Saturday, July 12, 2008

My birthday pt2.

'Lo everyone.

Aiden and Hayden are watching over the shoulder, they say hi.

Slow day today.

Went down the street, picked up the 5th book from the Phoenix Centre.

Then work around the house, we had about 5 tubs full of wood.

About 3:30ish, Isobelle rocked up. She had lost Isaac. She is behind me now, she says she's extremely awesome.

Then Isaac and Katie rocked up. About 5 the rest showed up, and we poured some petrol into the small pile of wood. Fwoosh.

The presents were varied. I got three cards designed for 6 year old girls, 3kg of sherbet bombs, 3L of chocolate topping, sparkley fake Nikes from 'Nam, about $40 in small change, a grab bag with things including sparklers and a dvd of Zoids.

The party started out pretty good, all were impressed with the shed, and after a waterbombing incident, the fire refused to go out. Katie gave us a dartboard, which got a lot of use. Aiden and Agnikgot bullseyes, and so far we've lost one dart and had to fix one. After the mob found the trampoline and threatened to break it, the party slowed down. The last half hour consisted of Sam, Denny, Pat and Isaac (and sometimes Hayden) captured the shed, took their shirts off, turned the lights out and rocked out. The rest of us (Aiden, Isobelle, Annie, and Hayden) jumped on the computers and laughed at Fraser's music.

Tomorrow, if we all survive, maybe more sleep once the horde has left, I dunno.


Anyway, the end.

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