Monday, July 7, 2008

The Temple of Centerlink.

'Lo everyone.

Slow day today.

Got up, filled out the youth allowance forms from Centerlink. Slow.

Then we visited Centerlink itself. I saw three single mothers with more than three children under 12.

We zipped back home to pick up some proof of ID, and then to Vicroads. I have an appointment for a driving test tomorrow morning. Should be fun.

Then to the police station to get a StatDec, and the cops were pretty cool.

Back home, I went back down the street, dropped off some forms at Centerlink and looked at iPod stereo thingies. They're all $80 at least. Bah. As long as it has a remote.

Then home again. I finished a game of C&C, then went on the msn.

One of Fraser's fat little friends is staying over. Do not want. They'd better nick off early tomorrow.

Speaking of tomorrow, it's my birthday, I think. Meh. Hoping I get an iPod stereo and some cash for the 5th ed. rulebook (YOU HAVE YOUR HOBBIES AND I'LL HAVE MINE!).



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