Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Three-legged soccer.

'Lo readers.

Slow day today, but not as cold as yesterday.

Sprinted to school, delivered a letter, and met up with the rest. Brad Newkid was still hovering around. I think he'll follow us.After assembly, where we were made to sing, and Will's enthusiasm for dressage was revealed to the rest of year 10, double maths. Wasn't too bad, trick is to do as much work as you can, think positive,and don't take it super seriously, like some people. Coz when they do, Isaac pounces. Agnik will probably have nightmares tonight, due to Isaac wondering what would happen if one puts an engorged phallus in a microwave. He then realised he couldn't put his own in, or anyone else's, he'd need to use a sheep's.

Recess, cold. Little bit of sun though.

English, all out of seats, so I went into the middle with Brad and the popularites. Kept my head down, though I won the bloody word thingy. It's funny watching the kids all fight for the chocolate bar.

Then history, more stuff on the essay. I need to get that started by the end of the week.

Lunch was soccer, since most of the girls were training for GIS. We started off trying three legged soccer, everyone paired up except the goalies, and Dayne and Gavin refused to go together. Kelly wanted to try it, and since I was the closest to her height, they made me go with her. She wasn't too bad, though no one actually fell over. Then when we started the actual game, the rest of the horde rocked up. Good game, Peter joined in and stole the show, as usual, and Hayden even passed a couple of times.

Art was bloody boring, I did the work, and buggered around. Tom and Meg are still slowly making progress on their sculptures, and I'm now one full thingy in front of them. Next lesson, clay again.

Finally science, with a demonstration involving metals and water. So, sodium popping in water, and almost everything else bubbling in liquids for our amusement.

After school, Sam and Ryan followed me home where Mrs Ryansmum picked up his bike and gave Fraser and I chocolate. Then Sam and I went down the street, I found Skins for relatively cheap (rated R though, bloody hell. MA each episode, but all together they're R. Stupid.), then put my name down for a cheap, used ps2. As long as it plays dvds. Finally I tested out my new bank card, and it works, thank the gods.

Back home, checking the news and illegally downloaded Pearl Jam songs. Eddie Vedder FTW. Also found some scarily realistic Pokemon with Lulu.

Tomorrow, more crosscountry running. Meh.


Anyway, the end.

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