Sunday, July 13, 2008

My birthday, pt3. (aka WHY ARE WE STILL UP AT 5AM?!?)

'Lo all.

Right now I'm down to the emergency reserves. I've slept no more than an hour since this time yesterday. Not cool.

I suppose we'd better start from where we left off last night. Back out to the fire, then we lost Isaac and Isobelle for half an hour. They had gone for a walk, without telling anyone.

Then we slowly watched the fire die. Eventually it got too cold, and we retreated to the shed. I hooked up ye olde N64, and the guys challenged each other. Sam introduced me to a card game called Bullshit. Excellent game.

By this time it was freezing outside, and everyone was comfortable, so they crashed in my shed. 9 kids, with room for maybe 6 or 7. I grabbed the rocking chair, Pat, Sam and Denny jumped on the bed, and Aiden challenged Sam to a pokemon-off.

Skip forwards to about 5am, they were still going. They had won a battle each, so they had to have a round of minigames.

6:30. Six. Thirty. AM. "SHUDDUP!"

Isaac had put his sleeping bag next to Isobelle, and since he sleeps nekkid, he freaked everyone out. They were talking about spatulas when I seemed to have nodded off, then when I woke up Aiden was on the other side of the room and Isobelle was pulling out Isaac's hair. Hmm.

By the time things started working (sleeping with your spine at a 90degree angle to the rest of you isn't good either), we cleared up outside and said bye to Katie. People slowly drifted away, though there was still time for more games of pokemon and for Isobelle and her mum to realise they knew the old owners of the house.

When everyone had finally gone, I caught up on the news. Hellboy 2 has the critics raving, I need to watch the first one. Then I started watching the dvds Ryan gave me, the second series ("gig") of Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex. So far so good, though they got rid of the old credits. I liked them. Then I counted all the sherbet bombs I had left, and found I had 141. Damn.

Tonight, reading early reviews of Tropic Thunder, and playing the self help guru, Elmo was on Rove. Hell yes. I might watch The Bourne ....thingy...the second one... soon, because I have to give it back to Tom tomorrow.

Speaking of tomorrow, I look forward to catching up on as much sleep as possible before I have to face Mr Cowling again. If we have double bloody maths first thing Tuesday, school's got a rebellion on it's hands...



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