Sunday, July 20, 2008


'Lo readers.

Still buzzing from seeing a proper sadistic psychopath go fething nuts. *spoiler* Heath Ledger dies (before the movie).

Woke up, Tom and I played pokemon stadium, then watched youtubes. Lotsa 4chon .gif clips.

We dropped him off at the train station, and I drove in the rain around the cemetary (literally, took the Back-Maffra road), and then attempted parking and reversing.

Back home, watched the second last 2nd gig dvd. Things are getting exciting.

Then internetting. School of Rock 2 has been announced, and Inglorious Bastards and Iron Man 2 have found homes. Next year should be good for movies. Talked to people on msn, then read a massive 1000+ post thread about The Dark Knight on /tv/. These people like arguing, though they raise some good points.

Tomorrow, school, band, more band, Skins. Meh.

Speaking of which, currently hunting the first season of Skins. Not really interested in downloading them. Any help would be good.


Anyway, the end.

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