Thursday, July 10, 2008

Pandas are still cool.

'Lo everyone.

Slightly busy day today, bloody exhausted now.

Woke up, after some furious texting to Annie and Melissa, ran off to meet the others at the chicken shop. Then we got some chips, and wandered around the centre, then went to the cinema and had a go at the skill tester. We had a good crowd, Lulu, Meg, Aiden, Annie, Hayden, Melissa, Pat, Denny and Agnik rocked up.
MOVIE REVIEW TIME! (without glorious quicktime) Kung Fu Panda - ****
Fun movie. Predictable plot, but then it is a kids movie. The 6 year olds sitting around us loved it. Excellent action sequences, and some clever cameos ("That was Jackie Chan?!? That was Seth Rogen?!?"). Good trailer for WALL-E, which I'm looking forward to, and the introduction of Madagascar 2. No way in hell, man.

After the movie, we visited Maccas, and wandered around in circles for a while. Eventually people started leaving, and the group split up, after a fail game of hide and seek in Coles that ended up with Pat and Denny looking at Star Wars action figures.

We saw Caz in Target, then Pat and I left. Back home (at 5 bloody pm), I caught up on the news. Nothing new on the 40k rumour front, really. Looking forward to picking up my 5th book on Saturday morning, before I spend all the money. Then I must look for the sequel to Horus Rising. Anyone got an eBay or Amazon account?

Tomorrow, dentists. Meh. We can't afford the bloody braces, even though I know they'll be good for me.



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