Saturday, July 19, 2008

Why so serious?

'Lo all.
Tom is here, we are both giggling at the 4chan /lj/.

Not much to report today. Got up, ate, then I tried watching Pulp Fiction. Bloody dvd got halfway through and died. Bastard.

Then we went to Longford, and played music for an hour. We got paid like $200, so not too bad.

Before I could have a shower, Tom and Isobelle rocked up. Then I showered and discovered they had not burned the shed, which was good.

We met up with Annie, then Ryan, then the rest of the horde, and Tom bought 3 chicken shnitzels while we went to Maccas. Then everyone was there. Good crowd, Tom, Isobelle, Annie, Ryan, Melissa, Naomi, Meg, Pat, Aiden, Bernice, Isaac, Sally, Agnik, and eventually Denny, when he realised he had nothing better to do. The people weren't too bad, despite my ideas.

We got in line, but the actual line formed around us. Bastards. Then a drunk guy came up and struck up a conversation with Sally, Denny and I. We got seats in the middle, the cinema was packed.

Movie review time - The Dark Knight, ****1/2.Excellent film, story was good, actors was good, hell, even the score was good. The Joker was awesome, the vehicles were awesome, the action was awesome, right down to the RPG's taking out cars and semitrailers flipping over. The Joker's pencil trick is awesome.

Then we walked home in the rain, and Tom and I watched movie trailers.

Tomorrow, once Tom takes the bus, probably more 2nd gig and maybe maths homework.



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