Tuesday, July 29, 2008


'Lo readers.

No Kevin this morning, though after about 9pm there was barely anyone online. Anyway. Neither Denny nor Ryan brought their gloves today, so their hands were frozen to their bikes for once.Get to school, bloody assembly, then history. More work on the essay, and farting, and laughing at Harrison's music.

Rave. After Oliver rebelled, the teacher threatened to not let us watch a movie. Which movie? Spiderman! The superheroic allegory for puberty. Meh. We'd all seen it before, and didn't watch.

Recess. Quiet until the end, when a bag of popcorn was handed around, and was eventually exploded in Isaac's face.

Then psych, just another assessment, then to the library. I saw a very interesting looking book on the shelf (Rise of the Airheads, relevant to my interests?) and did almost all the work.

Art. More clay work. By the end of it, Mrs Atteacherlady was wrapping my work up, so we just buggerised around.

Lunch in the almostrain,with a game of soccer. My knees were killing me. Since my skills aren't improving, and I'm more of a liability anyway, I'm sitting out of tomorrow's game, I need these bloody legs working for Friday.

Science. Homework check, then a video about plastics. Meh. Passed the time.

Finally english, where we counted up the word of the day thingies. I won, and got a kingsize Violet Crumble and embarrassment as a reward. Best way of being conspicuous is winning and being good at something. alex is no good at conspicuousness. Then arguing about Romeo and Juliet. Can't remember much else, apart from Pat calling Jenny something obscene.

Back home, Ryan and I found a double for Brad, then I drove down the street where we picked up Tom's present and cards for a couple of cousins. Home again, I got more work done on the essay, discovered a website had come back from the dead, and printed out some things for the homeroom. I'm starting a new trend. Gentlemen.

Then the bastards all nicked off, so blah.

Tomorrow, more running around in circles for 40 minutes with a couple of hilarious year 12s.



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