Monday, July 21, 2008

Windy as hell, roaring at the goals.

'Lo everyone.Bloody Mondays. When they are good, they are good, when they are bad, they are awful. Today was good.

Woke up, stumbled out of the shower functioning slightly below adequacy. Monday mornings are bad.

I watched the last three episodes of 2nd gig, threats of nuclear war and a link to the Major's past makes for a good finale. I cut time fine though, finished with 5 minutes to school. Then, of course, we had to drop ONE of the girls off.

After the bloody screaming, it was freezing cold at school. I'm glad I got a lift this morning. First up was science, we had a new kid, by the name of Brad. He's from Maffra, and seems pretty cool. Dayne did a dismal job of looking after him, and he's rather proud of the fact.

Then psych, since I missed Friday's lesson due to being a year 10, I missed so much complicated bloody statistics crap. Bah. Can't wait til we're finished with this.

Recess was too cold, girls huddling up and shivering around everywhere. Dunno why they don't grab a jumper or something instead of whinge to each other. Maybe it keeps them warm.

History was slow, just more stuff for the essay. Meh. I missed half due to a music lesson. Mr C made me do scales, then we had a go at Kirkby bloody Lonsdale. This bitch will sound good when we finally perform it at three competitions...

I went to the last 20 minutes of art, where Mrs Artteacherlady said I had done the thing wrong and had to do it again. Bah. So I wandered around. I'll finish it next lesson.

Lunch was too cold, so we decided to go exploring at the new clothing shop, which is across the road. If you look over the fence, you can see The Horse. The we went to play soccer. Hayden went to find the new kid and Dayne, and I visited the quad to see if anyone else wanted in. There wasn't enough of us to have a proper game, so we just tried shootouts. It devolved to playing with hands in pockets and screaming at each other instead of talking. Then we tried sprinting like this.

Bell went, we retreated to maths. Wasn't too bad. Mr Cowling says I need to put more effort in, and I am. Meh. Maths is slowly getting better, though I wouldn't be suprised if the girls snap and kill Aiden and Isaac.

Then english, more bloody Romeo and Juliet. Brad commented that he had been studying Summer Heights High at his old school. Lucky bastard.

Band was slow, but my chest was killing me. I think it was because I hit a high C on the baritone. Not good for either of us. Michael was impressed. Aiden and I then ramaged around discussing the merits of breeding Flanagan and GirlFlanagan together to get pure distilled uber concentrated Flanagans. Heart was literally breaking at this point, bloody sherbet bombs must have been getting in there.

I drove around and fed it some petrol, then back home. I got out of band due to sore chest, and Fraser had to go due to waaay too many skipped sessions. I spent the time talking to people on msn and catching up on the news. As predicted, the internet is all batman, all the time now.Right now I'm watching Skins, and I'm waiting around for the plotpoint I know is coming.Tomorrow, double maths. And it'll be bloody cold. Bah.



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