Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Of running and playgrounds.

'Lo everyone.

Freezing bloody cold again this morning. And the sports uniform, it does nuzzink!

Get to school, maths first up, Agnik mentioned something that made me raaage. Not my business, might have misinterpreted it, but if she has, well...damn, So I kept my head down and got through some of the work. We had time for staring contests though.

Then science, we got to make a plastic out of vinegar and milk. Most of the girls wimped out coz it looked funny. Smelt worse.

Recess, cold. The girls were whinging about something.

Psych in the library. I finished the project and decided to print it in colour and double sided. Then I looked at Dinosaur Comics.Bombshells dropped in art. Turns out Party A was cheating on Party B with Party B's boyfriend, and Party B was not happy about this. Party B held a war council. Looked like the Fuhrer in his bunker. Obviously, when life turns into a bloody soap opera IT'S VERY SRS BZNS! Bernice and I laughed. I just did more work on the dragon, bastard has legs now, and will be big.

Lunch. As we walked to the soccer pitch, a small construction site was busy with people putting in posts... and a flying fox... and a climbing wall. "OMG! GUYS! WE'VE GOT A FETHING PLAYGROUND!"

Then running, which wasn't too bad. Instead of going in a big lap, we did drills involving not moving the upper body, and sprinting 100m seven times. Easy.

Back to school, I thought too much, which isn't good, but hell, we were getting a playground. Lots of people crowding around our windows to watch.Rushed home in case the girl's needed to be looked after, then Denny dropped round. We traded movies, then watched youtubes. The Count's song will never get old.

After that, catching up. I was out of the loop more than I realised, and now I don't know what to think. *snip*. Finished the history essay though.

Then the last episode of the Gruen Transfer. Good series.

Finally, Happy Birthday to Aiden, congrats to Meg, and it seems my worries and fears are nothing compared to the changes going on around me that I've been missing. Ah well. Friendzone, by the looks of things. Stupid karma.

Tomorrow, Romeo and Juliet performance for two periods, then a maths competition, then history.


Anyway, the end.

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