Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Too tired to think of a witty title, come back later.

'Lo everyone.

Title says it all, really.

Got to school after some minor difficulties involving a digger doing a three point turn right in front of us. Word had spread. We had maths next. With Mr Cowling. We were terrified.

Turns out he wasn't too bad. He must have been in good spirits since he had been on holiday. I managed to get through most of the work. Things are good so far.

Then science, and half the class left for Claresco photos. Some of us were happy that we had graduated from the bottom bench, but it was still bloody close. I wasn't happy about where I was in the cross country team photo. You could cut the tension with a knife. She wasn't happy.

Recess, talk of Rubic's cubes. These are the current fad, Isaac and Hayden can do the in a couple of minutes, and people all over the place are struggling with them. Isaac once brought out a 5x5 cube, we oohed and aahed. I have tried them, failed at them, and can't be stuffed learning the algorithms to get the finished.

Psych wasn't too bad. Mrs Moy had broken her arm (I was thinking the same thing), so Mr Bacon took us. We shared a joke at the start about Mr Cowling. Mr Bacon is a pretty cool guy, eh buys liquor from Coles and doesn't afraid of anything. Work was suprisingly easy, more stuff on data. Not looking forward to having to do any of it in an exam, but we'll see how things go. Carl and I finished early and discussed the cross country, while Tiffany and Zack gabbled on about the year 11 social scene. It seems so much more complicated than ours, though I suppose the popularite's view is much the same. Ours is too simple, which is good.

Bloody art was too slow. I finished the work, and hung outside with Tom and Meg while year 9s paraded past. One was looking slutty while wearing a tutu and glared at us when Tom pointed it out.

Lunch was more Rubic's cubes, but then Pat, George, OtherAiden and I had to go to running training. It wasn't too bad, running for about 40 minutes through the hills at the Pines outside Longford. We ran about 7km, and I managed to run 98% if the way. The last hill killed me.

Back to school, my legs were killing me, then I followed Annie on the way to the Phoenix Centre, where Ken and I had a chat and I picked up a WD. He recommended that I saved my money, and not buy a blister to paint, and wait for AoBR in September and the fresh marines in October. Only really need the codex, though the new LR is tempting.

Home, I finished some maths homework (shockhorror) and watched some more 2nd GIG. The episode about the Major's past is suprisingly good.

Tomorrow, Thursday. Meh. Bonus band afterwards, that's all I can remember.



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