dude is an immortal vampire. Movie at the end of the year, the sheer amount of screaming fangirls may make it do better than Harry Potter. Tom, having read the first one, knew the main characters, so we ran around screaming that they died, and the girls all thought we were serious.

Maths. The work was easy, the order of the questions confusing, but I had a good time. I think a couple of other people did too. Mr Cowling eventually confiscated some of the damn Twilight books.

In english I finally lost the word game (and the game, natch), though it was to a pair. Granted Oliver was trying his hardest to help me, and the rest were all giggling about naughty words they could make.

Music lesson which involved me and Mr C talking for a couple of minutes, due to constant interruptions.More band. Wasn't too bad, we were in the hall. Have to play at Commemoration Day assembly tomorrow. Bah.

Back home, I started reading Watchmen, main character has a thing for raw beans from the can. I lol'd.

Then more band, which was slow. Fraser embarrassed himself when he found he was the only trombonist, and had one of the more essential bits to play. Then free cake.

Back home. I got a text from someone that amazed me. Woah, man, woah. Like a bloody seesaw sometimes though, I dunno what to think. Though one cent texts soon may help with the "RUNNING OUT OF CREDIT KTHXBAI" thing at the moment.

Skins final ep of the season. Ah, I love Skins. Nothing like a car chase wherethe protagonist has a coffin strapped to his roof and the owners are chasing after them. Shame the next series is about Effie and her friends (read: entirely different people), since there were so many loose ends.

Ah well. Tomorrow, assembly, and history in the library. Not fussed.



Sunday, August 3, 2008

What is he good for? Absolutely nothing!

'Lo readers.

Apologies for the late post, Dexter started late.

Not much to report anyway.

Spent the day talking to Isobelle (sorting out VCE), talking to Alison (sorting out what happened at a 21st the night before and her party), talking to Pat, talking to Ryan, talking to Meg (apparently something happened yesterday, but I'm not supposed to find out yet), talking to Lulu, checking the news, and attempting glazing, which is just bloody annoying and I don't think I'll try adding that much water to the paint again.

I read the entirety of the Perry Bible Fellowship, which is hilarious. I hope it comes back soon. Plus I watched the end of Pulp Fiction

Pulp Fiction (finally) - ****
Good. Lots of threads that eventually link up, and that damn case kept me guessing. I recommend it.

Tomorrow, Monday. Need to get Watchmen, need to keep an eye on things. Heavens forbid I skip a day of school due to having a cold, imagine how boring a post would be if I did. It'd be worse than todays.


Anyway, the end.

Saturday, August 2, 2008


'Lo readers.

I have a cold, and it is not fun. It is cold outside, that is not fun either. Then there is the fact that my legs and joints are still whinging about yesterday. As well as all this, barely anyone was online today.

I had a go at driving today, Beardman was not impressed that I seemed to be dying, and that I was misjudging some distances. One of the L plates fell off and I had to go find it.

Then doing nothing, really. I watched some episodes of Invader Zim, and started painting some LotR figure I found in a box, and watched Harvie Krumpet on youtube, then found Angry Beavers episodes on mogulus, while talking to Isobelle about books.Tomorrow, probably more of the same. Which is fine by me.


Anyway, the end.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Running Man: The Adventures of GGS04.

'Lo all.

And yeah, the whole day I had that song, Go by Pearl Jam and The Beginning is the End is the Beginning by Smashing Pumpkins in my bloody head.

Anyhoo. Managed to not sleep through my alarms, enjoy my coffee, and get a good seat on the bus with the others, all before 7am. Not cool, but meh.

Bustrip up was slow, we watched American Dad and since Craig Battams missed the first train, we were waiting for him in Packenham. So, we all went to Target, and activated a shelving unit full of talking Spidermen that danced and made noises. And we didn't get kicked out.

We got to the bloody place, the track looked alright. Big windy downhill section, though I noticed it was all bitumen. I got labelled in big permanent marker GGS04 on my arm. Reminded me of another, more evil thing, which involved numbers on arms. However, running up and down hills is not having extra special showers.

After buggerising around and warming up, Aiden, Pat, Hayden, Sam, and Loki (pronounced like Lachie, awesome spelling though) and I were herded into a tiny little square with 30 or 40 other kids. Blow by blow account time.

At the starter's gun, I got nudged, unbalanced, and couldn't get traction on the slippery grass. Fantastic fun.

Then up the first hill. Glad we got it out of the way first, went for like a kilometre. I kept up with the leaders, though I was slowly falling back.

First intersection. A Grammar guy was there with a video camera. Oh hell. Then a bonus kilometre to a gate, where you got a texta mark and high fives from passing team mates, and back to the bloody intersection. All because us manly men who are older than the year 8's have to do two extra bloody kilometres.

Down a steep, windy hill, lots of fun. I felt my body rebelling, and by the time I got to the bottom, I heard it say "Screw you, I'm out of here". Another Grammar guy with a video camera at the bottom. Bastard.

Then through a section of bush with a bunch of hills, just going on autopilot, since the closest dude was about 10m in front, and I couldn't see anyone behind me. Last corner I almost stumbled, but then I saw Pat crossing the line, so woot.

Turns out Aiden came second, which was awesome, Pat got like 11th, Loki came in after me, and Sam and Hayden almost arrived together, though Sam had to pay for his own dinner, since Hayden beat him in the end. I got 15th, after 6km's, out of I'd be guessing anywhere between 30 and 40 much fitter blokes.Mrs Dyke told us to go out and cheer on the rest of the runners, so after grabbing some nourishing sour bears ("they aren't sour worms, damn"), we headed out two km's and urged on the rest. Some of them seemed happy for the support (Jess even took some of the sour bears), others were concentrating so hard they didn't hear Hayden commenting on their arse.

Then we went back to the others, since all the girls had come in. Meg had beaten Tonilee, which was pretty cool. Much sharing of snakes and struggling for blankets against the wind and Pat, then the presentation thing. We won the damn carnival, so that was pretty cool.

Bus trip back home. Some chick flick was put on, I caught the start, then Sam put his head in the way. I listened to my iPod, but every know and then I'd pause it but keep the earphone in. Amazing what you can pick up, which included Pat telling Aiden something about me I'm going to have to kill them both for. With what's been bandied about at the moment, as soon as I'm sure, I'll bloody tell you! Sam and I got KFC, and back on the bus, things quietened down, though after Traralgon we discussed zombie films while Jess and Meg watched the start of 28 Weeks Later. Pat added more misgivings to my little wheelbarrow full of them. I believe I shall need a new one soon, the wheels are starting to fall off. (and how's that for a metaphor, natch).

Arrive in Sale, freezing cold, wind blowing worse than at the top of the bloody hill in Keilor, and pouring near horizontal rain. I checked the news (Watchmen looks sweet), caught up with what I missed at school (almost nothing, according to Annie), and showered. Beardman and I watched a Zero Punctuation review. I dunno.

Tomorrow, I aim to sleep as long as possible and do as little as possible after that, though part of me wants to keep an eye on the msn, just in case.